-Episode 2

“Weep no more child” my grandfather said behind me, “get up child, you have find favour in a strange god” he told me, I got up and smiled but I was worried “strange god?” I asked him, he only nodded in response.

We went home together and chatted happily as father and son, he told me about his triumphant entry into the mystery temple at Thebes. How i wish am skilled I’d have witness Egypt, I closed my eyes and prayed to Pta.

We got home together and he asked me to prepare that he will teach me how to forge swords at sunrise, Sleep eluded my eyes as I sat beside my room’s window gazing at the azure sky. Tomorrow was a day I am nervous about, I saw a bird approaching my window.

It landed on my window bearing a folded paper in its mouth, I took it and read “Zu is Zina, meet me at Horus mountain before the sun smile” I folded the paper and went to bed.

I woke up early the next day, tiptoed to grandfather’s room and saw him snoring heavily like a wasted man, I sneaked out of the house and ran to the village outskirt where the Horus mountain is located. The day was still young as a tender child to his mother’s br-ast.

I braced the fog as I stood at the mountain top, minutes later I couldn’t find Zina. I wanted to leave when I heard her melodious voice singing at the mouth of the mountain.

¶peace, hope, lies within your heart¶
¶always hope for you¶
¶things will get better¶
¶if you will only find peace¶

She stopped singing and started laughing and climbed the mountain, “Zu, the earth birds are children to your time” she said smiling, I wasn’t really listening ’cause I was lost in admiration.

“Your eyes might catch homura if you keep on staring” she told me and blush, I chuckled in embarrassment as my hand went to the back of my head and started scratching.

“Zu, you have spoken no word, tell me your kind words. For I want to hear you speak, man of words” she requested of me, we went to the side of the mountain and settled. I cleared my throat as the words burns in my stomach to my throat then my mouth.

-My darling
Several wonders in the world
Amongst the gods and man
But my darling you surpassed them all.
Trees are fruitful, water quench taste.
Sky a shelter from the sun.
Mountains to the height.
Depth of ocean to the fishes
But my darling, none could be compare to you-

She started clapping “impressive my friend” she said clapping, I wasn’t comfortable ’cause she said am just a friend. We stayed in the mountain till the sun find it way to East, “I have to leave Zina, before the old seek their child” I told her, but she wasn’t happy when I left her. She asked me to stay back with her but I declined ’cause of grandfather.

I went to sneak into the house when grandfather caught me unawares “Zu, a child of dishonesty” he snorted at me, grandfather wasn’t happy when we went into his forging house.

I picked the broom and swept it before I summon his presence, he picked up a very big hammer and showed me, I stared at him wondering how he was able to lift it up without discomfort.

“The hammer isn’t carried with humanly strength, is the strength of the soul. Breathe twice, relax, allow it to be part of you, wrap your hand around it. Allow your soul to connect with it before you carry it” he explained, he dropped the hammer on the floor and asked me to pick it up like the way he did.

I bent and wrapped my hand around it and exhaled, I applied my strength to lift it up but it didn’t move, I forcefully dragged it and stumbled forward, falling to the ground. He laughed, unlike my grandfather.

“With time kid” he said and tapped my shoulder, he waved me over as we both duck facing the furnace. “The fire of forgery lives in the soul, it heat lives here. You have to unify them to become one, it makes you the finest sword maker” he instructed as I listened attentively to every words of his, grandfather took two stones and smashed it together as fire erupt in the furnace with great heat.

We were very close to the fire that I started sweating, wanted to move backward but grandfather grabbed my wrist and motioned me to sit beside him “watch and listen Zu, the fire also speak of a great deal of mystery, let your mind communicate with it. Close your eyes” he ordered, I did. But my mind was far off, my skin was suffering from the heat coming out of the furnace.

I took console in my thoughts.

-kind fire, suffer not my soul
Soul how long will you be far
Fallen to shame and discomfort
Comfort me oh, when am young
Ounce of comfort at my age, why far
Flee not from me till life is young no more.

I’m a Poet.


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