My Family Doctor – episode 1

Episode 1

Mitchell: is he not too young to own a hospital? And besides am going to give birth soon, can he help a woman put to bed?
Richærd: Dennis is 17 years old,and i took a lot of time out to teach him all that he knows, and i know he won’t disappoint me, am going to live the hospital to him as soon as he turns 18.
David: you know my wife worries a lot, i don’t think your nephew will disappoint you.
Mitchell: are you mocking me?
David: no sweetheart, am not.
Mitchell: it better be.
David: we have to get going.
Richærd: okay, let me see you off.
David: alright (they left his office and headed downstairs and met Dennis on their way, he was carrying a lunch pack.)
Richærd: did your aunty tell you to bring that?
Dennis: yes, good day sir, good day ma.
Mitchell&David: good day.
Dennis: I’ll go and keep it in your office then.
Richærd: alright, go ahead.(he left them and went upstairs)
6 months Later, Mitchell gave birth to her daughter, her first child with the help of Dennis, that day he had come to visit them to check out the house his uncle got for him cause the house was opposite Mitchell’s place and the key was given to them, he met her in labour, and without much hesitation, he helped her give birth safely, then called David to take her to the hospital.
After he turned 18 that month, hr moved in the new house and became real close to Mitchell and David, but unfortunately two years after he moved in, David and his family packed to a new house cause that’s what his job was all about, always posting people around, little Sarah was just two years old when they left, as a child, she Missed the uncle she play with but as time passed, she forgot about him and Dennis proceeded to look after the hospital that his uncle left for him  before he traveled……


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