My Family Doctor

My Family Doctor – episode 12

My family Doctor

Episode 12

Sarah came back home three hours after her mum gave birth to her little brother, she met her Dad in the kitchen preparing lunch and saw Dennis on the sofa busy with his phone as usual, he got up immediately he saw her and asked)
Dennis: how did it go?
Sarah: how did what go?
Dennis: we’ll talk about that later, your parents needs you now, we’ll see tomorrow.
Sarah: okay.(he stood up and left the house, she followed her Dad to his room and saw her Mum and the new baby and ran to her and said)
Sarah: oh my God, he’s finally here, it’s a boy right?
David: yeah.
Sarah: i now have a little brother, he’s so cute☺.
Mitchell: Sarah we need to talk.
Sarah: about what?
David: we’ll talk about anything in the evening, just rest for now.
Mitchell: okay then.
Later in the evening, Sarah was called into her parent’s room by her dad, she sat down beside her Mum and then David asked her.)
David: Sarah why did you ask your Mum if you can date someone much older than you?
Sarah: why are you asking me that? I was just curious.
Mitchell: who is he?
Sarah: who is who?
Mitchell: the guy you love! Baby am not a kid alright.
Sarah: i don’t know what you’re talking about.
David: Dennis told us that he loves you!
Sarah: what!?
Mitchell: and that you love him too!
Sarah: did he tell you anything else?
Mitchell: yeah he wants to date you.
Sarah: anything else?
David: no.
Sarah: thank God😌.
David: what?
Sarah: nothing, I’ll be back.(stands up)
Mitchell: where are you going to?
Sarah: to see Dennis.
David: this is 6 O’Clock pm!
Sarah: i know, just don’t wait for me and go to bed.(ran out)
Mitchell: Sarah!
David: let her be.
Mitchell: if she goes there now, i think something’s going to happen.(they started hearing the sound of thunder)
David: like seriously? You think she’s you?
Mitchell: what?
David: just get some sleep, let me lock the doors.
Mitchell: what of sarah?
David: she’s not coming back today and you know that, and it’s going to rain soon.
Mitchell: okay then.( lies down beside her baby)
Sarah got to his place before it started raining and knocked on the door and he opened the door and when she comes in, he asked her)
Dennis: what’s wrong?
Sarah: i came to ask you something.
Dennis: but we can talk tomorrow?
Sarah: yeah I’ll get going then.
Dennis: it’s raining.
Sarah: i can still go home.(she turns to live and he drags her back and k-ssed her……


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