Terrors of the past 2 – episode 9

As they pulled up the in front of Eden hotel. The screech of their car could be heard miles away. As it drawed the attention of onlookers.
When they alighted from, they decided to flex up a bit and use that medium to monitor the movement of the police and security guards.
After observing and checking out strategic points, they found out that the security was really tight and that the medical personnels were well equipped and highly trained.
They became very cautious and careful as Smart even started having a rethink on the mission, that they were embarking on
    They settled down to gulp down some bottle of drinks to kill time, as they plan themselves, since they could see that this was not a put over mission.
They ordered for drinks, which they waitress brought to their table and they began guzzling down alcoholic contents.
   Zodiac who didn’t have much head for drinks, as he usually gets tipsy and after he drinks a little alcohol, seems to be under the full control of the devil, as he gulped down, everything in sight.
Smart was still stuck in his first bottle as he was not much of a drinker and he equally had a light head, when it comes to alcoholic drinks, so he was very careful on how he drinks to avoid public disgrace.
   Zodiac suddenly started acting up, behaving violently as he started leveling curses on inanimate objects, threatening abstract objects.
Staniac tried to close his mouth to avoid drawing attentions to themselves and suddenly Zodiac picked up a fight with Staniac, and that drawed the attention of the security. They got hold of Zodiac and wanted to throw him outside the gate, but Zodiac managed to pull off from their grip and pulled out a fun that he had tucked away in his wa-ist and fired it sparodically at the security men, but due to being drunk and not having his vision accurate, he misfired and the bullet went to a table and shattered all the drinks on the table and that was the height of it, as that drawed splints of scre-ming,  as people started running out of the hotel reception area.
Smart and co, seeing that their cover was already blown and were already suspected accomplice of Zodiac. All equally ran for their lives too, but unfortunately they were already picked up by the security, as the security men, went in hot pursuit of the four guys. Zodiac was already shot on the leg and he lost consciousness.
Smart ran with every speed he could muster but he saw two security men, equally on his trail.
Suddenly he heard gunshot and he turned to see Padiac on the ground with his chest torn open.
Smart couldn’t help but shout in terror, his friend was already lying down on the ground dead. Everything was just like a dream to him, as it all felt unreal.
He equally turned to see Staniac limping, as hot red liquid spewed from his th-gh, which was an irrevocable truth that he was shot.
His mind went into hyper drive, what a bad day!! He thought in his mind as he ran like a mad man
The security men fired at him but they missed him, he reached the hotel fence, got hold of it and jumped over it acrobatically, in a way he could never believe he could do. As he didn’t even feel the pain that the sharp toothed bottles and metals inflicted on his palm, at the top of the fence.. How he jumped that tall fence he couldn’t just explain.
He jumped over without knowing that there was a sewage pit underneath the fence, since everywhere was dark. He jumped in to the not too deep pit unknowingly.

The sewage pit was still under construction  and could be referred to as an abandoned project, because the land it was dug in was still in dispute.
His mind, soul and body scre-med out when he found himself in the pit. A pure example of escaping from frying pan to fire.
He sized up the pit and found out that his arm  couldn’t touch the mouth of the pit. And ant attempt to climb out of that pit, would draw the attention of passersby and most dangerously policemen, because he sure would be a goner.

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