Heartbeats episode 14 – 15

( I Think I
Love You … )


By, Naomi Cindy B.

( CHOKY!!! )

“It’s you, no one will tell me anything, it’s definitely you” JoJo said, smiling as she looked up at his face.

“Let go of the pendant” he said gently.

“You removed it from my neck when you saved me, right?”

“Let it go” he replied, and she slowly let go of the pendant, but she held his shirt immediately.

“I don’t want you to run away again” she said, and he sighed.

They both walked out of the water and she never let go of him till they got to a bench that’s under one of the bright shore lights where they sat.

“You can let go of my shirt now” he said.

“You won’t run away … Right?” She asked, and he only looked at her.

Immediately their eyes met, she slowly let it go.

There was a long moment of silence as they both stared at the water together, JoJo was smiling throughout.

“You know how to fight very well, that’s why you were able to…. do that to those guys ” she said.

“I killed them, shouldn’t you be scared?” He finally spoke.

“I’m not, since they deserved it, and you did it because of me” she replied, biting her lip.

Draco looked at her, and she smiled again.

“Did you run away because you were scared that I might report to the cops?” She asked.

“I’m not scared of jail, I left because I never wanted you to see my face” he replied flatly, and she blinked.

“You’re not…scared of…jail?”

“Those who are in there are humans too” he replied, and she sighed.

“Maybe I shouldn’t be scared too, my knight in shining armor is right beside me” she said.

“Can you stop calling me that?” He replied, and she giggled

“Don’t worry, I’m calling you that because you saved me, no strings attached, and I’ll only call you like that whenever we’re together” she said.

“Together?” He looked at her.

“Let’s be friends” she said.

“I don’t want to” he replied, and she curved her l-ips.


He looked at her and looked away quickly.

“Friends?” She asked.

“Friends” he replied, and she smiled.

“I’m so happy!, Thanks for saving me though, I mean…from the rapists and from drowning, now I have the energy to live” she said sincerely.

Draco looked at her.

“Now I know how selfish I acted, if i had died, mum would have suffered a lot” she said.

“Someone gave me tips on how to live fine from now on too” she smiled, remembering firefighter’s words

“From now on, I’m gonna live my life to the fullest and shock my enemies” she smiled, placing her palm on her chest.

“I promise myself” she said with determination, and Draco smiled secretly.

“But… this river is more beautiful at night” she said with a loud sigh.

“Why did you come here tonight though?” She asked, facing him.

“I love quiet places” he replied, and she smiled.

His phone buzzed, a message from Kavita.


He stood immediately.

“Are you leaving already?” JoJo stood too.

“Obviously” he replied.

“Oh…I forgot to ask why your back was bleeding the other time?, Are you…..ok?” She asked slowly.

“I’m fine” he replied and started walking away.

JoJo smiled and followed till they got to his car.

He entered, and she kept standing.

“Want a ride home?” He asked after a while.

“No no!, You should leave, I’ll get to my house after running for twenty minutes” she replied and waved before running away.

Draco watched her till she’s out of sight, then his phone buzzed again.

It’s a message again, from Viola this time.


“Gangster?” Draco muttered, and Viola sent a picture immediately.

He clicked on it and saw Kent, then he smirked and dropped the phone.

He got his gun from the drawer with the intention of going straight to his unit but he stopped himself.

He dropped it and drove to the cult house.

It’s ten minutes drive from the river, so he arrived fast.

He went in through the automatic door and met everyone in assembly already.

He stood beside Kavita and she smiled.

Stone came in through the backdoor, and he sat on the throne regally.

“Kelly failed to clear the target too” he announced, and members started murmuring in hush tones.

“That nitwit, he was boasting” Kavita said mockingly, looking at Kelly who got wounded on the arm by the target.

“Come forward!” Stone ordered, and Kelly stepped out, he took off his clothe before he was told to, then he turned his back on the throne.

Stone got twelve arrows this time, and Kavita smiled.

“Capo cherishes you, you got seven but he’s giving Kelly twelve” she whispered.

Draco remained expressionless till Stone shot the arrows at Kelly.

A deafening s¢ræm of agony escaped his l-ips immediately the twelve entered his back at once, and he passed out immediately.

“Any volunteer for the mission?” Stone asked immediately he sat back on his throne.

Draco raised his hand.

“I’ll go”

“Capo send me with him” Kavita quickly said.

“No, I’ll go alone” Draco replied, and her arm fell in disappointment.

“No mistakes Draco, he must be dead before daybreak” Stone said, and Draco bowed.

“Yes capo”


STREET 40★ 9PM**

Draco was walking the street with his hands in his pocket and a cap on his head, he’s currently heading to the target’s house.

He got a call from Viola and quickly picked.


“The bastard orders pizza from Alves pizzas every 9:30pm” she said, and he stopped.

“I’ll have to visit the shop” he said, and Viola laughed.

“You don’t trust me?, I hacked into their telephone so all the calls they’ll be receiving till 30 minutes will reach me, once your target calls, I’ll answer” she replied.

“I still have to go to the shop, for the pizza” he replied.

“Here!” A voice said behind him and he turned back to see Viola.

Short hair like a guy’s, her name was even carved in it, tattoos all-over her arm cos she’s wearing a big armless shirt, black pants and boots.

She’s holding a pizza package from the shop.

“You’ll never change will you?” Draco said, and she smiled.

“Big brother”

Though they’re not related at all, but their closeness made her decide to start calling him brother.

He took the package from her and they went behind a flower shrub.

She got her phone which has been connected with the shop’s telephone, and they started monitoring the calls together.

At exactly 9:30, the target called.

“Hello this is Alves pizzas” Viola picked.

“You guys know what I always order, be fast about it” he replied, and she hung up.

“Done!, Go bro, bike on the road” she winked, and Draco stood.

He took the pizza package and jumped out of the shrub, then he made his way to the bike.

He got to it after three minutes of walking, then he mounted it and used his helmet before driving off

Five minutes later, he reached his destination and came down, removing his helmet.

He got the package and walked to the door, knocking softly on it.

The target opened the door and he pointed the pizza at him.

He took it and tried to shut the door but Draco placed his booth in-between.

“What?, I transferred the money to the shop account already, are you a new deliverer?” He said.

Draco didn’t reply before pushing the door open forcefully.

The man fell together with the pizza package, and Draco shut the door.

“Mystic assassin?, Are you guys kidding me right now?” He said boldly , standing up.

If there’s anything Draco hates right now, it’s his guts.

“You didn’t see what I did to your member who messed with me last night?” The man said as Draco kept walking closer to him.

“I’m not just any member” Draco glared.

“Who the hell are you!” The man said loudly, grabbing a knife from his pocket.

“King of hell” Draco replied and took two steps to him.

He tried stabbing Draco with the knife but Draco grabbed the hand and shook the knife off his hand.

“I’m not like the weak bastard who came last night” he said and grabbed the knife before it could fall.

He shoved it into his chest, and the man fell heavily.

“Damn!!” He gr–ned as sweat and blood covered him.

Draco got his gun and aimed for his forehead.

“No don’t shoot!, I’ll give you any amount you want!, I’ll make you rich and…

“Too bad you offered the wrong person” Draco replied and kicked his face.

“Don’t kill me!!” He cried.

Blood kept pumping out of his stabbed chest as Draco pulled the trigger on him.

He shot him twice on the forehead and left the house immediately.

He removed his black leather gloves and mounted the bike, then he tapped his earpiece.

“Cleared” he said and put on his helmet before driving away.



“Mummy!” JoJo said happily, entering Victoria’s room.

Victoria was already sitting up in bed.

“Baby, come here” Victoria w¡dened her arms , and she rushed into them, hugging her so tight.

“Goodmorning mummy” she said cutely, and Victoria k-sed her hair.

“Same here darling, did you sleep well?”

“Sure mummy, I love you so much” JoJo replied.

“I love you more JoAnn” Victoria smiled, breaking the hug.

That was when she saw her wounds, though they’re almost healed, but the scars are still there.

“When did all these…

“It happened in school long ago, I slipped actually, but I didn’t show you cos I knew you’d be worried” JoJo interrupted.


“My class is by 10am, can you wash my hair for me?, And I want you to help me wear make-up, and choose a dress for me from one of the pretty ones you got for me” she said, and Victoria’s eyes w¡dened.

“My baby is gonna dress prettily like I’ve always wanted?”

“Yes mummy, let’s start now” JoJo smiled.

“Gosh!, I’ll make you unrecognizable” Victoria replied and pulled her into the bathroom.

‘Thanks my firefighter, for making me know what self love is like, for motivating me to move on with my life, and to my knight in shining armor, I owe you a lot, for always saving my life, and Butter, I can’t help but thank you too .. you all are special to me’ she thought as she shut the door.



Butter sat in front of his piano, rehearsing the song for his concert on Saturday.

James sat in front of him, eating cornflakes.

“The things you do to me…”

(Beautiful things)

“The way you look at me…”

(Like I’m the view)

“I get butterflies whenever i think about it..

The butterflies you give me…. they’re my most valuable treasure

“When you place your l-ips on mine..

He hasn’t started singing the second verse when James started clapping.

“Whoa!, Sweet!” He shouted, dropping his cup of flakes.

“Can you get out of this room?” Butter glared playfully.

“You know I love you” James winked, and Butter laughed, but he stopped laughing when his mind went to JoJo.

“Will she be ok?” He said silently.

He was worried all night, and he’d have called her if he had her line.

“Thinking about jojoflash again?” James teased, and he was about to reply when his phone buzzed.

It’s a credit alert, and immediately he saw it’s from his mum, he stood.

His expression hærdened, and James knew what’s up immediately as he dialled her line.

“Hey sweetheart!” m–nna said when she picked.

“What did you just do! I don’t remember begging you for money” he said hatefully.

“Come on Drake…

“Don’t!, Don’t call me that!, You lost the right to call me my real name since you started being a b*tch!” He shouted.

“I’m still your mother weather you like it or not, and the twenty million is for your new car, I love you!” m–nna replied and hung up.

Butter thew his phone away immediately, then he pushed down the piano in anger.

He took the guitar and smashed it on the ground.

He was about to take the standing microphone too when James hugged him to calm him down.

“Calm down Drake, chill ok?, Chill” he started patting him, and Butter started crying like a baby.

“I miss dad, I miss him”



Thanks to Victoria who gave JoJo t-fare, she was able to board a taxi to school.

It was 9:40 when the taxi stopped in front of the school, and she payed the driver.

“Are you new in this school?” The driver asked.

“No, why?” She replied.

“I’ve never seen you before, and by the way you’re pretty, it’s an honour to be your driver this morning” the driver replied, and JoJo’s eyes w¡dened immediately.

Someone besides her mum just told her she’s pretty!

She’s pretty???

She slowly came out of the car, and the morning breeze blew on her shinny brown hair.

Victoria took time to wash, treat and and stretch it, so right now it’s falling on her shoulders freely.

The makeup on her face is not too much, but it’s obviously the work of a professional.

Her naturally full brows were shaped, and her lashes became darker with mascara, her round l-ips has a wine coloured l¡pstick, and the powder is the same colour with her skin, making her glow in the morning sun.

She was wearing a necklace, then a yellow crop top on a bum short, her shoes are heels, not too high though.

Everything perfectly carved out her slim figure, and a sweet smelling perfume is oozing from her.

She looked at herself again and smiled before adjusting her black bag on her shoulder, then she started walking classily into the school.

Students started stopping to look at her as she walked past them.

Eyes w¡dened, mouths w¡dened, hearts raced… All for her.

👥 New student?

👥 The slimness for me?

👥 Gosh!, I love her slimness!

👥 I wish I have a stature like hers!

👥 OMG she’s beautiful!

👥 Goodness me!

👥 Those straight legs!

👥 Oh my!

👥 I love her crop top!

👥 The s*xy bellybutton!

JoJo couldn’t believe her ears.

All these compliments for just her???

Is she dreaming???

No….then….it’s real???

They obviously don’t recognize her as JoJo, this means she’s really pretty right now.

She smiled cutely and flaunted her hair gently.

👥 Whoaa!!

A guy fell immediately as a result of much staring.

She was still smiling as she walked into the humanities LT.

👥 F*ck!, Who’s she!

👥 My geez!, Wait!, Why is her slimness so s*xy?

👥 Temptation!

Everyone parted ways for her as she walked gently, and she won’t stop beaming.

“Who the hell is she?” v×rgiπia said scornfully.

“Obviously a new student, but I envy her slimness” Abigail replied.

“Doesn’t she look a little bit familiar?” Cora wondered aloud.

Butter entered the hallway with James, and his eyes w¡dened immediately he recognized her.

“Jojoflash” he muttered, staring shockingly.

“It’s really her, wow” James smiled.

“What’s going on?” Kavita said as she came in with Draco.

“Who’s she?” She said, staring at JoJo.

Draco’s eyes w¡dened for a minute, and he eventually smiled.

He’ll always recognize her.

Snow smiled and started walking to JoJo, and JoJo stopped walking.

She got to her and pulled her into a hug immediately.

“Welcome back JoJo” she said, and v×rgiπia staggered.

“JoJo!!!” SUNFLOWERS chorused in shock.

All eyes w¡dened shockingly, and v×rgiπia fainted immediately.

JoJo couldn’t comprehend what’s happening.

Snow just hugged her!

Butter was walking as he stared, same with Draco.

They both weren’t concentrating on where they’re going till they collided with each other.

They both came back to their senses immediately, then they started glaring at each other.

“Wait.. you don’t have eyes?” Butter said.

“You’re the blind one here” Draco replied, and Butter came closer.

“Say that again”