Heartbeats episode 2 – 3

( I Think I
Love You … )


By, Naomi Cindy B.



JoJo slowly sat up on the muddy water as the rain continued drenching her.

She spit out the water in her mouth before trying to stand, but she couldn’t.

The bruises on her knees got deeper and it hurts hellishly, so much that she doubts if walking will be possible even if she stands.

She looked at the hall again and dabbed her face with her right palm before standing with all the might she has.

“Ouch!” She winced painfully.

She wasn’t able to stand on her own for the first two minutes, she had to bend slightly, then she started raising herself slowly.

When she finally stood straight, she decided to go to Kent’s place in the hostel and stay the night since walking home will be impossible tonight.

Kent is her boyfriend.

She looked at the hall again before limping away.


in,side THE HALL**

“Let’s stand here” v×rgiπia said after finding a suitable s₱0t for herself and her friends in the front.

The stage was barricaded with short metal gates to keep the audience away from the stars.

They got their phones and started chatting while waiting for the stars to appear.

Students from other schools do come to watch their concerts too, so the hall is always full to the brim just like it is right now.

“Can’t wait!” Cora gushed happily.

“How I wish he can just reveal his face on stage one day, I really wanna see if he’s handsome than my Butter” v×rgiπia said.

“Me too, I need to see if he’s handsome than my Draco” Abigail giggled.

“But I still don’t get why he doesn’t wanna reveal his face” Cora pouted.

“Chill babe, he can’t cover it forever, we’ll get to see it someday, and I’m wondering if he’ll be someone from the campus” v×rgiπia said.

“The time is here!” The MC said on stage.

👥 We can’t wait!!!!!!

“Let’s welcome on stage, the three stars, the prettiest guys in Stanford!, They’re gonna be performing their new song titled DARE TO UNLOVE, give it up for…. LO-VER-BOYZ!!!” He shouted.

👥 Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

“My Lustre!!!” Cora s¢ræmed crazily, almost losing her voice.

The stage lights went off as the s¢ræms went on, and it took one minute before it came back on.


Everyone waved the red and white bulbs in the air as the lights got closer and closer to them.

When it finally landed on then, Luke came to view first.

He was sitting on the floor s*xily, staring s-ductively at the crowd.

👥 Luke!!!!!!

👥 I love this guy!!!

👥 His girlish face for me!!!

👥 You’re my spec!!!!

Yeah, Luke really has a girlish look, even his voice sounds too tiny for a guy, he’s the lead vocal.

He winked, and many girls lost their minds immediately.

The lights rolled over to Walton, and the s¢ræms doubled.

He was standing beside Luke, smiling handsomely.

His pink l-ips is something his fans can always die for, he’s the lead dancer.

👥 S*xy Walton!!!

👥 Whooo!!!

👥 His l-ips!!!

👥 I love you!!!!

He smiled w¡der, and the s¢ræms grew even madder when the lights started rotating again.

It’s surely gonna land on Lustre next, the king of LOVERBOYZ himself.

Zero face, million crushes, the main singer.

The intro of the song was already playing as the lights finally landed on him.

👥 Lustre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

👥 My idol!!!!!!

👥 Mhua!!!!!

👥 Blow k-ses please!!!

👥 I can die for you Lustre!!!

“My baby!!!!” Cora s¢ræmed, jumping up as if to fly to him.

He stood on his s₱0t beside Walton, he has his mask on as usual, concealing his face.

The mask is a black shinny net,so his voice can sieve through it into the microphone.

Even with the mask, his s*xiness can’t be controlled, it’s devilish!

👥 Please remove the mask!!!

👥 We love you Lustre, show us your face!!!!

The intro has finished playing by now, so Luke entered.

LUKE: We met under the rain
That cold spring night
Never knew it was fate
Till you covered me
Can’t forget the look on your face
When you said “are you ok?”

👥 Whoaaaa!!!!, The voice!!!

LUSTRE: A love story kicked off
We made pretty memories when we fell in love
You made me so addicted
You got me so affected
You took over my world….my world is so full of you
I can hærdly call it mine

👥 Angel voice!!!

👥 My love!!!

“I love you!!!!” Cora s¢ræmed.

WALTON: You gave me overflowing shots of love.. got me intoxicated
You pushed me to the wall…
Was expecting a k-s but…You turned back and drew out my tears

👥 Baby!!!!!

👥 Gosh!!!!

LUKE: You want me to forget the memories, scratch the moments?
I’m a living dead without you
Want me dead? Want me gone?…

LUSTRE: I dare you to unlove me, i dare you to forget me, I dare you to stop those feelings… I dare you to unlove … Baby…



JoJo could already smell cigarettes when she got to Kent’s door, it’s always the case anytime she visits.

She made to open the door but she couldn’t.

He probably changed the password again.

She knocked softly, but the door didn’t move till she did it for the third time.

Kent opened the door with a cigarette stick in his mouth.

“Kent” she smiled slightly.

“Why are you here?” He asked.

“You changed your door password again” she replied.

“Are you coming in or not?” He replied coldly.

“I’m cold and my in,sides are freezing, I’ll just spend the night here” she said, stepping into the warm room.

Kent sat back on the bed and continued smoking, not looking at her at all.

“Can I have something to change into?” She asked.

He pretended like he didn’t hear that for a moment before standing, then he went to his closet and got a long hoodie which he threw at her.

She caught it and started undressing, taking off the w-t dress so she’d change into the hood.

She took off her pants too since it’s w-t, and immediately she did that, Kent stood and walked to her.

“Why don’t we get busy” he said, puffing smoke on her face.

He started pressing her b**bs hærd, and he was car–sing her p*ssy at the same time.

“I’m feeling cold, I can’t do it tonight” JoJo replied slowly.

“You love me… right JoJo?” He asked craftily, and she nodded once.

“Then give it to me when I ask, no arguments” he replied and dropped his cigar before grabbing her face.

He k-sed her l-ips brutally, wounding it in the process, and she did her perfect best to respond to his roughness.

He started pushing her to the bed, and when they got there, he pulled down his trousers hastily.

“Go slow Kent, I’m not strong” she said pleadingly.

He didn’t reply before plunging his huge d*ck into her .

“Kent!, Kent please!”

He didn’t listen, he started banging her as if to kill her, his muscles were bulging all-over his body as he f*cked her brutally.

“Kent!!!!!” She s¢ræmed and pinched him, but it didn’t do anything to him.

He only digged deeper, and tears came out of her eyes immediately.

“I’m in pains!!!, Kent!!!!”



Butter came out of his room, wearing a thick hood that’s covering his hands completely, then baggy black joggers and socks.

The rain just finished pouring, and the night is so cold.

He got to the living room and could already smell caffeine in the air.

He walked to the kitchen and met James, he’s actually the one making the coffee.

James is his only friend, the only one he talks to in Stanford, they live together but they’re not studying the same major.

He’s in humanities but James is in criminology.

He walked to him and took the warm coffee he made, drinking from it immediately.

“Butter!” James shouted, facing him.

“You can always make another cup” Butter replied simply before taking another sip.

“According to criminal law 110, you can be…

“Sentenced to jail for taking your coffee?, To hell with your criminology tactics” Butter rolled eyes and started walking to the living room.

” You didn’t take it, you practically stole it!” James shouted, making another cup already.

Butter settled in the living room and put on the TV, the current station is Stanford stars, and LOVERBOYZ concert is airing.

He immediately changed the channel, and James joined him.

“You should let us watch it” he said, settling beside him.

Butter rolled eyes at him, and he chuckled.

“Can’t wait for yours tommorow” he said, and Butter sighed.

“The only thing I wanna see in that group is the face of their leader”

“Lustre?, It doesn’t seem like he’s ready to reveal his face anytime soon” James replied and faced Butter suddenly.


“Heard you picked up some books today, for popular JoJo” James replied, and Butter stood.

“If you have nothing important to say, I’mma go to bed” he said, walking in.

“v×rgiπia is crushing on you!, Helping the poor girl will spell doom!” James shouted, but Butter never looked back till he entered his room.

“That robot” James muttered.



The girls just arrived from the concert.

The concert ended an hour ago though, but they visited a clubhouse before coming back.

“I’m so exhausted!” Abigail yawned, falling on the couch.

Their unit is one of the biggest units in the hostel, luxurious and expensive.

“Same here, LOVERBOYZ are one in town” Cora smiled, falling beside her.

She started fantasizing about Lustre, thinking of what his face will be like and how long his d*ck will be.

That thought got her badly w-t that she started fingering herself right there.

“Can’t just wait to see his face and date him!” She said.

“Tommorow is my Butter’s concert, what should I wear?” v×rgiπia said.

“I wonder when Draco is gon’ notice me, that hærdtack” Abigail pouted, and their phones dinged at a time.

They all checked and their eyes w¡dened.

A picture of how Butter picked up JoJo’s books earlier was posted on the major group.

v×rgiπia’s body started shaking with anger immediately.

“I’mma kill that girl!”



A figure wearing black hood over his head climbed the stairs and when he got to the door, it opened automatically.

He went in and saw most of the cult members in,side already, waiting for the capo to appear.

The figure took the hood away from his head, revealing his face.

“Draco” a female voice called, and he turned around to see Kavita.

Kavita is the strongest female member of the cult, so they work together a lot since he’s the most ruthless male.

She gave him a light hug when she got to him.

“Thought you wouldn’t be coming” she said.

“Not when capo has a message to pass” he replied, and they both walked to assemble.

The capo (Stone) appeared, and they all bowed as the masked man walked to the front.

No one raised his or her head till he sat on his majestic chair.

He has always been masked, none of the cult members has seen his face before.

“I’ll make it short” his sonorous voice said loudly, and everyone looked up.

“The missions meant for tommorow must be done tonight, before dawn” he said.

“Capo why?” Kelly asked.

Kelly is another strong member of the cult, strong but arrogant.

“There’s a slight change in schedule” Stone replied.

“We’re to go for the same mission right?” Draco asked Kavita.

“Sure” she replied.

“Before dawn!” Stone said again and left the house.

Everyone started dispersing, and Kelly walked to Draco.

“Let’s see if you’ll do well in this again and get credited” he smiled.

“Wish yourself good luck first, kid cultist” Draco replied with a condescending look, and when Kelly made to step closer, Kavita got in-between.

Kelly glared and stormed out of the house. He has always been jealous of Draco, and that’s because Stone favours him more.

“Let’s go, we should be done by 12” Kavita said, getting her gun.

Draco led the way, and she followed.



JoJo came back home sore this morning, from what Kent did last night, and from her untreated bruises.

She had to cover up for her mum with the big hood so she wouldn’t see the bruises till she got to her room.

She put on her phone and the first thing she saw was a trending news.

Mystic asassins killed four people last night in cold blood.

“Who exactly are these asassins?, Why are they killing around?” She muttered.

When she saw she has a message from Firefighter already, she smiled and logged in to her Secret-room account.

It’s an app where people chat anonymously without seeing each other’s pictures or real name.

Her username is Mimi, and she has been chatting with Firefighter for three months now.

She opened the message and smiled.

FIREFIGHTER: You didn’t come online last night, I waited till 4am

Though he’s not online presently, but she still typed a reply.

MIMI: I was in a bit of a situation, I’m sorry

She sent it and a message popped up from the major group chat.

📱 Fixed class … professor Yoshi by 10

Her eyes w¡dened, and she checked the time, it’s 9:20.

“I won’t be late today again!” She said and stood.

Without treating her wounds, she rushed into the bathroom for a quick bath, then she dressed up and rushed out of the house.



JoJo stopped her marathon in front of the school and smiled, breathing heavily as she placed her palms on the wall.

The time is 9:50

“I made it, I made it” she breathed.

She started walking into the school, but immediately she stepped in, she bumped into someone, and something fell just like yesterday…a camera.

She bent to pick it up, but Draco was faster again.

He picked it and faced her, he’s with Kavita though.

“I’m sorry” she said.

Draco glared just like yesterday before leaving, Kavita followed him and JoJo bolted off into the humanities LT.

“What’s ugly JoJo doing in school on a Saturday?” Kavita asked as she walked beside Draco.

“None of my f*cking business” Draco replied, snapping the picture of a bird flying across the blue sky.

He’s in love with snapping pictures of nature, and that’s why he’s always with his camera.

Kavita smiled, admiring his revealed biceps as they walked out of school completely.


JoJo got to the LT but couldn’t find any student, not a single one.

“Wait… Draco and Kavita are in same major, why were they heading out instead of coming in?” She said in confusion, getting her phone to check the group again, but someone suddenly snatched it from her.

She looked up to see SUNFLOWERS in front of her, they all have the usual dangerous glares on their faces, or maybe even more dangerous.

“I did…I did nothing wrong” she stuttered.

“You did everything wrong b*tch!, How dare you make my Butter pick your darn books!” v×rgiπia shouted and threw her a punch, but JoJo caught her fist.

“I’m not feeling well, please don’t hurt me again” she said.

“You dare hold my fist with your contaminated hand?” v×rgiπia said, taking her hand from JoJo.

“Come here goat!” Cora pulled JoJo by the hair and dragged her to the wall.

“Don’t hurt me, don’t…

She hit JoJo’s head on the wall before she could finish.

Her head spun as she fell on her b*tt, blood gushed down her face immediately.

Abigail and v×rgiπia came closer and pulled her up.

“Refuse help from my Butter next time..ugly witch!” v×rgiπia spat.

They both crapped her legs from the ground at the same time, she fell on the ground heavily, and her head bled more.

She felt like dying instantly, and tears escaped her eyes.

“Someone… help…”