His magnificent episode 1


Mira levenson .. strong and practical ready to face any challenge. She has always loved everyone and everything and has such a sweet and beauty heart.

she falls for Damien …a ruthless billionaire and set to break his iron stone heart ..

Damien Lockhart…is on a missionbut get distracted a long the way …lowering his resolve on his mission.

When things don’t go according to plan and complications set it…how will the overcome the situations

Can Mira be able to weaken his resolve and change him for good …



“oh my gosh” she yelled in horror realizing what just happened at the moment. she saw the cat lying lifeless on the ground near the animal’s small door where they pass to get around.

‘am so dead’ she concluded in her mind thinking about what to do .

Few hours ago..
“Listen here Mira. Am going out for a little shopping and I want you to feed cutie and please clean the fish tank for me as well. Feed Patty and don’t let Craig out of his cage . He and cutie seem to have become mutual enemies . Then you can continue with your normal daily chores . Once your done , grab $50 on the table and leave ” those were the last words of her madam before she left.

“so many animals.” Mira complained out loud. she face palmed herself as she was already tired of the too many animals surrounding one home.
And worst of all..they weren’t really friendly especially to her.

Cutie, her pet cat always yelled her glass breaking s¢ræm each time she came closer to her to either feed or bath her .

The fishes too always looked at her like as if she was their biggest enemy and was coming to poison them. Thankfully, lately they had all been dieing. The last one died early this morning and so she had to clean the fish tank to prepare it for a new badge of fishes to live in.

Patty ..her cute little bichon frise puppy too never liked Mira..she always ran away each time she tried to clean her up . She only came to Mira when hungry for food.
And Craig..the worst of all the pets..the dreaded snake. Mira has always been afraid to feed this one.

“who keeps a snake as a pet” she would regularly complain but not to her madam face that is .
Just as the madam said earlier, Craig and cutie never liked each other. It was always cutie that looked for trouble first and as always , would lose the fight.

There was a time cutie was beaten by the snake that she was immediately rushed to the pet vet. Luckily, she was saved but was advised to keep the snake away from cutie. Rather than getting rid of it, Madam Ri , as she was nicknamed, chose to keep it locked at all times. Well until today….

Unknowingly to Mira , the snake got out due to her carelessness of not locking the cage properly before leaving. The snake eventually escaped and was moving on its own when it and cutie crossed path and a fight ensued. Patty just his under the table while watching the fight scared too.. she howled for Mira to hear but she couldn’t hear the noise cause her ears were blocked with earbuds to seemingly concentrate on her chores of washing the plates without any distractions.

Craig who was more swift to attack bit cutie on the legs and left heading back for it’s cage as though his mission was accomplish. Cutie fell to the ground still lifeless as the venom flowed into her blood. She shivered and cried out before finally becoming still.

Through with the plates, her work was done and she was heading for the table were her pay was kept when she saw Patty under the table .

“Hey girl, whatcha doing there” she bent and brought out the puppy who surprisingly didn’t resist her carrying unlike other times. She stroke her fur while admiring her when she turned to see what the puppy’s eyes were focused on.

Her eyes immediately w¡dened at the sight of the cat lying lifeless and immediately rushed to the cat .

“Oh my gosh” …she picked up the cat and after confirming that it was truly dead, fear gripped her.

‘am so dead’
not knowing what to do , she rushed to the landline to call her friend and ask for advice when the door bell rang.

Her eyes w¡dened in horror, her madam was home .

“oh my cute little thing” she heard her madam cooing party who went through the animal hole to meet her.
“Mira open the door” she called out. She dropped the phone and stood rooted to the ground.
Slowly with fear, Mira headed for the door. Opening it, she greeted her madam and stood by the door not following her .
“Mira, thank you for completing every…” before she could complete her statement, she saw the scene in front of her.

“Cutie!!” she s¢ræmed dramatically and headed for the cat lying lifeless.
she held the dead cat in her hands and cried for it for what seemed like hours before she stopped.

Mira, not knowing what to do began explaining herself.

“Am so sorry ma. Cutie was beaten by Craig . I just don’t know how he got out. I was sure the cage was locked but somehow he still escaped. He had already bitten cutie before I arrived. Am so sorry. Punish me if you may but please don’t fire me” she said all in one go and gasped for air at the end hoping her madam would hear her pleas.

Unfortunately, the moment her madam turned to look at her , her eyes were completely red probably because of the tears and anger. Her eyes had bloodlust in it.
A chill ran down her spine cause it felt like the temperature had dropped completely to minus zero degrees Celsius and she shivered.

“Get out!” her horrifying voiced yelled and mira scrambled for her life forgetting to take her pays.

She ran as fast as she could scared for her life. Her only hope was that her madam doesn’t sue her for the damage if not her life would be ruined.

After running for a long time., she stopped to catch her breath . She suddenly slumped by the corner of a building, devastated at the outcome of today.

Since she graduated from high school, she spent her whole time searching for a job as she didn’t have any money to continue her education to University level. she could have applied for scholarsh¡p but she didn’t even have enough money to sit for the scholarsh¡p exams and so therefore, she spent her time on the streets looking for job..

This was not an easy task cause everyone refused to offer a nineteen years old girl the work. Eventually, she got one in a cafe called ‘Have a drink’ .

She eventually lost the job not lasting up to a week cause she mistakingly poured hot coffee on an important man who usually visit the cafe . Her madam out of the anger fired her cause of the man out burst. she didn’t even get a chance to look at the man and know who he was cause he walked out immediately and entered his car. Her madam had to compensate for the damages thereby losing money that day.

The second job offer was in a bar which she accepted because it was her neighbor Mr Davis who owned the bar and offered her the work . He knew she was desperate for a work to be able to provide for her mother and her.

But unknown to her , the man had ulterior motives for offering he the job.
he wanted her body and once Mira refused to offer her body to him, he immediately sent her away.

But Mira was not saddened by the events rather she continued her search and in no time luck smiled on her.

Her best friend, Kira told her of a aunt of hers whose husband was dead and the children were abroad and she needed a caretaker for her house and pet.

Mira agreed on the work but Kira never told her that the pet was not one but 6 which was freaking.
2dogs : a puppy and it’s mother, a snake, fishes and 2 cats . the mother dog died from babesiosis leaving the cute puppy Patty. the second but young cat ran away for some reason still unknown leaving only the fishes , cutie, Patty and Craig.

But after work there for 2wks , the fishes started dieing and soon they were all gone . Mira only managed to work there for a month before this unfortunate event took place this morning.
Feeling so sad and blue that she had lost 3 jobs in under 2months , she decided to seek comfort from her boyfriend Jayden.

She slowly rose up and headed for his apartment in the next street. On getting to his apartment, she knocked but no response came. After the fifth knock , she concluded he was not at home and was about leaving when she heard so m–n ..

Panicking she thought he was in pain when she turned the door handle and to her greatest surprise, the door wasn’t locked. she entered the apartment calling his name.

“Jayden” her soft voice called out . she was filled with worries . she entered his room . “Jay…..” she froze to the s₱0t as she couldn’t take her eyes off the scene in front of her.

Jayden was on the bed ,on top another lady as he pumped her h-rder, gr–ning while the lady m–ned.

“h-rder baby” she m–ned more and Jayden increased his speed.

Tears prickled down her cheeks ..
“How could you..” Mira whispered…and suddenly Jayden froze..


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