Beautifully ugly episode 5 – 6

Beautifully Ugly

By Esomchy

Episode 5

Wow, that’s good of you, stand up and tell us, “the teacher said and

My heart raced a million times, what am I going to do now?

I stood up and heard inward chuckles around the class,
Of course, I knew they were laughing at me cuz of my uniform, the short was patched many times on the buttock,
The only iron that ever touched it was when it was newly sewed,
So whoever finds it funny has no reason to be blamed.

Farming systems means the farmer, the farm, the species of crops grown, the livestock raised, and the technology adopted in the farming operations, “I said and waited for her response,

She kept Mute for a while and examined me quietly, “Were you here last week?” She asked and my heart pounded in fear,

No,” I replied fearfully,

I never knew we have a genius here, give him a round of applause,” the teacher said and they all clapped loudly,

though I knew some just clapped for clapping’s sake while some clapped to fulfill obligations,

It’s good to follow mom’s advice, they are always saviors in times of trouble,
what could I have done if I didn’t hearken to my mom when she was telling me to read anything readable,
I can still recall back in those days when I was still In jss2, I followed her to a friend’s house, and saw an agricultural book for jss3 there, remembering what she told me, I picked it up and started reading, that was where I got the definition of farming systems.

What’s your name? “The teacher asked,

Prosper Maxwell,” I replied.

I’m Miss Clara your agricultural science teacher, I’m really impressed with what you just said,
even though you weren’t in school last week but you still defined it correctly,
Your definition is not exactly how we said it last week but I even recommend it, Keep it up, dear,

please give him another round of applause, “the teacher said and they clapped again,

So let’s continue, who can give us two examples of farming systems? “The teacher asked,

Teacher someone is raising his hand, I heard and I thought that another person wanted to do the same thing that black boy did but this time, it wasn’t me,

Jackson, stand up and tell us, “the teacher said and that was when I got to know the black boy’s name.

He stood up and his head was almost falling off,

After almost getting to 3 minutes of silence, the teacher asked, “I thought you raised your hand?

why are you now playing dumb? do you think we’re here for jokes?

look if you don’t give me two examples of farming systems before the next 30 seconds, you’re leaving this class, the teacher brought out her phone and set up a timer⏲️ of 30 seconds deadline,

Your time is up, vacate here this minute you dumb a*s, “the teacher yelled at the black boy and he walked out coldly,

Now who else wants to give us two examples of farming systems, “the teacher asked again,

Prosper,” she called and my heart skipped, I thought she was going to tell me to answer the question but it wasn’t so,

Touch your colleague for me,” the teacher said and that was when I turned to look at the beautiful creature that sat beside me, I discovered that she was still resting on the desk,

Huh, what manner of person is this? She didn’t even notice the presence of the teacher,

I contemplated on how to use my hand to touch her, what if she angers and slaps me again, well, guess I will just follow the teacher’s instruction, after all, I haven’t heard of anyone that died as a result of a slap,

I tapped her slowly on the back and she slowly sat up.

Belinda,” the teacher called soberly,
Why do you choose to be like this? Why do you choose to disregard lectures,

I always tell you that what you get here is what determines what you’ll be in the future.

Beautifully Ugly

Episode 6

Belinda,” the teacher called soberly,
Why do you choose to be like this? Why do you choose to disregard lectures,

I always tell you that what you get here is what determines what you’ll be in the future.

Please take your study serious, I’m not saying it as a plea because of anything but because I don’t want any of my students to suffer in future.

Wow, Belinda, what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl,” I exclaimed in my heart,

but wait oo, the teacher was saying something,
Does it mean that the girl doesn’t put interest in lectures? I listened attentively cuz I wanted to hear what her response would be, she didn’t even say anything, just kept staring at something that no one else could see,

So who can give us two examples of farming systems,” the teacher asked the third time,

let me try, I heard a melodic voice that triggered me to search for the owner,

The girl was fair in complexion and beautiful too, but her beauty wasn’t comparable to Belinda’s, she was putting on white eyeglass with a neck cord.

Alright Lucy, please tell us, “the teacher said to her and she stood up to answer the question,

The types of farming systems are:

Arable farming,

Mixed farming,

Subsistence farming,

Shifting Cultivation,

Plantation farming,

Pastoral/Livestock farming,


Oooooh that’s enough,” the teacher cut her off, please give her a satisfying clap.

Hmmm, this one is what we call extra brilliancy, “I exclaimed in my heart, the teacher asked for only two and she said six and was even ready to say more.

That’s my gal, I know you never disappoint, I asked for only two and you said it all, Keep it up dear” the teacher commended amid smiles.

So let’s continue,” the teacher said and wrote something on the board,

today, we’ll be going through the various types of farming systems and explaining them one by one.

First, we’ll start with mixed farming,

Who can tell the meaning of the word”mixed?” the teacher asked and scanned the whole class,

Her eyes suddenly stopped when They got to my seat,

Prosper tell us, “she said and my heart skipped, Hmm, so I’m still going to stand and get laughed at again, hmm,
Well, who cares if they laugh or not, laughing can never kill a man,

I stood up slowly and listened to hear their inward chuckles but heard nothing, wait, was it my ear that failed or what? Not even a single chuckle, now am beginning to agree to the say that,

No one will ever notice your hunchback if you have gold in hand.

Something can be tagged mixed if it
Has two or more separate aspects,

That’s good, clap for him, “The teacher said and they clapped for me,

So, having learned that mixed means having two or more separate aspects,

We want to relate it with what we have today,

Mixed farming is the practice in which the farmer engages in two or more separate agricultural activities on the same farm during the same season,
In this process, farmers can raise crops and animals on the same piece of land at a given time…


The bell finally rang marking the end of agricultural period.

The teacher told us that she would give us notes on her next period before leaving the class.

The class rekindled immediately after she left, and discussion resumed, but this time, no one was laughing at me.

I glared at my seatmate with one eye and discovered she was busy staring at nothing.

How on earth could someone be this beautiful? “I wondered as I stared at her with agape,

Her face shined so brightly that one can even see a reflation on her cheeks.

A male teacher Walked in Minutes Later, he was the economics teacher, I discovered his name was Mr. John, he also taught without giving notes and promised to give notes in his next period

The bell rang again marking the end of his period, he left and another teacher Walked in minutes later.

She was young and vibrant and even beautiful but she wasn’t like Miss Clara, she dressed so indecently,

She wore a sleeveless mini gown that barely covered half of her fair thighs, her chest too was 🙄, the fair fresh melons could be seen through the transparent silky design on the chest,

I wondered why she was permitted to dress so indecently,

Good morning teacher,” the whole student chorused as she stood in the middle of the class.

Her eyes darted round the whole class but stopped when they got to my seat,
She squeezed her face in disgust

Who is this fetid bush meat?

To be continued.