Beautifully ugly episode 7 – 8

Beautifully ugly

Episode 7

Her eyes darted around the whole class but stopped when they got to my seat,
She squeezed her face in disgust

Who is this fetid bush meat? “She asked and I felt so bad,

Stand up,” she commanded,

And I quickly stood,

Who permitted you to enter this place with your inconveniences, does this place look like a bush to you?

Hmmm, looks like this one is also bent on disgracing me, well all I know is that whether good or bad, nothing will ever stop me from studying and making my mom proud.

Answer me?” She yelled angrily, but I didn’t know the answer to give,

Where is your school uniform?” she asked again,
And that was when I opened up,

I don’t have,” I replied soberly hoping she understood but huh,
She never did,

Then you’re going out of this class, when you get one, you can start coming, carry your belongings and leave,” she yelled and fear gripped me,

What am I going to do now,” I thought and thought but still came up with nothing to do,

Teacher, please pardon him for today, he’s just coming for the first time, “I heard a female voice pleading on my behalf, who could that be I wondered inquisitively,

I thought it was my seatmate but it wasn’t, cuz she was just resting her face on the desk,

Then who could that be?

That was Lucy the girl that listed the types of farming system, wow, such a lifesaver,

Look,” the teacher said authoritatively, I will leave you for this week because you are just coming for the first time, but if this week, ends and you haven’t gotten a uniform, just be ready to miss my lectures,

Do you understand?

Yes ma’am, “I responded quickly, at least there’s hope now, thanks to the girl that said that am a newcomer,

What is your name?,” She asked and I told her my name, she laughed mockingly,

You better change your name to suffering cuz I don’t see anything related to prosperity in your life,

My head swelled up in shame when she said that,
obviously, she was just saying the truth,
what was the extent of answering prosper when all that came my way was suffering,

I slowly sat down and rested my head on the desk.

I was trying to hide my face in shame but what I saw made me sit up quickly and my heart pounded like the pestle pounds on mortar,

My seatmate, her eyeballs were turned into ice, and she was muttering some incoherent words,

My whole body started shaking and my teeth clamped after I saw that,
I couldn’t fathom What was happening,
I managed to put myself together and stay like nothing was wrong.

I almost heard nothing from what the arrogant English teacher taught not because I didn’t want to but because of the feeling.

My body felt so unusual.
The indecent teacher was an English teacher, she left after the end of her period and it wasn’t long before the bell finally rang for the break period.
everyone began to troop out,

I also stood up to leave but heard a voice that sent a comforting message deep in my heart,

It was my seatmate still,
Where are you going was the question and I replied, “Outside,

Sit, we need to talk, she said and that was when fear got me completely,
That black heady boy should be blamed for all these,

I don’t know why he showed me this seat,

I slowly sat down, but spiritually I wasn’t there, wished I could Fly away because of what I saw earlier.

The whole class was cold, everyone has gone out except for me, Belinda, and one slim guy in the front seat.

What did you see? “She asked and my whole body quaked in fear,
What am I going to say now, “I pondered fearfully,

Oh my, babe, how could you let this low-life, this penniless and impoverished nonsensical seat with you, do you want to get infected with his moneria?

I heard someone say and looked up, oh no, just as I guessed, I beheld Paul the heartless guy that was on the assembly ground.

You stinky monkey,
how dare you defile the holy seat of ma one and only? Don’t you have fear?

He hurried toward my seat and aimed to slap me.

Beautifully Ugly


Episode 8

I heard someone say and looked up, oh no, just as I guessed, I beheld Paul the heartless guy that was on the assembly ground.

You stinky monkey,
how dare you defile the holy seat of ma one and only? Don’t you have fear?

He hurried toward my seat and aimed to slap me but something really strange happened, his hand froze halfway.

What’s happening, “I pondered confusedly and watched as he strived to bring down his hand but all his effort was just as though he was doing nothing.

It happened that he could walk and move all parts of his body but the right hand remained steeled.

The slim guy in the front seat also noticed what happened and walked closer to witness the incident.

Please am sorry,
just let me be,
I promise to treat you well, please “Paul pleaded fearfully,

I knew he thought I had the knowledge of what happened to him but unfortunately, I didn’t,

He kept pleading but I just sat and watch like a monument.

what exactly is going on?
I looked at Belinda and she wasn’t really looking surprised,

She just placed her arms on top of the desk and gazed at what no one else could see.

I beheld as tears rushed Down his eyes and I felt really bad for him that I wished I had the knowledge of how to retrieve his hand.

Then Suddenly, his hand freed and he hit it on one of the desks with the same force he wanted to slap me with,

Ouch!,” he s¢ræmed in pain and massaged the victimized hand with the other,

He ran out of the class with great speed without looking back,

My fans must get this update, the slim guy asserted and walked back to his seat.

Hmmm, I just witnessed the type of event that only occurs in movies, now I believe and testify that nature truly has power,
Just look how I got rescued from this wicked soul,
How could I have felt if that forceful slap succeeded in landing on me,
All thanks to the source where this great kindness came from.

I was just busy, contemplating on what
happened and forgot what was
happening before what
happened (😉)
Till I heard the cool voice again,

I’m sure I asked you a question before this occurrence which you’re yet to answer, “she said without gazing away from this invisible stuff she was staring at.

My heart functioning changed immediately after she said that.
Maybe I should tell her the truth,

But what if she was evil and ready for termination if she gets to find out that I truly saw her icy eyes,

Or maybe I should just lie to her,
But what if she also has the ability to identify lies and truths,

Hmmm, what do I do?
Maybe I should try cooking up something nice.

I saw an

Admirable creature,

I beheld an

Adorable beauty,

I saw an


Angelic and

Appealing creature,

When I first set my eyes on you, I affirmed that the beautiful one is finally on Earth, I…

That’s enough,” she cuts me off,
You want to confuse me with sweet words right? no problem,

She leaned back to the desk and I couldn’t help but wonder what brought me close to someone like this,
Well, who else if not that big head, how I wish I could reverse back to the time I first walked into this class so I can find another place to seat, but it’s already too late.

I stood and meant to leave but heard you better not go,

As I looked back, I discovered she didn’t raise her head, then how did she get to know I was going,

I wanted to take her actions for something else but remembered we were on the same seat and she could see my legs, so there was no way I could leave without her knowledge, only sleep would make that possible.

My greatest suspicion should be, why was she saying I better not go,

Well, whatever it was, I didn’t think I could stay back from the Agric teacher’s invitation,

I walked hastily that I did not even have the time to observe the school compound properly, I was so naive, y’know, how it feels, first day in school is always like that, I felt that all eyes were on me and my guess was just close to being true cuz my eye would cough up with another’s everywhere I looked,

my bathroom slippers kept hooking on the carpet grass that covered the school compound, it was so embarrassing,

I didn’t know the Agric teacher’s office I so needed to ask someone for the direction,
I walked up to a group of boys I guessed might be in Jss1 and one of them pointed at a building afar off and told me her office was the one in the middle,

When I got to the door post, I knocked and got an immediate response,

Yes, Come in was the precise response,
So having wrapped my palm on the doorknob and opened it, I walked in without looking forward,

As I closed it back and looked up,

The English teacher was the one in the office and she wasn’t smiling at all.

To be continued