Boyfriend episode 21 – 22


EPISODE 21🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️

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Dan opened his eyes ,waking up from his sleep
He looked beside him and saw Daisy asleep with her head on his chest
He slowly placed her head on the pillow and walked out of the room where he met Drex arranging the dining table

“What are you doing here so early?” Dan asked as he poured water In a cup to drink

“You are awake? Mom told me to give you these food so I thought I should help me you guys dish it out” Drex replied

“Really? Thanks?” Dan said and drank the water

“By the way, did you guys slept late or what? It is so unlike you to wake up late, and I thought I would meet you sleeping on the couch……” Drex suddenly stopped and looked at Dan

“Wait a minute, why did you come out of Big sis room?” He asked with a suspicious look

Dan choked and started coughing
“What do you mean?” He asked,still coughing

“I mean, you always sleep on the couch while big sis sleeps in the room, but its different today” Drex said

Daisy came out of the room stretching her body

“Dan, why are you shirtless?” He asked

Suddenly his eyes w¡dened as he gave the both of them a quick look

“Don’t tell me you guys……” He paused and arched his brow

Daisy and Dan both leaned forward to hear what he was going to say

“Don’t tell me you guys fought throughout the night?” He yelled and Dan scoffed

“I thought Drex was only stupid but he is incredibly stupid” Dan grumbled shaking his head

“You guys fought throughout the night, didn’t you? Why must you guys do that? It took me so much to get you guys together” he asked

“No” Daisy replied
“Really? Big sis, did you forgot today is your parents Memorial?” Drex asked

Suddenly, Daisy’s expression changed

“Parents memorial?” Dan arched his brow

“Yeah…its their fifth year anniversary” Drex said and walked outside

Dan looked at Daisy and noticed her staring at the ground

“Daisy? Are you okay?” He asked but Daisy didn’t reply

She just wiped her tears and ran back in,side


Dylan sat in his room, playing his guitar when his mother opened the door and peeked in

“Dylan…. I thought you would be dressed up?” His mom asked

“Why?” He asked

“Today is Gwen’s death anniversary, Did you forget or what??” His mom said and closed back the door

He leaned his guitar against the wall and recalled Daisy

“But she’s not Dead” he thought to himself
His phone started to ring , he checked the caller and it was Mario

“Hey ,Mario” he said after picking up


Dan and Daisy took a cab to the city
They both walked to the cemetery where Daisy’s parents were buried

Dan dropped the flower they had brought

“Mom,Dad, I’m here” Daisy said trying to control her tears “Are you guys happy over there? I am happy and doing well here, so…… guys should be happy too” she said and burst into tears

“Its okay” Dan said and hugged her

“Mom,Dad, you might be wondering who this guy is, He is someone I love so much, he is someone I don’t ever want to lose, I want to be with him forever and be happy” Daisy thought to herself, still crying as Dan caressed her hair


They both walked down the street holding each others hand

“Are you okay?” Dan asked and Daisy nod


“You look so ugly when crying” Dan teased and Daisy scoffed

“Whatever” she said and her stomach started to grumble

“Are you hungry?” Dan asked

“No” she replied, embarrassed
“You shouldn’t lie about that, you are obviously hungry” Dan said

“I said I’m not” she said and Dan laughed

They looked up and saw Dylan staring at the both of them

“Hi” he greeted
“Hi” Daisy replied

“Why is he here again??” Dan murmured

“I have something to say to you, Dan” he said and Dan smirked

“I’m all ears”
“I would love to speak with you alone” Dylan said and they both looked at Daisy

“Whatever, I will be waiting for you in the nearby restaurant” she said without waiting to hear more words

“What is it?” Dan asked and folded his arms

“Did you know, that Daisy used to be my girlfriend?” Dylan asked

“Yeah, whatever” Dan replied, not really interested in whatever he had to say

“I found a way to get my girlfriend back” Dylan said and Dan looked at him


Dylan moved more closer to him like he wanted to whisper something

“I know who you are” he said and Dan arched his brow


“I said i know who you are, very soon, You would go back to where you belong ” he said and Dan eyes w¡dened with shock


EPISODE 22🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️

(Who am i🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️)

5 hours ago……

Mario walked in,side the cafe where she had told Dylan to meet up

She saw him sitting on a table with his attention all on his phone

“Hi” she greeted as she sat down

“You are here” Dylan said and she nod “what did you have to say to me?” He asked

Mario brought out her phone and showed her the picture of Dan and Jackson

“What? Isn’t this Dan?” Dylan asked, looking at the picture more closely

“Yeah?” Mario replied

“And….. This guy beside him, I have seen him before” Dylan said and arched his brow, trying to remember who Jackson is
“Ah…..I think I know” he snapped his finger “He is the new Heir to Dalton’s Ballerina industry, he was chosen after the death of Dan Dalton, the real heir” he said and Mario nod


“But why are they in the picture together???” Dylan asked and Mario leaned forward

“He is Dan Dalton” she said

“Dan is Dan Dalton, the one everyone thought is dead, he is the guy behind the mask” she said and Dylan smirked

“Really?? But why are you showing me this??” He asked and Mario folded her arms

“I did some researches about you and I felt sorry” she said and Dylan arched his brow again

“What do you mean?”

“That girl Dan is hanging out with is your girlfriend isn’t she?”

“Not anymore” Dylan replied

“You can’t just give up so easily, Tonight, I’m going to take Dan back home so you should take care of your girlfriend, you know what I mean, right?” Mario said and grinned


Dan walked to the restaurant Daisy was eating

He stood outside for some minutes staring at her before walking in,side

“Are you done yet??” He asked and sat on the chair opposite her
“No, I was so hungry” Daisy, still eating

She looked up and saw Dan staring at her

“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face??” She asked, touching her face

“You are pretty” Dan suddenly said and Daisy stared back at him with shock
“What’s up with you today? Why are you acting so strange?” She asked and Dan scoffed

“Hey, what’s your dream?” He asked and Daisy stopped eating as her expression changed

“Don’t say it if you don’t want to” Dan said

“My dream was to become a ballerina” She said and Dan looked at her “it was my dream but it was so hærd for me, for years, I couldn’t do it, but I love it very much” she said, staring at the ground

“Maybe I shouldn’t have asked her that question” Dan thought to himself

“Hey Daisy” he called and Daisy looked at him
“Do you want to go on a date with me?” He asked and Daisy smiled

“Of course” she said

“Then, let’s go” he said and they both walked out of the restaurant holding each others hand smiling

After visiting several places, they were on their way home when Dan saw a woman selling stuffs like Jewelries and clothes in an open place

He dragged Daisy there and placed a face cap with ‘Won’t let you go’ inscribed on it

“What do you think ? Is it beautiful?” Dan asked and showed her the mirror
“Yeah, its pretty” Daisy said and smiled

“My goodness, you guys are such a beautiful couple, why don’t you try this couple Necklace” The seller said and showed them the neckline

“Its pretty” Daisy blushed

The Shining silvered necklace with ❤ on the tip

“I like it” Dan said as he took one and wore it for Daisy
He took the second one and was about to put it on when Daisy stopped him

“I should be helping you with that” she said and helped him to put on the Necklace


Later in the evening, they both walked back home

Dan opened the refrigerator to take some Juice when he noticed they were out of snacks

“Daisy, the refrigerator is empty, I shoulders fill it” He said and took his wallet

“I will be back”

He walked outside, however he hadn’t gotten so far when his phone rang and the caller was Daisy

“Hello” he said after picking up

“Hey Dan” Daisy said

“Is everything okay? he asked and Daisy nod

“Yeah,i just missed you a lot she said and Dan Scoffed

“Dan, i was looking at the facecap you bought for me earlier, ‘Wont let you go she said and Dan scoffed again

“Thats right because i am never letting you go” he said and Daisy smiled

A car suddenly stopped beside him and they bundled him in,side forcefully making his phone to fall