Boyfriend episode 25 – 26


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Episode 25🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️
Daisy sat in her room Knitting when Anna entered

“Daisy, are you okay?” She asked and sat beside her
“Yeah” Daisy replied without looking at her

“I met Dan today, but…..” Anna didn’t complete her statement when Daisy cuts in

“You knew Dan was Dan Dalton didn’t you?” She asked and Anna stared at the ground

“Yeah” she replied

“That’s why you didn’t like him, so….why didn’t you tell me” Daisy said and Anna sighed

“I wanted to, but when I noticed you were so in love with him there was nothing I could do,I’m sorry” Anna said and held Daisy’s hand

“I know how you feel Daisy but there’s nothing you can do, you are pregnant” She said and Daisy sniffed back her tears
“When I saw Dan, he looked so lonely, I’m sure he missed you a lot” Anna added

“No, he didn’t” Daisy said as tears dripped from her eyes


Anna walked out of Daisy’s house when she bumped into Drex

“Hi” drex said and smiled

“I’m going home, take good care of Daisy” she said and turned to go but Drex stopped her and handed a cold drink

“Since its a hot day, you should take this cold drink” he said, staring at the ground

It was so obvious he was nervous

Anna scoffed and moved closer to him

“Hey, I can’t take this drink” she said and handed the drink back to him

“Why?” Drex asked, disappointed

“I know how you feel for me , however, I do not feel the same way for you” Anna said and sighed

Drex felt so embarrassed and disappointed

He was just rejected

“But I like you a lot” he said and Anna sighed

“That’s the problem drex, I don’t love you” she said and walked away leaving Drex heartbroken


Dan laid on the bed in his room with a doctor beside him, giving him some treatments

“How is My son” Mrs Dalton asked and the doctor smiled

“Fortunately, hitting his head hærdly must have helped him to regain his memory” the doctor said

Mr Dalton looked at Dan
“Dan, is it true?” He asked and Dan nod

“That’s great” Mrs Dalton said, smiling

“He will be fine as long as he uses his drugs” the doctor said and walked out

Mrs Dalton looked at Dan and held his hand

“Son, don’t you ever leave mom again” she said and Dan smiled

“Now that you regained your memory, you should be able to know who tried to kill you” Mr Dalton said but Dan kept quiet

He knew it was Jackson who tried to kill him but he doesn’t know the reason

“No, I can’t recall anyone trying to kill me” he lied
“Really? Is there anyone you suspect? I’m going to get them all in jail” Mr Dalton clenched his fist

“Honey, don’t bring that up again, as long as Dan is okay, you should forgive them” Mrs Dalton pleaded

“No, I’m not going to forgive them, anyways,I have a meeting now, I should go” Mr Dalton said and walked out


Fred walked to Jackson’s room

“Any juicy information?” Jackson asked and he nod

“Yeah, Young master just regained his memory” he said and Jackson looked at him


“And….I think young master has a girlfriend he lived with when he lost his memory” Fred said and showed Jackson Daisy’s picture

“Ugh? This girl? I know her” Jackson smirked

“She’s pregnant and the baby is young master’s” Fred said and Jackson scoffed as he started tapping the table

“This is getting interesting” he said as an evil glare appeared on his face


Daisy was coming back from Anna’s house late in the night

A car suddenly stopped beside her , they sprayed something that made her fell asleep
They carried her in the car and drove off

She opened her eyes in a strange room

Her hands and legs were tied and her mouth were plastered so she won’t talk

The door opened and Jackson entered with Fred behind him with it gun

Seeing the gun, Daisy started to tremble with fear

“Dan’s girlfriend” Jackson scoffed and bent before her
“You are pretty” he said and stood up

“But… are not my target, Dan is my target” he said and Daisy arched her brow trying to release herself

Jackson took her phone and dialed Dan’s number

“Daisy?” Dan said as he picked up

“Hey, I just kidnapped Daisy, you should hurry so you can save her before I eliminate her” he said and hanged up before Dan could say another word

Daisy tried freeing herself but they tied her so tight

“Don’t try so hærd, I won’t release you until Dan shows up” Jackson said

“Jackson!!” Mario yelled and ran in,side

“What are you doing here? Leave or you might get hurt” Jackson said and Mario smirked

“Are you showing the evil side of yours now” Mario said breathing heavily “why do you hate Dan so much, tell me!!!!” Mario yelled at him

The door opened and and Dan walked in,side

He walked straight to Jackson and punched him

“What was that for??” Jackson asked as he winced in pain

“Release Daisy right now, why are you trying to bring her in between our fights” Dan said glaring at him and Jackson started laughing

Mario and Dan looked at him like he was crazy

“What’s funny?”

“She’s crying your baby, isn’t she?” He said and Mario’s eyes w¡dened with shock


“How did you know?” Dan said and clenched his fist

“I have my ways” Jackson replied

“What is it you want?” Dan asked and Jackson scoffed

“What I want? I want your life” he said and Mario gasped

“Enough Jackson!!” Mario yelled at him
“Stay out of this Mario” Jackson yelled back at her

“Let go of Daisy” Dan said and wanted to untie Daisy when Jackson collected the gun from Fred and pointed it at Daisy

“If you take one more step, I swear, I’m going to kill your girlfriend with the baby in her” Jackson said and smirked

Dan looked at Daisy who was shaking her head
He looked at Jackson again

“You can try me and see” Jackson grinned


EPISODE 26🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️

Semi final……

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“If you take one more step, I swear,I’m going to kill your girlfriend with the baby in her” Jackson smirked

“You can try me and see” he grinned

“OK……I Wont take a step but at least release Daisy, please” Dan said, tears gathering in his eyes as he was trying his best to hold them back

“Alright then” Jackson said and removed the tape they had used to plaster Daisy’s mouth, He also untied her legs and arms

“Happy now?” He asked and Dan sighed
“Jackson, will you please stop this” Mario said

Jackson pulled Daisy to himself and held her wrist so tight, it hurts Daisy a lot as she was wincing in pain

“Stop this Jackson, you are hurting her” Dan said and Jackson scoffed

“You seems to like your girlfriend a lot, just like I loved my sister” He said and Mario arched her brow

“I knew it, the hatred as something to do with his sister” Mario said to herself

Dan looked at Daisy and noticed she was in tears as Jackson was hurting her

Jackson pushed her to the ground and pointed the gun back at her

“It is either you die or this girl dies, I’m going to count to three, you should make up your mind before then, if not…” He paused and smiled “you know what I mean right?” He added and started counting


“Don’t do this Jackson, please” Mario cried out loud

“Two” he said and pulled the trigger

Daisy placed her hand on her stomach and closed her eyes
“Someone, please save us” she thought to herself

“Three” Jackson counted and fired the gun

Daisy opened her eyes and saw Dan kneeling in front of her
It was like he got shot instead of her

The door opened and the cops ran in,side

“Arrest the man with the gun” the leader said and both Fred and Jackson were handcuffed
“Please call the ambulance, someone is about to die here” the leader said to one of the cops

“Dan, why did you do that?” Daisy said as tears dripped from her eyes
“Are you okay? As long as you are okay, I’m also fine” Dan said weakly

“I’m not okay, you are bleeding” Daisy said and covered the bleeding part with her hand

Mario just stood watching the both of them
The fact that Daisy was pregnant was still a mystery to her
She wiped her tears and looked at Daisy

“You are so lucky to have someone like Dan take the bullet for you” She said and walked out

“Dan, don’t leave me, stay with me” Daisy said in tears

“Daisy, take care of the baby, let him know he has a wonderful father, let him know his father was handsome and cool”

“Why are you talking as if you are going to die!!” Daisy yelled at him

He was gradually running out of breathe

“I Love you Daisy” he said and closed his eyes

“Dan, No, don’t die, please!! I love you too, Stay with me Dan!!” She yelled as tears dripped from her eyes


Mr and Mrs Dalton walked to the police station where Jackson had been detained with Mario behind them

They were taken to the cell where he was

“Jackson, is it true? You were the one who tried to kill Dan?” Mrs Dalton asked

Jackson hesitated at first but later replied by nodding

“But why? Why would you do something like that? I thought you love Dan, you guys were like the best brothers” Mrs Dalton said

“I think we should get him an attorney (Lawyer)” Mario said and Mr Dalton scoffed

“You must be kidding me, an attorney? For someone who tried to kill my son? I won’t forgive him, he will rot in jail” Mr Dalton said and stormed away

“Honey, let’s talk this out, I’m sure he had a reason” Mrs Dalton said and ran after her husband

Mario looked at Jackson and sighed

“Why did you do that? I know how much you hate Dan but this is too much” She said and Jackson smirked

“Leave when you are done” he said and faced another direction

“Dan loves you a lot, even though he behaves like that to you, he loves you a lot, A week ago, Dan told me he was happy to have you as his cousin” Mario said

She took one more last look at Jackson before leaving

“Excuse me, aren’t you Dalton Jackson?” He heard his name
He looked up and saw a man with his white jacket that looked like that of a doctor

“Who are you?….” He asked
“Have you forgotten who I am already? I was the doctor in charge of your Little sister, Diane before she died” the doctor said and Jackson scoffed

“So what?”

“Actually….. A day before she died, someone actually paid for her Surgery” he said and Jackson looked at him


“A young master came to pay, he said he doesn’t want you to know” the doctor explained

“Really? What’s his name?”

“He didn’t tell me his name”

“Then….what does he look like”Jackson asked and the doctor arched his brow as if he wanted to remember something

” I think he was putting on a mask, and from the clothes he was putting on, he looked a Rich kid, Anyways, I hope you don’t love In guilt thinking you killed your sister” the doctor said and walked away

Jackson ran his finger through his hair as tears gathered in his eyes

“Dan, you moron, you should have told me you paid for her Surgery” he said and sniffed back his tears

Daisy and Mrs Dalton sat in the doctor’s office waiting for the doctor to tell them about Dan’s condition

“You are Daisy right?” Mrs Dalton asked and Daisy nod


“Mario told me about you, she said you are carrying Dan’s baby” Mrs Dalton said and Daisy stared at the ground

“I’m sorry” she said

“Why are you sorry” Mrs Dalton said and held her hand

“Thank you, you took care of Dan when he had no one and now you are pregnant, I’m so grateful” Mrs Dalton said as tears filled her eyes

“Don’t cry” Daisy said wiping her tears

The doctor entered and they looked at him

He wasn’t looking too good

“What’s the matter?” Mrs Dalton asked

“Actually…. Dan lost so much blood, he could have survived if you had brought him more earlier” he said and Daisy arched her brow

“What are you trying to say”

“Dan went into coma” the doctor said and Daisy gasped

“What? Coma?” Mrs Dalton said with shock

“Yeah, he could be in coma for years, months, weeks, but if he’s lucky, he could wake up tomorrow” the doctor explained

“Oh my goodness” Mrs Dalton gasped

“But…..if he doesn’t wake up, there’s every possibility that he could die”

“What?” Daisy yelled…

One more episode to go 🥰