Boyfriend episode 9 – 10


EPISODE 9🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️

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Daisy ran to her room and locked the door
“I must be crazy” she said pacing up and down the room

“I’m Daisy, yes,I’m Daisy, I mean…when he was about to k×ss me, I should have pushed him away, punched him and slap him but what did I do? I closed my eyes” She paused and ran her finger through her hair

“Why?why?why? Why did I close my eyes? I need a reasonable explanation for the reason why I closed my eyes? Someone might think I was enjoying it” she said and collapsed on the bed as she recalled how Dan k×ssed her

“How do I face him now???..” She said slightly offended punching the pillow


Dan and Drex both sat in Drex’s room, after doing what he did, he couldn’t go back home

“You should go back and reconcile with her, you can’t keep staying here forever” Drex said, practicing some of his martial art skills

“What do you mean by reconcile? Its not like we got into a fight, I only did what any other guy would do to his girlfriend, she’s my girlfriend after all” Dan said and rolled his eyes

“Sometimes you need permission before k×ssing a girlfriend, some girls ain’t that easy” Drex said

“Whatever” Dan gr0aπed and glared at him
“By the way,everything got ruined because of you, why in the world did you come in,side” he half yelled and Drex scoffed

“Are you getting mad because I caught you guys? I wanted to give you your phone cause you forgot it in the restaurant, I didn’t know you were busy” Drex grinned and Dan threw a pillow at him
“What do you mean by Busy?”


“I am sure I heard Dan’s voice” Mario said to Jackson who was busy with his phone

“I’m not sure if you are right” Jackson said without looking up
“I’m sure of it, Even though I’ve never seen him before, I know what his voice sounds like” Mario said

Jackson banged his hand on the table and looked at her

“I told you, Dan is dead” he said and stood up

“And what if he is alive? Are you going to selfishly make him yours” he added and grabbed her wrist as Mario stared at him with shock
“I know you how I feel for you, you are only pretending not to know” he yelled and released her wrist

“Why are you getting mad?” Mario said

“Forget about Dan” he said and took his jacket as he walked out angrily

He walked outside and saw Secretary Fred waiting for him at the car

“Sir,is something wrong?” Secretary Fred asked
“No, search everywhere to know if Dan is really alive” he said

“But Dan is dead” secretary Fred said

“That’s what we all think, but I’m having a feeling that jerk is somewhere hiding” Jackson said and clenched his fist


Daisy was serving the customers in the restaurant
Dan sat on one of the chairs staring at her
Dylan and Drex both stood at the counter staring at the both of them

“Why is that jerk staring at Daisy?” Dylan asked Drex “did something happened between them?” He added and Drex scoffed

“That’s right,something unexpected happened between them, I can’t just stop thinking about it” Drex said and smiled

“What happened? Did they fight?” Dylan asked

“What happened to them is beyond that, I just love Dan” drex said and smiled again

Dylan arched his brow and looked at Drex

“Now that you are saying it,I’m getting more curious” he said

“Never mind” drex grinned and continued what he was doing

Daisy took of her apron and walked out of the restaurant but she bumped into Dan

She turned to another direction to leave but Dan blocked her way
She did the same again and Dan blocked her way again

“Out of my way” she said Without looking at him
“About what happened yesterday, I………” Dan didn’t complete his statement when Daisy interrupted

“I don’t want to talk about it” she said and wanted to leave but Dan grabbed her wrist

“I’m sorry” he said and sighed “I’m sorry” he repeated and released her wrist

“Let’s just act the way we used to do before what happened yesterday” he said and walked away


Jackson sat in his room staring at the picture he once had with Dan when they were young

He smirked as he recalled what Mario said

“She must be kidding me” he said

The door opened and Mario entered

“What are you doing?” She asked and checked the picture Jackson was holding

“Was this your childhood pics? You guys look cute especially Dan” she said and smiled “from what I heard you guys weren’t that close so I’m surprised to see you staring at this picture, I guess you miss him too” she added and sat on the bed

“But I’m curious, what if Dan is not dead,what if he is alive? How are you going to feel?” She asked and Jackson took out a lighter from his pocket and set the picture on fire

“I’m going to feel sad” he said as an evil glare appeared on his face

“And……..I’m going to kill him” he added and threw the picture out of the window…….


EPISODE 10🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️

(Who am i🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️)

Dan and Drex were both playing video games in Drex’s room

Dan seems absentminded cos he kept losing

“Will you please pull yourself together” Drex yelled at him

“How dare you yell at me” Dan said in his usual rude tone and frowned

“As expected from you” Drex said and continued playing the game but he stopped again. “So? Did big sis cursed you out for k×ssing her?” He asked and Dan sighed

“I don’t wanna talk about it” He gr0aπed and Drex scoffed

“Unbelievable… Is this the Dan I know, I can’t believe Big sis is driving you crazy” Drex said and leaned forward as if to whisper something to Dan

“But to be honest, Big sis is not that pretty, I mean…..she’s way out of your League, you are meant to be with a pretty celebrity, sometimes big sis behaves like an old woman and….”

“That’s your problem” Dan interrupted, slightly offended “by the way,why is she acting like that just because we k×ssed, was it our first time k×ssing? I mean… If I’m her boyfriend, we would have k×ssed so many times,right?” He said
Drex expression suddenly changed as he stared into the thin air

“But you are not her boyfriend” he thought to himself


Mario drove to Mrs Luna’s restaurant when she saw Dylan putting on a apron and serving the customers

“I can’t believe he is doing this” she said to herself and walked to him
“Dylan”she called and Dylan turned to her

“Mario? What are you doing here?” He asked

“I came to get something. You look ridiculous in that apron” she teased and Dylan smiled

“The last time I came here, I lost my phone, I came to look for it” she said

The door opened and Dan and Drex entered

But since Mario didn’t recognize Dan, she just overlooked him and Continued talking to Dylan

“Does your mom lives in this village?” She asked and Dylan nod


“Excuse me” Daisy said and they both looked at her

“I’ve seen you before”. Mario said, trying to recollect where she saw Daisy
” you saw her with me the last time ” Dylan said

“Oh….that’s right, you were the lady I splashed water on” she said and Daisy nod as she brought out her (Mario’s) phone

“You dropped this that day” she said
Mario collected her phone and k×ssed it
“Thanks” she said and smiled

“Hey” Dan said and walked up to them

On hearing his voice, Mario stumbled back but Dylan held her before she falls

“That’s voice” she thought and looked at Dan
“Are you okay Mario?” Dylan asked and she nod

“Ah……yeah, I’m fyn, I think I’m a little tired today, I should go” she said and took one last look at Dan before walking out

“Who is that strange woman?” Dan asked and looked at Daisy “let’s meet today, I have something to tell you, I will be waiting for you at the playground” he said and walked back to the counter


Mario sat in the car staring at the restaurant

“His voice sounds just like Dan’s” she said and recalled the picture Jackson set on fire

“Dan was also using Mask in that picture” she said and arched her brow “that can’t be the only picture Jackson has, definitely, he would have the one Dan wasn’t putting on mask” she said and started the engine

“I should go to him, but even if I find Dan, I will have to keep it a secret from Jackson, I wonder why they hate each other so much” she said and drove off

She drove to Jackson’s house and walked straight to his room but he wasn’t there

She started searching around to see if she would find any picture of Dan but there wasn’t

“What are you doing?” She heard Jackson’s voice
“Are you trying to steal something from my room” Jackson said, coming out from the bathroom

“No” Mario said and looked at him
“Jackson, perhaps, do you have a picture of Dan without mask”

“No?” Jackson replied and looked at her
“I told you to forget him” he said and walked outside


Daisy and Dylan both walked down the street, chatting when Drex ran to them

“Big sis” he called and glared at Dylan before looking at Daisy

“Weren’t you supposed to meet Dan at the playground? How could you be so heartless” he said and glared at Dylan again

“I’m sorry but Daisy has an appointment with her boyfriend” Drex said and Dylan scoffed

“Her boyfriend?”
“Yeah, her boyfriend, I mean Dan” Drex half yelled at him and shot Daisy a deadly glare

“I can’t believe this” he said and walked away

Daisy looked at Dylan and sighed. “I’m sorry, but I have to go first” she said

Dylan looked obviously disappointed, if only there was a way to make her stay

“Daisy” Dan called and walked up to them
He looked at Dylan and grabbed Daisy’s wrist

“Let’s go” he said but Dylan grabbed the other wrist

“I’m sorry, but you can’t just take her” Dylan said
“Are you for real?” Dan scoffed

“Does it look like a joke” Dylan said, his face looked damn serious

Daisy looked at the both of them and sighed
She saw people staring at them

“I can’t believe they are embarrassing me” she thought to herself

She jerked her hands away from the both of them and sighed again

“Who said you guys can grab my hands” she said and looked at them

“Let me make this clear, I don’t Know if I should say this but…..I don’t like either of you” she said…..