Heartbeats episode 76 – 77

( I Think I
Love You … )


By, Naomi Cindy B.


“Snow!!!!” JoJo s¢ræmed, going on her knees too just like James.

People are already going farther from the hospital cos the fire kept getting bigger by the minutes.

All the guys were staring unbelievably at the hospital, unsure of what to think is the cause of it, not wanting to believe Snow is actually in.

v×rgiπia’s palms were on her l¡ps as she covered them shockingly.

Luna kept swallowing hærd each minute, and Viola’s eyes kept w¡dening.

Luke and Walton has that same expression on their faces.

“What the….” Kelly said.

“This isn’t happening.. right?” Butter said.

“No….no she can’t…she can’t die!!!” James cried again.

“F**k shit” Draco muttered.

“Snow please!!!!!” JoJo cried again.

“Guys!” Snow suddenly called behind them, and their eyes w¡dened.

JoJo and James were the first to turn their necks, and surprisingly Snow is standing right there, smiling at them.

“Snow!” JoJo shouted and ran to her, hugging her so tight immediately.

“Snow” she muttered, tightening her arms around her every minute.

“What happened?, Why are you crying?” Snow asked slowly, hugging her back.

“We thought you were still in!!!, We thought … You died in the fire” JoJo replied amidst hiccups.

Snow broke the hug and held her face gently.

“I helped an old granny out, and I also helped her cross the road, that’s why I’m just coming” she said, and JoJo hugged her again.

“Please don’t scare me like that again, my firefighter” she cried happily, and Snow smiled gladly.

“I’m sorry I scared you, my one and only Mimi” she said, fighting back her tears as they continued hugging.

When they finally broke it, James hugged her immediately, he hasn’t stopped crying too.

“I can’t afford to lose you, I’ll lose it if I do, I swear I’ll lose it, I don’t wanna lose you” he sniffed, and she smiled before hugging him back.

“Sorry for scaring you crybaby” she said.

The hug was longer than JoJo’s, then she hugged every single one of them before they left the scene.

“I think the fire was initiated because of you” James said.

“I know” Snow replied.

“What do you mean?” JoJo asked.

“Lately, someone has been trying desperately to eliminate me” Snow replied.

“What!” JoJo and Luna gasped.

“At first it was a flower pot thrown from a balcony, secondly it was an attack in the restroom” James said.

“We should report to the cops” v×rgiπia said.

“We’ll do that today, but…

“No we’re doing it right now” Luna cut in.

“I really don’t believe in cops” Draco and Kelly said at a time.

They looked at each other and Kelly smiled.

“I like you my man” he winked, and everyone laughed.

“Meaning you have to be extra careful from now on” Viola said.

“It was JoJo, Butter and Draco not long ago, and now Snow?” Luke said.

“I’m scared seriously” Butter replied.

“Maybe we should create a group chat and add everyone, we can send signals when we’re in danger and we’ll help each other, we need to catch these culprits” v×rgiπia said.

“First time v×rgiπia said something reasonable” Viola replied and they all laughed again as Snow created the group.

“I added everyone already” she said, and everyone got notifications on their phones immediately.

“Now that y’all are in the group, who knows karate or taekwondo?, No one knows Kung Fu so how would we face the culprit if he appears?” Walton asked.

“Count me out, I can fight pretty well, I’m a proud criminologist” James replied.

“Draco and I are the leaders of this squad, we know everything in the world of fighting, trust me” Kelly said, and Draco rolled eyes.

JoJo smiled when she saw it.

“I’m a black belt holder of taekwondo and jujitsu” Viola said.

“Whoaa!!!” They all shouted.

“Yeah, my doll is all” Kelly said.

“Doll?” Snow and Luna chorused.

Kelly pulled Viola closer.

“Meet my girlfriend” he said.

“Yeah yeah” Viola winked.

“Whoaaa!!!” They all shouted.

“And I’m still single” Luna said.

“Same here” v×rgiπia sniffed and Snow laughed.

“I learnt judo from my mum when I was young but I forgot everything, but don’t worry, my celebrity boyfriend will be my trainer” JoJo said.

“Stop it with the flaunting already, eish!” Butter said.

“Jealously kills” James said, and they laughed again.

“I know fistfight, I and my twin brother once learnt boxing so we’re fine” Luna said.

“Wow, so you can fight?” Walton asked Luke.

“Of course baby!” She replied.

“Baby???” They all chorused.

“Yeah…I call him baby cos he behaves like a… baby” Luke quickly replied.

“v×rgiπia, Butter, Snow and Walton, you guys should find ways” Viola said.

“I’ll learn from Luke” Walton said.

“I’ll learn from James” Butter replied.

“Luna or Viola, you guys should teach me” v×rgiπia pouted.

“I still can’t believe you’re here instead of being with your dogs, what changed your mind?” JoJo asked suddenly, and v×rgiπia blinked once before sighing.

She looked at JoJo for a while before going on her knees suddenly.

👥 Whoaaa!!!!

“I’m sorry, sorry for everything I did to you in the past, the bullying and wounds I and my minions gave you, I swear I’m ready to change, just… please find it in your heart to forgive me, I really wanna find true love” she pleaded.

“True love?”

“Yeah, maybe my sins are hindering that, so I’m begging for forgiveness” she replied, and everyone laughed.

“Funny dummy” Viola giggled.

“With the rate of betrayal I’ve tasted, i don’t wanna make any friend for now, but I forgive you, let’s be in a truce instead” JoJo said, pulling her up.

“I won’t ask for more I promise, and I’m leaving Cora and Abigail, I’ll stay alone” she replied, and JoJo shook her hand.

“Welcome to the team”

“Team Avengers?” Luke asked.

“No, power rangers” Walton replied, and they all laughed again.

A car suddenly stopped beside them, and Derek came out of it.

“Big brother!” Snow rushed to hug him, and he hugged her tightly immediately.

“I heard about the fire and I knew you’re here, that’s why I came, glad you’re ok” he said.

During the hug, Draco couldn’t help but notice how Derek’s body was shaking, he looks restless.

“Her senior brother?” He asked James.

“Not really, he was adopted” James replied, and Draco smirked.

“I see”



Kelly came out of his car and took a deep breath as he stared at the building.

Driving here took two hours cos he was confused on the way.

Though Viola gave him directions but he’s not so good with it.

“I hope I find leads” he said as he went in.

He saw various children playing around, and that brought a big smile to his face.

Maybe because he grew up in an orphanage too.

The ball of the kids suddenly flew to him, and he caught it.

“Throw it back please!” One of them shouted, walking to him.

He bent in front of him and stroked his hair.

“Where’s the owner of this place cutie?” He asked with a smile

“Granny Riya’s apartment is that way” the boy pointed, and he returned the ball.

“Thanks” he smiled and stood.

He walked there and met a lady sitting in front of it.

“Good day” he greeted politely.

“How may I help you?”

“I’m here to meet the owner of…

“Granny Riya?, She’s my mother and she’s not in Cali right now” she cut him off.

“Oh…when will she be back?”

“Maybe next two months?” She replied.

“F**k” he muttered.

“You ok?” She asked.

“Yeah, I actually have a question”


“Some years ago, there was a girl named Viola here” he said.

“Oh…that stubborn thing?, She ran away when she turned seven” she replied.

“Do you perhaps… know anything about…her birth?” He asked.

“Not really, granny Riya only said she was found in a trashcan not far from the orphanage eighteen years ago the morning after an hospital was raided, maybe she was part of the stolen things from the hospital” she replied, and Kelly’s eyes w¡dened.

“Which hospital precisely?”

“Alive hospitals” she replied.

“The one that got burnt today?”




Lucy is busy having a shower in the bathroom while Walton made their dinner

Tonight will surely be spicy again.

He was still on it when his phone rang, it’s a video call from one an unknown number

He hesitated before picking, and immediately he picked, the face of the triplets came to view, three of them.

His senior brothers.

“Hey baby brother!” Donovan waved, bringing up his head from the cocaine he was sniffing.

The white stuff stained his nose.

“What’s up Walton!” Hector smiled, smoking hemp like a devil.

“Long time no see” Clinton laughed, he was receiving BJ from a girl.

“Where did you get my new number from?” Walton asked, feeling like strangling them right now.

“Dad gave us, we missed you that’s why we called, two weeks from now we’ll be back in Cali” Donovan said.

“How is that my business?” Walton replied.

“Prepare babes for us, babes!, Hot ones that can f**k for hours ok?” Clinton said, pushing the head of the b*tch more closely to his c**k.

“So you guys don’t even feel remorseful after what you did to the girl last year?, Angel Klein is the sister of someone close to me you bastards!, I regret ever getting birthed by same parents as you devils!” Walton shouted, and Hector laughed.

“Remember we were five bro, you were there too, and one other person” he said.

“You guys raped her, not me!” Walton shouted

“Who’d believe that?, Anytime it gets out, you’re dead!” Donovan threatened, and Walton cut the call immediately.

He held his head tightly, and tears slipped out of his eyes.

“Babe…what’s… wrong?” Lucy asked, coming into the kitchen.

Walton quickly covered his teary face, running out of the kitchen.

“Walt!” Lucy ran after him.



It’s been a while since your mum disturbed you, that’s strange” James said when Butter joined him in the living room.

“Even better” Butter replied, sitting beside him.

“You don’t miss her?, It’s been long since she uploaded a video on her porn site too” James said, and Butter glared at him.

“Sorry” James smiled.

“I badly wanna change” Butter suddenly said.

“I support that!, Change Drake!, Change!” James shouted.

“You’re always extra” Butter replied, and James laughed.

“I’m just so happy, we formed a team , I feel we’re safer now, and we’ll catch the culprit soon, so do you wanna start your training now?” He replied.

“Maybe after I come back from my stroll” Butter replied, standing up .

James pulled him back.

“Not allowed, you can’t go out when you’re not fully trained” he said, and at once, Luna and v×rgiπia came in.

“Girls” James said surprisingly.

“I came to see him” Luna said.

“Me too” v×rgiπia replied.

“Owk!, Let’s all go train in the gym!” James said, leading the way out.

v×rgiπia grabbed Butter’s right hand while Luna grabbed the left.

They pulled him out too



Draco’s car halted and he came out immediately, then he walked fast into the building.

He met Tiger in the living room, he has a pipe of tobacco between his l¡ps, smoking heinously.

“Why the hell are you stressing me with calls!, I’m not gay so just f**king leave me alone!, He shouted.

“You agreed to do anything I want before I brought your girlfriend out of that cage, and now you’re turning me down cos of that same girl?” Tiger smirked.

“Even if I have no girlfriend, I can never stoop so stupid, s×¢k you?, F**k it!, And I never agreed to do anything you want before you brought her out, so it’s null and void” Draco replied straight, and Tiger smiled as one of his men came in with a bottle, he started spraying the content in the air.

“This ain’t the right time to use repellant!” Tiger shouted.

“I’m sorry boss, never knew he’s here” the guy replied, and Draco started walking out.

“You’ll regret this” Tiger said, but Draco never looked back till he left the building.

Tiger smiled knowingly.

“The antidote” he said, and the guy dropped and pill on his palm which he swallowed.

“How many minutes before it starts work?” He asked.

“Just five minutes”

“How many minutes is the drive from here to his unit?”

“Twenty” the guy replied, and Tiger smiled.

“Did you find the girl?”

“Yes, his girlfriend’s number too, I’ll call her right now, everything is set”

Tiger smiled and sat back.

“Let the game start” he smiled as he resumed smoking.


Immediately Draco went four minutes away from the empire, it started raining and he started feeling weird without knowing the reason, he stopped the car instantly.

Within a minute, sweat covered him, and he held the steering wheel tight as he started breathing heavily.

His body was getting aroused even without moving, and when he looked down at his trousers, his bulge grew madly already, almost tearing off his zipper.

Hi tightened his things on it but as he did, it kept spranging eagerly, ready for action.

The sweating doubled, and his stomach turned upside down as he tried hærd to keep himself under control.

He remembered when the guy sprayed something in the building back then, and he held the steering tighter, unable to move anymore as his body grew hot.

He managed to get his phone to ring JoJo, his hand was shaking as he he made to click her line, but someone opened his car door immediately, and when he looked up to see a girl, his d**k rose even more, it’s killing!.

He lost himself completely.

It’s actually Cora, and she took the phone away from him immediately.

He was powerless as she threw down her umbrella and got in the car, then she sat on him.

Immediately she k×ssed him, his body ignited and he grabbed her, unable to fight it anymore.

He tore her top away from her body and roughly pulled up her skirt, she’s not wearing anything underneath…

He grabbed a hold of her b**bs and squeezed them so hærd , eliciting loud m0aπs from her.

Cora lowered the chair before starting to unbolt his belt.

They were still k×ssing when she got his d**k and put it in,side herself.

Immediately she did, she started riding him while he held her @ss, gr0aπing so loud.

JoJo’s call rang on his phone for three consecutive times, but he wasn’t even hearing.


A car stopped on the other side of the road and JoJo came out of it into the rain.

She actually drove herself here after she got a call from a strange number that Draco got involved in an accident on that road.

She’s was crying as she ran to Draco’s car in the rain.

“Knight!, Knight!!!” She shouted tearfully, opening the car door.

Immediately she opened it, her eyes w¡dened, and air vacated her lungs as it hit her..

She stopped breathing immediately, and her knees became weak as the rain drenched her.

Cora and Draco…f**king!

That instant, the trance inducing spray cleared off Draco’s system, and he stopped f**king Cora.

Cora was rolling eyes at JoJo as JoJo started shifting back.

“Ann” Draco muttered, unable to believe what’s going on.

“What are you doing here?” He asked Cora, and Cora smiled.

“Just what you’re seeing right now” she replied, and tears ran down JoJo’s eyes immediately.

Draco pushed Cora away from himself and got down from the car just when JoJo lost consciousness and started going down.

Before he could get to her, she already fell unconsciously into the rain water on the ground.

“F**k!, Ann!!!!”