Heartbeats episode 82 – 83

( I Think I
Love You … )


By, Naomi Cindy B.


“kiss her taste away from my l¡ps” Draco whispered into the kiss, and JoJo held him tighter immediately, her eyes shut more tightly as the kiss deepened.

The tears on her face started drying up as their l¡ps continued moving hungrily on each other, savouring and exploring the taste they miss so much.

Draco’s real expensive taste bloomed in her mouth and she sighed gently on his l¡ps as his fingers drove gently into her brown hair.

His palm was still on the other side of her face, and as they kissed, he caressed her earlobe softly, making her melt insanely into him.

They became breathless in a matter of seconds, but they still didn’t break it as their desires and hunger took over, they were drowning in the pool of crazy emotions with no plan to come out…ever.

Their tongues twisted and swiped, hit and tickled their mouth walls as the kiss went wilder and rougher, they were unstoppable.

Draco suddenly carried her and walked into the room, he placed her on the first table he saw and went between her legs, still kissing her so fast and hærd

His hands went to her @ss while hers went to his hair, driving her finger around it as he gave her @ss gentle presses, and at the same time… their l¡ps continued to kiss.

Draco gently broke the kiss, and his eyes stayed in front of hers, staring affectionately at her.

“I’m sorry” he whispered softly, stroking her hair gently.

“I’m sorry” she replied, and he smiled before hugging her again, burying his face in her b°°bs.

“I missed you, everything about you Ann, I missed having you in my arms like this, I missed having you beside me in my bed every morning and night, I missed kissing you and … F**king you, I missed your p**sy” he whispered silently, and she smiled.

“I missed you more knight, I’m so sorry I behaved like a b**ch” she replied in a whisper.

They stayed like that for minutes, inhaling each other’s scents till JoJo pulled away slowly, then she kissed the patches on his wounds softly.

“This must be hurting hellishly” she said with a lot of care in her eyes.

“I’m fine trust me, you have a strong boyfriend yunno” he said, and she giggled, kissing his brows deeply.

He brought the anklet out of his pocket and bent in front of her, then he clipped it on her ankle before kissing it.

“Promise me that no matter what happens, you’ll never take this off again, even if you’ll have to break up with me in the future” he said, looking up at her seriously.

“Breakup?, I don’t want to, and I promise to never…I mean never…to take it off” she replied, and he smiled before standing, then he kissed her hair.

“I love you Ann”

“I love you more baby” she replied, and their smiles mirrored each other as they started smiling.

“Wait…the flight is 7!” She suddenly remembered.

He checked the time and his eyes w¡dened.

“6:01!, F**k!” He said and ran all the way to the the bathroom.

“You haven’t had a bath?” JoJo laughed, coming down from the table.

Draco ran out of the bathroom immediately. She was surprised till he got to her and gave her l¡ps a peck which later turned to a kiss.

“Go away!” She pushed him, and he giggled as he entered the bathroom again.

“Should I come and bath you?” She asked loudly.

“With pleasure!, We’ll go one round in the tub!” He shouted back, and she laughed.

Viola came in slowly, and JoJo stopped laughing immediately.

“What?, I’m not a ghost” she said, and JoJo smiled before rushing to her.

“Thanks so much cray cray Viola” she said, and Viola laughed as she hugged her back.

“Where did you guys get this nickname from?, Pit of abyss?” She giggled.

“Thanks for bringing us back together” JoJo pouted, and Viola broke the hug.

“All you have to do right now is trust him, I know you’ve been betrayed by close friends a lotta times, but he’s none of them, he’s your future husband” Viola whispered, and JoJo laughed.

“Of course”

“Here!” Kelly came in with a bag containing Draco’s important stuffs he’ll need for the trip.

“His bag” he breathed, dropping it.

“Thanks” JoJo replied and stroked his hair like a kid’s.

“Don’t ever try to leave him for even a minute again, who knows who he might kill?” He said.

“That’d never happen ok?” JoJo smiled, winking at him.

“Please don’t do that, I’m not ready to die” Kelly said, and JoJo laughed heartily with Viola.

“Have you taken your bath?” Snow asked, coming in with the rest of the girls.

“Do I really need to?” JoJo replied.

“Get into the bathroom and have a quick bath you dirty thing!” Luna shouted.

“Yes ma’am!” JoJo replied and rushed into the bathroom immediately Draco came out.

“You should have bath with me” he said , and she shut the door on his face.

“Unfair” he laughed, taking his bag from the ground.

“You shouldn’t have come out like this” v×rgiπia said , pointing at his body which was only covered by the towel on his waist.

“No choice” Draco winked and took his bag.

He went in and changed into something else for the trip.

JoJo came out after five minutes and took her bag from Snow too. She went in and met Draco who just finished dressing up.

“Go out, I need to dress up” she said.

“No f**king way, I’m dressing you up” he replied.

“Pervert” she replied, taking the towel away from her body.

“That’s dangerous” he muttered as she started creaming her naked body.

“Don’t get turned on baby, no chance” she laughed, getting a pant to wear from her bag after creaming.

She was about to put on her bra when Draco suddenly grabbed her b**bs from behind, squeezing them in his palms.

“F**k, baby we’re late yunno” she said, more like a m0aπ.

He turned her to himself and kissed her n*pples before helping her wear her bra.

She put on a short flayed gown immediately, but his hands never left her body till she was done.

He was the one who combed her hair and applied treated gel before letting it fall on her shoulders.

“How do I look?” She turned around.

“Alluring” he replied, and she hugged him tightly.

“If you keep this up them I’mma f**k you instead of going on this trip” he said naughtily, and she quickly broke the hug, but before she could step away from him, he grabbed her waist and kissed her deeply.

She smiled on his l¡ps and started kissing him back immediately, holding him closer.

He grabbed her @ss under the gown and was already pressing it along with the kiss when the door opened, and Luna came in.

They quickly broke it.

“Do you guys realize we’re waiting?, How dare you kiss and waste our time!” She shouted.

“We’re sorry ma’am!” JoJo cackled and went for her bag.

Draco got his own too and they left the room together.

“They were kissing… right?” Viola said.

“Yeah, you were right” Luna rolled eyes, and everyone laughed as they all left the house together.

“We won’t be chanced to go to the mansion anymore, we’ll make a video call before we go aboard” Draco said.

“Sure” JoJo replied and they all got in their various cars.

Viola and Kelly were waving as they watched them drive away…to the airport.

“What next?” Kelly asked after they went outta sight.

“Dinner” Kelly replied and pulled her into the house.

“I want fruits salad” she pouted childishly, and he smiled.

“That… you’ll get” he said and opened the freezer.

“We have all fruits here except cucumbers” he said.

“You know I can’t eat it without cucumber, i’ll go get it, you go on with the available ones” she replied.

“Don’t take long” he said, and she nodded.

She turned to go but he pulled her back and planted a kiss on her l¡ps.

She blushed heavily before rushing out of the house.

“So cute” Kelly smiled, getting the fruits.



Viola stopped her bike in front of it and entered happily, skipping on her sneakers as she walked.

She went to the fruits shelf immediately, but just two pieces of cucumber is left on the shelf.

“Geez” she muttered and took the two at once, but at the same time… someone grabbed them from the other sides.

“I took these first” she said.

“Wait…who are you?” The voice asked, and she looked up at the person.

Her eyes w¡dened!, The girl she saw in the car yesterday, the one who drove past the mansion. Herself!

“F**k!, It’s you!” She gasped, looking at her from her head to her sneakers, no single different except the tattoos she doesn’t have on her arm.

Same hair dye, same cut and same dressing. They’re both wearing armless jerseys and ripped jean pants.

“Holy cow!, What the f**k!” The girl smiled shockingly, still staring at Viola.

“How come we have same face?” Viola asked.

“Beats me” she replied, and they both laughed.

“My name is Violet” the girl said, and Viola’s eyes w¡dened.

“Snow and James saw you in this same store, they told me!”

“Wait…I remember I squeezed the girl’s finger when she kept calling me Viola, are they the ones you’re talking about?, Are you Viola then?” Violet asked.

“Of course!, Come here!” Viola shouted and they hugged immediately, jumping up as they hugged, moving around.

“I’m so happy I found my carbon copy!” Violet gushed.

“I see you’re also a tomboy” Violet said as they broke the hug

“Of course!, Nothing sucks than dressing like a girl, it’s stressful” Viola replied, and Violet gave her an high five.

“Finally someone is seeing things from my perspective!, I love you!” She gushed, holding her hands.

“I love you too twin!, I guess you love cucumbers too!” Viola said.

“Of course, mum wanted to make fruits salad without it, i told her I won’t take it so she told me to go get the cumbers myself” Violet replied.

“Same here but in this case, it’s my boyfriend!” Viola replied, and Violet gasped

“You have a boyfriend?, Come here and gist me!, Come come!” Violet pulled her out of the store and they both entered her car.

“Violet Zendaya?” Viola read her name from where she wrote it on the wheel.

“Yeah, you?” Violet asked.

“I don’t know my parents, so I bear the surname of my lifesaver, Viola Klein” she replied.

“That’s sad, though I don’t know my real parents too” Violet smiled, stroking Viola’s hair affectionately.

“The Zendayas aren’t?” Viola asked curiously.

“Yeah, I was adopted, but they never make me feel adopted” Violet replied.

“Aww, so lucky!” Viola smiled.

“Your boyfriend!, Gist me!” Violet gushed impatiently.

Viola got her phone and showed her the pictures she snapped with Kelly.

“F**k!, He’s handsome, but I hate guys, they’re bothersome” Violet said, and Viola laughed.

“So where should we go next?” Violet asked, bringing the car engines to life.

“Huh?” Viola said.

“Better call your boyfriend and tell him you won’t be coming home tonight, I’m kidnapping you and we’ll be having fun all night” Violet winked and drove roughly out of the store park.




“Guys!, I know y’all are tired but can we move faster?” Mr Ajay said, facing the squad of students who are just coming out of the plane.

When their faces came to view, almost half of them has red eyes as a result of flying throughout the night, most are putting on face caps to conceal the redness.

“Now I know why it’s called red eyes flight” Luna yawned, holding v×rgiπia.

“Can’t believe I didn’t sleep throughout” v×rgiπia yawned too.

“But India is unbelievably beautiful, swears” Snow said, looking around the airport.

“We’re in New Delhi, heard it’s the only beautiful place in this country” Butter said.

“Wrong!” Mr Ajay replied, and they laughed.

He’s an Indian lecturer in their major, that’s why he’s in charge of the trip this year.

“I knew you’d defend your country” James said.

He came with Snow as promised.

“Can we move it already?, I didn’t sleep at all last night and two nights ago so I’m about to die right now” JoJo finally spoke, her bucket hat almost covering her face completely, only her l¡ps are visible.

“My girlfriend is tired, can we move to the hotel already?” Draco yawned lightly.

“Lazy couple” Luke teased.

“I know, right?” Walton giggled.

“Yes we are” JoJo replied, and they all laughed.

“Now prepare to have a whooole lot of fun as I take you on a tour to the Taj palace” Mr Ajay said.

“Taj palace?” They all chorused.

“The hotel we’ll be staying at” he replied, and they all carried their bags to follow him behind.

👥 Wait!, It’s the boy from Cali!
👥 I was wondering!, That’s Lustre!
👥 OMG I can’t believe this!
👥 Lustre everyone!!!
👥 That’s Walton too!, My bias!
👥 Luke!, Gosh!!!
👥 Butter!!!
👥 Where’s he?
👥 Over there the one with the black cap!
👥 Seen him! f**k!

“This isn’t good, I’m tired I can’t sign autographs” Walton muttered.

“You guys are even popular in India?, Oh my…gosh!” James shouted.

“Stop shouting idiot!” v×rgiπia rolled eyes as the fans started rushing to them, but Mr Ajay was wise enough to quickly alert the others.

They covered the celebs from the gathering fans.

“They’re very tired right now ok?, I hope you understand, we had a red eyes flight” he said.

👥 Blow kisses!

👥 Say something babies!

👥 Just make a move!

“When you think of LOVERBOYZ you get what?” Walton smiled sweetly.

👥 Thousands heartbeats per second!

“And when you remember there’s a sweet boy called Butter?” Butter said with a wink.

👥 I get the butterflies!!!

“Lots of love guys!” Draco blew kisses cutely.

“Love ya!!!” Luke waved

👥 We love you guys!!!

“Kisses!” Butter winked again.

👥 Whoaa!!!

They were finally able to enter the chauffeured cars which drove them to the hotel.

“OMG!!!” Snow and v×rgiπia s¢ræmed when they got to the hotel and came out of the cars.

“Welcome to Taj palace” Mr Ajay smiled, leading them in.

There are forty students in total, so you choose who to roommate with.

Luna and v×rgiπia choose a room.

“Wanna share my room?” Snow asked James.

“Should I?” He replied, and they smiled as they left the reception together.

Luke and Walton shared a room.

Butter agreed to share a room with two girls at once, and immediately he took the keys, the girls held him at both sides, going in with him.

v×rgiπia and Luna were staring at him hurtfully till he entered the elevator.

“Let’s go” Draco told JoJo after getting their keys.

“Sure” she replied and gave him a peck before holding his hand.

“JoJo Collins?” A voice called behind them, and she looked back to see a guy walking towards her.

“Archie!” She gushed, rushing to him after letting go of Draco’s hand.

“I knew it’s you immediately I saw you” the guy pulled her into a tight hug immediately.

Draco held the room key with him tightly as he watched, trying to control himself.

“You left Cali after we graduated, I lost your contact too” JoJo said.

“Yeah, I had to go back to Germany” Archie replied.

“I know” JoJo smiled, and he raised his hand to her hair.

“Still as brown as I can remember” he said, stroking her hair.

Draco’s body started shaking on his s₱0t.

“Aww” JoJo replied, and Archie smiled.

“Came to India on a trip” he said.

“Me too, school trip” JoJo smiled.

Draco’s vein came out on his neck, his fists folded and his teeth gritted, his blood circulated faster and his bones hærdened, his head went wild immediately he saw that smile.

“Oh!, Then he must be your driver” Archie said, pointing at Draco.

That made Draco’s sanity leave him immediately.

His eyes were already red as he took just three steps to them and grabbed Archie’s throat.


Before JoJo could pronounce the CO, he already threw Archie over the receptionists desk.

He landed on the two receptionists and they all went down together.

All eyes came wide.

“Draco!” JoJo shouted shockingly, but it wasn’t over.

He jumped over the desk too and landed beside Archie.

He pulled him up and punched him just once, making blood splurge out of his nose.

“Draco stop!” JoJo shouted again.

Three securities rushed in but Draco dropped Archie on the ground before they got to him.

He jumped out of the desk and started walking to the elevator.

“Knight…” JoJo held him.

“Thought I’m a driver” he said angrily and took his hand from her, leaving her there.