His magnificent episode 50 – 51


CHAPTER 50….💛♥️

Mariam smile was wide. Mira had just helped her accomplish it without her having to move a muscle.

“Why did you..??” Anna couldn’t even complete her statement when Mira began coughing till blood cam out.

“Mira”. Ezekiel panicked and immediately rushed to hold her. “Mira what’s going on?”

Mira could feel her stomach knotting . It was painful, she kept on coughing. She could only hear voices but she comprehend what anyone was saying.

She could feel herself blacking out gradually.

“Open the door” Ezekiel yelled as he lifted Mira in his arms and rushed out to the car .
The driver got in immediately and ignited the car and started.

And black out….

Panic filled Ezekiel the moment she started coughing blood.Soon, they arrived at the hospital and Mira was immediately taken to the emergency room. Ezekiel paced to and fro while waiting for the doctor to bring analysis of what happened to Mira although he already had a hunch of what happened . It was very obvious that the drink was poisoned because it was only after she had drank the drink that she began coughing blood and the drink was served to his mother and this means Mira was aware of it and drank it even though she knew it was poisoned.

‘ Mira saved my mom’s life’ Ezekiel said in his mind.

“Kiel” Anna called and hugged him. His family had arrived at the hospital. He left without them in a state of panic and hurry.

“Hope nothing happens to Mira?” Anna said soberly. Her voice choked with tears.

Yes, she didn’t like Mira too much. But she wasn’t a bad person. Besides, Mira had saved her mom’s life. If she hadn’t taken the drink instead of her mom then her mom would have been in this condition.

One thing was for sure, who ever that did this was going to pay dearly.

Ezekiel was about to console Anna when the doctor called out to him

“Mr Lockhart” the doctor called her.

“How is she doc?” Ezekiel asked and everyone listened keenly to what he had to say.

” Well, she has been poison. And we will have to carry out an operation to drain the poison from her system before it’s too late” the doctor informed.

” Do what ever you have to do doctor. But please, make sure she’s okay” Ezekiel said and the doctor nodded. And left. Soon, Mira was brought out from the emergency room on a stretcher and carried to the operation room.
“Who poison the drink?” Ezekiel demanded. He stared at the faces of every maid in here. All the maid had been assembled on his orders before he got home.

It was very obvious that it was someone among the servants that did this. Afterall, they were the ones that had access to the food.

“Who?” His voice bellowed so sharply that some shook. All heads were looking to the ground. No one dared to look up not even Sophie or Mariam. They cared too much for their lives to do so.

“Sir” Lucas called out gently. Although he had a serious look on his face.

“What is it?” He asked angrily.

“The DNA is out. And we have a match” Lucas informed.

‘DNA’ Mariam thought. When did they have a DNA test done and why?’ Mariam asked herself before she recall what happened this morning.

She had been passing with a tray of foodstuffs to prepare for the evening dinner, two guards had called her saying they had a message. But when she came closer to answer them, they just told her that it was a mistake. While she shouting at them for disrupting her work, she felt a little pain on her back lower neck.

Mariam unconsciously touched her back neck.
They must have cut her hair during that time.

“Give it to me” … Ezekiel said and the paper was handed to him.

Going through the paper, the veins in his head became more visible.

He turned his eyes to the line of maids. And walked slowly and slowly till she got to his target.

Mariam closed her eyes and prayed that she wasn’t the one. She wasn’t even done with her prayer when she felt someone dragged her hair.

She yelled in pain and before she knew what was happening, she was thrown on the floor.

“Huh?” She seems surprised.

“Leave” he commanded all others maid and guards and every one scrambled away.

Now it was only his parents and his sister, Lucas and Thomas and Mabel.

“What has my mother done to you that you so wish to kill her?” Ezekiel demanded as he sat down and crossed his legs. Mariam was shaking on the floor. Unable to answer.

Ezekiel parents too sat down.

The maids were unable to see what was going on because guards guarded the door to prevent anyone from seeing what was going on.

“First, you planned the fall that night. And now you poisoned her drinks. Why? ” He asked calmly this time. But you can’t mistake his calmness for kindness. Cause under that calm demeanor was a raging Spirit. Mariam had gone to far.

“Have I ever maltreated you Mariam?” Mrs Lockhart asked. Her eyes were filled with tears. She had always shown kindness to alll, servant or not.

“No….. I…” Mariam wanted to deny what they accused her of..

” No what? “… Ezekiel asked angrily. He was running out of patience.

” I did not want to harm you Mrs Lockhart” mariam said with tears choking her voice.

” Then who did you…? ”

” Mira” Mariam yelled. “Everything was meant for Mira. The fall, the drink. Everything. But yet she was lucky. Every single time” she yelled and laughed hysterically. She crawled to Ezekiel and held his legs.

“I’ve loved for as long as I can remember. I’ve been in this mansion for close to three years but no one ever saw me as important. But she, she has only been here for close to 3 month and suddenly becomes everyone favorite”

” But now” she laughed hysterically. “she won’t be lucky. She will die”.

That’s it. Ezekiel lost it and Before she knew what was happening, he held her neck .

Mariam was choking. Aeh was suffocating fastly but Ezekiel didn’t care.

“Let go of her Kiel” Anna yelled and pulled tried pulling Mariam from his grip. Even Lucas and Thomas. Mabel and mra Lockhart joined in begging him but he didn’t even shake. His eyes were red. Mariam eyes w¡dened as if they were about to pop out from her eyes till….

“Release her Ezekiel. The police are here” Mr Lockhart said and under his command, mariam was released. She was coughing profusely and didn’t notice when a handcuff were set on her hand.

“Your under arrest” the police said and Mariam looked at them. Eyes red and still coughing.

” You can’t *coughs* do this to me. I will still come back to you…*coughs* nothing will separate me from you Ezekiel……” She was finally carried away.

” Maniac” Ezekiel muttered under his breath and left…….


“She’s out of danger Mr Lockhart” the doctor announced and everyone released the breath they didn’t know they were holding. Mira was fine.

“Can we see her?” Ezekiel asked and the doctor nodded..

Slowly he walked to her room And sat beside her bed. He gently placed his hand on her forehead and her eyes opened.

“Sir” she called out weakly. Her eyelids felt heavy.

“Am here. You are fine now Mira” Ezekiel said with a smile

Ezekiel nurtured Mira back to health and everything went smoothly from then on. Anna asked Mira for forgiveness for everything she had done to her and Mira happily accepted her apologize and soon they became close. Closer….she Kira and anna became the three musketeers. They did everything together. They were now bestfriends.

Everyone loved Mira now, and showered her with love and care during her recovery stage. Mira didn’t feel sad that her mother wasn’t there because she had Mrs Lockhart and plus, she had her own baby… Isabella… everything seemed perfect in her life now.

“What’s the update?”

“Seems now that Mira is the apple of everyone eyes. She back to her normal health” Sophie said over the phone.

” How’s her relationsh¡p with the Ezekiel?”

” I believe he has fallen for her. She’s….HIS MAGNIFICENT”


…………..PART 2……………
🌸 CHAPTER 51🌬️

*****Mira Pov*****
Finally, am home. I took a deep breath inhaling the fresh smell of the air. Home sweet home as always. It’s good to be back.
AMERICA, I’ve missed you.

Well I wouldn’t say I missed it though. I miss the people here. A smile flashed across my l-ips as I remembered everything.

“Where are they?” I asked my self looking around the airport. They supposed to have landed by now afterall, their flight was earlier than mine.

My babies, I missed them. I haven’t seen them in 5 months. We all hærd to work h-rder to get our degrees. Although we aren’t done but at least we have achieved some things.

“Mira” someone shouted my name and I turned. Although I already recognize the voice vividly.

I saw her and Kira standing a couple of distance away from me . Finally I found them. I dragged my travelling bag and walked towards their direction. I hadn’t even gotten close to them when Anna jumped on me.

“I missed you baby girl” she hugged me tight and said .

Awwwn… I missed her too though.

“Me too” I said as my eyes became teary a bit. I can’t believe how much has changed since I came to the Lockhart family. Anna and I started as enemies and now , she’s my best friend.

Kira smiled at us . Kira was the crazy type amongst us but Anna is more crazier. Who knew!!!

“Momma” I said to the statue who stood staring at us hugging. I pulled her into the hug. The three of us hugged each other.

“God, what took you so long?” Anna asked as we walked to the parking lot ready to leave.

” My flight was delayed. ” I simply answered. Once we got to the car, the driver helped us to load our bags into the booth.

Anna and I kept on chattering about the last five months. It was pretty amazing and stressful. We were all trying to succeed in our various courses.

Anna studied creative arts and design but she wanted to work as a model. I wonder how that’s gonna be possible. And Kira studied law. Although she still had a long way to go before coming a full ledge lawyer and me, well I studied business management. You may wonder why? But remembering what happened years ago to the Lockharts company it is good to say that they have poor management there. It was also discovered that it was the company manager that caused the problems in the company.

They needed someone good and competent. Am not saying am competent enough but at least, am worth the position. That’s something am sure of .

“Kira, what’s wrong?” Kira hasn’t said anything since we came from the airport. Soon, she’ll be dropping at her parents house. And she has still refused to say anything.

“It’s nothing” she replied back and turned her gazed to the window.

Okay, it’s definitely something. I just hoped that Kira would open up eventually. Kira wasn’t like this five months ago. In fact, knowing that we won’t see each other for the next five months, she had suggested we get drunk and lose ourselves that night.

Remembering that night puts a smile on my face. That’s because I didn’t sleep at Kira’s house even though that’s where we got drunk. Neither did Anna. Someone had come and took both I and Anna home. The next morning, Linda had told me that it was Ezekiel who brought me back and up to my room.

Remembering those times, I couldn’t help but blush. Am not talking about that now.

Ezekiel Lockhart…. Truth be told, he’s the one I missed the most.
And his the only one I wish to see now. Maybe we can hang out and catch up on the last five months I was away.

Can’t wait….

After dropping Kira at her home, the driver took both her and Anna to the mansion.

As soon as they drove in, Mira and Anna got down. Mira and Anna walked into the house.

She was playing with her dolls and laughing when she saw her.

“Mommy” Isabella shouted and ran to hug Mira . Ezekiel who was in the sitting room waiting for their return looked at the entrance. Anna went ahead to hug her brother while Isabella hugged Mira.

Mira squatted to her height and car–sed her hair.

“Mommy I missed you” Isabella said and giggled.

“I missed you more baby” Isabella hugged Mira again. Mira could feel tears filling her eyes.

Isabella has been calling her mommy ever since she clocked 1 . No one knows who taught her the word but Mira was glad that Isabella had taken her to be her biological mother even though Isabella didn’t know she wasn’t.

“You kept your promise mommy” Isabella voice sounded teary. Isabella was four and would be clocking five soon. Her birthday was going to be a month from now. Mira promised Isabella that she would be back before then. And she did. Isabella cried joyfully. Her mommy kept her promise.

“Huh? Why are you crying baby?” Mira pulled away from the hug and cleaned Isabella tears.

Isabella shook her head and also wiped Mira tears.. ” daddy and I have been waiting for you” Isabella said and pointed to where Ezekiel stood with Anna talking and smiling.

“Hey,won’t you come and greet your aunt or you only care about your mommy?” Anna teased and pouted.

” Aunty Anna” Isabella shouted joyfully and ran to hug her. Anna carried her

“That’s my angel. Come on , I got sweet and chocolate. You want?” Anna asked and Isabella nodded vigorously.

” Let’s go huni…and leave your dad and ….” Anna looks at Mira and winks ” mom to have a little bit of privacy, shall we?”

“Yes aunt. Bye mommy…bye daddy” Isabella waved happily as Anna carried her away with a maid carrying her luggage and Mira’s own.

Mira waved back slowly and walked slowly till she stood fully in front of Ezekiel.

Both were speechless. Mira couldn’t continue with the stare and look down. Her hair in front came lose . she was about to tuck in when Ezekiel did it instead . Mira was surprised. Ezekiel took his time in placing the hair behind her ear.

Mira looked at him…”sir…..”

“Ezekiel” he corrected. Oh…she forgot, he had told her to stop referring him as a sir and rather call him by his name.

Mira smiled. “Ezekiel..” she called out his name softly and Ezekiel chuckled. Hos fingertip traced from her ear to her neck.

‘we are in the sitting room for crying out loud’ Mira cried in her heart. She knew the maid were probably watching her.

” Am glad your back Mira” she heard his coarse voice say.

Mr and Mrs lockhart were happy to have their two daughters home. Yep,they have taken Mira to be their daughter. Although she won’t bear their name.

After dinner,Mira went to the pool side and as always, she found Ezekiel there.

“Seems like here has become your favorite s₱0t in the mansion” he said and took a sip from his wine.

” Likewise you” Mira said and Ezekiel smiled.

Silence reigned between them. Both in their different thoughts.

” Mira” Ezekiel finally broke the silence.


“You will be starting work tomorrow”