His magnificent episode 78 – 79


……. PART 2……
Chapter 78&79🎯💎

“Thank ….” She couldn’t complete it with a ‘you’ because Damien fainted on her.

She froze for a minute. He collapsed on her so it took her efforts to get him off her.

“Sir” Mira called out and got no response. The rain was pouring hærd on them and it was night already.

She shook him a little but he still didn’t respond. She didn’t know he had fainted on her yet.

She gasped the moment she saw his face.

“Damien” she called out his name unconsciously. She noticed his l-ips were turning bluish and Goosebumps filled his smooth soft skin.

Fear gripped when she saw the l-ips. It was visible blue. “Sir wake up” she said shaking him again. Suddenly his breathing became heavy and he was shaking as though he was convulsing.

“Oh my God. What should I do?” She s₱0tted the shelter not too far with lights on in,side. The shelter that Damien wanted to run to and with all her strength, she managed to get up and placed Damien hand around her neck and holding his waist. Taking one move, her ankle made her lose balance and she fell but she made sure to use her body as a landing cushion for Damien.

The rain wasn’t helping matters for her. It made her work more difficult.

“Hang in there sir” she muttered to him as he could feel his faint breathing on her neck.

With much pain in her ankle and with the weight of Damien on her shoulders, she struggled to get to the shelter.

“Hello, is anyone home?” She knocked with pleading in her voice. Soon someone opened the door and she was met by a man probably in his late forties.

“Please help. My boss…. He’s… Something is wrong with him. Help me sir” she pleaded. She could even feel tears rolling down her wet face.

The man looked at her and Damien skeptical before the look was replaced with pity and he opened the door widely and helped Mira bring Damien in properly.

They got to his small sitting room .

“Lie him down there” the man instructed and went in,side to do only God knows what And Mira did what he said and lay Damien on the long couch.

” Damien, please be okay” Mira pleaded looking at his face.

She pushed away his hair that was blocking his face before proceeding to unbuttoned his shirt and helped him take it off. Her gaze landed on his tummy where the scar was. She used her hand to trace it lightly and Damien shifted a bit. Mira immediately withdrew her hand.

“What Happened to him?” The man asked as he dropped a bowl of hot water with a towel in it near Mira . Mira picked it up and started dapping his head with it

“I don’t know. He just collapse on me and his l-ips turned blue” she said and sniffed before continuing wiping his body with the towel.

” Hmmm, I’ll examine him. Am a doctor. We’ll have to know what’s wrong? And why he collapsed? ” The man said and went to a wardrobe at the corner and brought out a stethoscope to examine him.

Mira gave him space to do his work. He checked his heart beat, his eyes and his l-ips and after he was done . He sighed.

“I believe he’s suffering from pneumonia” the man said and Mira gasped covering her mouth. ” And you know breathing in of cold air affects their respiratory system because of the sickness so I believe that’s what caused his fainting” the man added and Mira just stared at damien in pity.

“What can we do to help him?” Mira asked not taking her eyes off Damien.

“Well, I would have suggested a warm bath but that would be difficult now so just continue cleaning him with the warm water. I’ll have tea made which you will give him” the man instructed and Mira nodded. He went off to the kitchen to have the tea made while Mira continued cleaning him.

“Here, wear him this” he gave her long trousers and a shirt.

With another round of struggle,Mira managed to take off the trousers and wear him a new one along with the shirt then the man brought the tea.

She had to force his mouth opened to give him and soon she was done. The man showed her a room to lie him down. Then she took her bath and treated her ankle,wore the clothes offered to her and slept beside Damien.

Damien got up from sleep with a splitting headache. He stirred restlessly on the bed before jerking up. In the process, pushing away the arms that were wrapped around him.

He looked around him but couldn’t recognize where he was. Turning to his side,he found Mira soundly asleep. Memories of last night flooded into his head up until the part where he fainted.

“Can’t believe I passed out” he muttered to himself running his fingers through his hair. His surely going to meet his doctor for a check up before the sickness worsens.

“Oh…I see you are awake” a man walked in holding a mug and Damien looked at him confused.

“The young lady beside you brought you here yesterday when you passed out during the rain cause of your condition” the man quickly explained.

” Who are you?? And how do you know about my condition?” Damien asked suspicious already.

” Am a doctor and I examined you last night when she brought you in. My name is not necessary to know as am just a commoner” the man said and Damien nodded waving away his suspicion.

“Do you have a phone or telephone here? I need to dial someone” Damien asked and he nodded and showed him where the phone was.

Damien took the telephone and dialed his guards number while staring at Mira on the bed.

“Hello. Come pick me up now. Am in a shelter near the mansion” he said and made sure he gave correct directions before hanging up.

Then he leaned on the wall looking at Mira sleeping. His eyes scanned her body and soon got to her legs where he saw a slight wound on her leg. Probably because of yesterday when her leg was stuck in a ditch.

“Here are your clothes. I’ve washed them and dried them” the man came back and handed him a nylon bag with their clothes in it.

” Thank you so much. I’ll have this returned to you soon” Damien said and the man nodded leaving the room once more.

In less than 15 minutes ,his guards arrived and he carried Mira in his arms bridal style to the car. He paid off the man for his help before they drove off.

Not less than 5 minutes they left, 3men came out of the shadows and knocked on the door of the man house. The man seeing who they were immediately let them in.

“Mission successful boss” the man told smoke and he smiled.

“It seems he has a sickness boss. He has pneumonia. That can be used against him” the man added and smoke nodded.

” You have done a great work Doc and for that, sazuki will surely reward you handsomely” smoke Said with a smile.

” I want fifty thousand dollars”the man bargained before yet another man walked in. It was the man who hosted the party last night and who had invited Damien over

“I’ve done as you please. Can I have my daughter back?” He pleased with tears.

” Sure” smoke Said and patted his back . ” Your daughter will be home before you do” smoke said and he smiled .

” Thank you boss” he hurried home.

“But smoke,why didn’t you just have Damien and the girl killed here. Why let them leave alive?” The doctor asked.

” This was sazuki order”
Damien arrived at the hotel in no time with Mira in his arms.

” No body should tell EZEKIEL what happened. Is that understood?” He asked and the guards nodded and he continued his journey to his room.

He dropped Mira on the bed before entering the shower to freshen up. In a few minutes he was done and he wore his clothes before looking at the girl on the bed

“She saved my life ” he muttered to himself as he stared at Mira who was soundly asleep.

“Maybe she ain’t as bad as I thought” he added before tucking her properly in the duvet and left.

***2hours later****

Mira gradually opened her eyes. Although it took a while for her to adjust to where she was . She was relieved to find herself in their hotel room.

She searched around but Damien was nowhere to be found. ” Where could he be?” She asked herself but then she shrugged.

She checked her phone for Any calls or messages but sadly, there were none and so she got up, stripped and entered the shower.

She was rubbing soap on her hair when her phone ranged. Her phone was placed on the sink close to the door. She opened her eyes alittle to avoid soap from entering her eyes. She saw Ezekiel’s name in the caller ID. Somehow,it felt like she was expecting his call. She turned off the shower forgetting that her hair was soapy and was walking to where her phone was when soap entered her eyes.

She couldn’t see again and out of panic she s¢ræmed.

Damien who just entered the room heard her s¢ræm and immediately went to the door. By this time, her phone had stopped ringing.

“Mira what’s going on?” He asked from the door.

“I…I can’t see ” she said recognizing his voice.

“You can’t see?? What do you mean? Did you go blind?” He asked.

” Ugh…I mean soap. Soap got into my eyes” she yelled .

” Okay. Wait am coming in” Damien said attempting to open the door but the door was closed back with force making it hit his nose.

“What the heck?” He yelled as he touched his nose and looked at his hand seeing blood.

“Am sorry. But am …am.. naked” she stuttered and Damien gr-0aned.

” And I don’t know where the towel is” she added and he gr-0aned again. Still holding his nose, he went to the drawer and got a bath robe. He went to the bathroom door.

“Here. Take it and try and wear it” he said and mira allowed the door to be opened slightly and immediately located his hand before grabbing the robe.

“It’s on” she announced and back away from the door still holding the walk to avoid falling. Damien entered and held her hand. He led her to WC after dropping the seat down and made her sit down.

He got water in a bowl from the sink and began pouring it on her face gently rinsing her eyes along. Mira brought out her tongue and was trying to lick the water and Damien chuckled.

“What are you doing?” He asked amused.

“Stop….I can’t breathe. ” He immediately stopped and got the towel that she was supposed to use to dab her eyes.

He squatted to her level while doing so and as soon as he stopped, Mira tried opening her eyes. She opened it slowly while she waited for her eyes to adjust to light properly before staring at the pair of hazel brown eyes in front of her.

She bit her l-ips.

“Thank you” the both said at the Same time.

” Why are you thanking me?” They nothe said in unison again.

” You first” damien immediately said before Mira.

” Thanks for helping wash the soap from my eyes. ” She said shyly before damijsn nodded.

” Thanks for last night. ” He said and Mira looked at him and blinked twice.

” Oh…that ..it was nothing. But your gonna have to repay me” she said before adding her cute puppy eyes which Damien found himself loving how she looked at him .

“Argg. ..what do you want?” He asked finally.

“I want a tour around the hotel or probably here or better still take me to the park. I feel like going out” she said and Damien sighed.

” Deal” Damien said and mira giggled cutely .

” Wash your hair and get dressed. I’ll be waiting for you in the lobby” he said and Mira nodded before he left.

Mira immediately washed her hair carefully to avoid another soap catastrophe from happening.

Once she was done, she immediately got dressed into jeans and sleeveless top before leaving to meet Damien forgetting her phone and the fact that Ezekiel once called

They spent the entire day exploring the city going to parks,cinema and many other places. It was really a fun day for both of them.

They were walking back to the hot since they didn’t take car and passed a club.

“I have one place I’ll like to visit” Mira said and Damien raised an eyebrow. They had been walking around all day all in the name of repaying her for saving him.

“Where again?” He asked obviously tired . He began to wonder whether at all her wounded leg was hurting at all

“There” she said and pointed across the road to a club. A night club.

“A club?” He asked surprised.

“Yes. Been long since I visited one” she said .

” Are you sure about this?” Damien asked skeptical and Mira nodded.

” Come on. ” She said and pulled his arm. ” Money is on you though” she added.

“I have a bad feeling about this” he muttered to himself.

They both entered the club which was already active even though it was just evening. Strippers on the stage entering people who were more than ready to spray money on them.

They went to bartender and ordered for beer. Damien ordered for vodka while Mira was still contemplating on which choice of drink to choose from.

“I want that one” Mira said childishly pointing at a bottle.

” This?” The bartender asked touching the one he thought he pointed at.

“Yes” she confirmed and he shook his head.

“Am sorry but this alcohol is too strong for a young lady like you to handle” he told them and Mira glared at him.

” Hey.. what do you mean? I can tolerate it . So just gimme. ” She said but the bartender still refused her request.

“Sir,tell him to give me that one. At least just a glass only” she pleaded adding those irresistible eyes on Damien.

“Which one is she asking for?” Damien asked taking a sip from his vodka

“Brewmeister armageddon sir. She won’t be able to handle it” the bartender explained and Damien just nodded.

“Give her just a glass” he said and Mira smiled before sticking out her tongue at him.

She was happy when handed her the cup.
…..2 hours later…….

That one cup of brewmeister Armageddon was enough to make Mira drunk but she stubbornly refused to admit it so she was given more.

Now, she had lost her sense. She was completely wasted saying all sort of words that didn’t have meaning.

“I want to dance” she shouted at Damien so that he would hear above the blaring music.

Damien watched as she went to the dance floor where others were. He started laughing seeing her poor attempt to twerk the others .

Now she was the only one entertaining him. Mira jumped on the stage where the strippers were and grabbed the strippers pole… doing only God knows what.

Now that was quite amusing but then Mira had stolen the light as many men eyes were on her making him uncomfortable. He immediately got up and brought her down and took her out.
“Let me go” Mira shouted for the fifth time as she was thrown on Damien shoulder
Before he knew it, Mira had sunked her teeth in his shoulders.

“Arggggg….your so going to regret this..I told you not to drink more than a cup. You don’t ever listen” he yelled and Mira stayed still.

He thought she was was asleep until she started with her tantrums again.

“Lemme go” she yelled even louder as they entered the hotel.

Her s¢ræms brought attention to himself and her as he wanted to the receptionist and demanded for key.

He took her to the room and dropped her on the bed.

“Now, you need to rest” he told her sternly and Mira pouted staying still but feeling dizzy.

“Damien, why are there three of you?” She asked. Damien ignored her and turned to the wardrobe. While Mira stood on the bed.

“phew, here is so hot. Why is here so hot??” She complained but he ignored her again. Grabbing her clothes, he turned around as his eyes w¡dened.

“What are you doing?” He asked Mira who was taking off her shirt.

“I feel so hot” she said and used her hand as a fan. Damien gulped seeing her only in her bra.

“Mira wear your clothes back” he commanded but she laughed and attempted taking off her jeans when he immediately stopped her.

“But am hot….here is stuffy” she whined like a child. But Damien held her firmly.

” Don’t” he warned.

Mira rested her hand on his shoulder since she was a bit taller than him while standing on the bed.

She gave a sed-ctive wink before unbuttoning the first button of his shirt.

“Stop it” Damien hissed and her gaze went to his l-ips.

“Your l-ips are so cute” she said tracing her fingers on it.

“So soft” she whispered.

“k-iss me dami….” she immediately demanded and Damien eyes w¡dened….

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