His magnificent episode 92


…………. PART 2………
CHAPTER 92.. 💜

“what… What are you saying? Why are you cancelling the engagement?” She asked with a cracked voice.

But he didn’t answer her yet. He took her hand again and attempted to remove the ring but again she withdrew her hand again.

“Is this about Damien?” She suddenly asked and he looked at her.

” You know about it?” He asked surprised and she nodded.

” Why do you want to cancel it?” She asked.

” It doesn’t matter why I want to cancel it. Just respect my decision please. ” He said with pleading eyes.

” Why would you then want me to do? Stand and watch you do this.what about Isabella? She was happy I was going to be her mom. What will you tell her?” Mira asked a tear escaping her eyes.

” Isabella won’t he needed you anymore. She’ll get over you and so will you. So Isabella isn’t an excuse for us to be married. Just let me take off the ring the way I put it on?” These words pierced Mira’s heart deeply.

She took it off and throw it at him.

“To hell with you and your ring” she yelled before running away in tears.

Ezekiel said at her silhouette till she was gone at last before a tear escaped his eyes.
Mira ran home with leg and the moment she got in, she ran to her room. Her mom was the only one around so she rushed after her seeing the way she ran.

“Mira” she called out to her softly. Mira looked at her with teary eyes unable to move or say anything. Her mom walked closer to her and hugged her . Mira tighten the hug.

“Don’t worry baby. Everything will be fine” Mira’s mom said assuringly stroking her hair.

” Mom….why am I so unlucky with Love? First it was Jayden and now, it’s Ezekiel..why mom ? Why??” She cried even hærder.

” Shhh… don’t say that. Your not unlucky with Love. Those guys are just senseless to leave you” she whispered still stroking her hair.

Her own life was like this and now same thing was happening to her daughter why??

“Mom..am tired of this. Heart broken twice.. I hate this world.” She cried hærder while her mom kept quiet allowing her to cry her heart out


Mira finally applied the last touch of makeup and glanced at herself in the mirror. She was heading to the Lockharts Mansion. Not to see Ezekiel or Damien but to see Isabella. She was missing her badly already. No matter what Ezekiel says, she will continue to be her daughter.

She bade her mom goodbye and left immediately. Kira was staying with Dylan already and Anna was out to only God knows where so it was only her and her mom at home.

She came out from the elevator and walked out to find a car parked outside. The car wasn’t Kira’s or Anna’s or and certainly not hers. She didn’t have a car yet.

She walked car and a person got down.

The least person she wanted to see in her life right now. She glared at him and walked away.

“Mira wait” he rushed after her and finally got to her. He held her hand stopping her from moving .

” What do you want?”

“Am sorry. Really? Am sorry for everything I did.” He apologized immediately.

She scoffed

” Is sorry going to make me feel better or make me forget everything that has happened? ” She asked him .

” No but… I was crazy . I didn’t know what I was doing. Am finally able to face you ever since. Please just forgive me and give me another chance” Damien pleaded while she stared at him without saying anything.

” Please” he added and she finally nodded.

“Thank you” he said with a wide smile and Mira returned it.

“Your heading to the mansion. Hope in lemme drop you” he told her. Mira wanted to decline but he pleaded so she finally agreed
They arrived at the mansion and the moment Mira walked in, she found Isabella playing with her toys.

“Izzy” Mira called out to her and Isabella looked up. She gasped and ran to Mira with full speed.

“Mommy” she yelled as she ran . The maid watching over her smiled and so did Damien as they watched the heart warming scene.

“I miss you mommy. Where have you been?” Isabella asked hugged her neck.

” I miss you too baby. Am sorry for not coming frequently as I promised” she apologized immediately looking at Isabella.

Damien smiled and left them alone.

Not too long later, Ezekiel came .

“Hey Daddy. Mommy is back” Isabella said with smiles buy Ezekiel only nodded looking at Mira who was also looking at him.

“How about this Izzy? Head up to your room and I’ll meet you there in a few minutes okay” Mira said and she nodded.
Before leaving with the maid.

” Ezekiel… I…. ”

“What are you doing here?” He interrupted her immediately.
Mira bit her l¡ps. She was expecting him to compliment her or at least look happy to see her but he wasn’t.

“I came to see Isabella” Mira whispered to his hearing.

“I’ve told you already. Isabella needs to forget you. Don’t make this hærder for her. Stop seeing her” he said coldly and Walked away. Mira wiped her tears that she had been holding back before leaving to Isabella’s room.

After what seemed like forever, Isabella finally felled asleep. She fell asleep while playing Monopoly Game with Mira. She has been playing game with Mira since she got here.

Mira smiled gazing at her sleepy face.

” Am afraid this will be the last time I’ll be seeing you. I’ll miss you Izzy” Mira said tearfully and kissed her forehead.

She sighed and left sadly.

She was walking down the hallway when she heard sounds coming from a Ezekiel study room

She opened the door slightly to hear clearly.

“…. Very soon.. sazuki will be finished. I assure you that” she heard someone say and she became curious.

She opened the door widely attracting their attention.

“Whose sazuki?”