King Damien episode 13 – 14

(melting his stone heart)

Written by Sunshine R

CHAPTER 13 & 14


Anna waited patiently till Rachel was a step away from her.

Tanya who was coming from the other side sighted them and walk towards them.

” I see you can now roam around” Rachel said sarcastically.

” Yes I’ve recovered fully,and am going to have my revenge on you” Anna replied smiling sweetly.

Anna signals Tanya to look for a wh¡p, Tanya begin looking around and found one on the floor she smiled and picked it up, Rachel didn’t notice what was happening as she kept removing a small knife from her pocket.

She (Rachel) brought out a knife and rushed to Anna trying to stab her stomach,but Tanya beat her to it as she landed a heavy wh¡p on her back, Rachel s¢ræms and turned around letting go of the knife she was holding, Anna smiled and pick the knife.

” Tie up her mouth” Tanya said and Anna brought out her handkerchief.

” You will be punished for doing this” Rachel moves back fearfully,she wanted to s¢ræm but Anna quickly tie her mouth with the handkerchief.

Rachel stumbled back and fell down.

Tanya and Anna dragged her to the most quiet place,where no one will see them.

” Let the game begin” Anna collects the wh¡p from Tanya and hit Rachel’s body.

” Just because you are a princess (wh¡p) you think you can do anything right” Anna lash her mercilessly.

Rachel couldn’t cry as her mouth is currently tied,small muffles escape her l-ips as tears stream down her face.

Anna pass the wh¡p into Tanya who also collected it and hit Rachel aggressively.

They dealt with her till she became weak.

” Now will take you back to the palace,if you dare tell anyone about this,you will die because I will personally murder you” Anna threatens her.

” If anyone asked you how this happened tell them, you went for a walk outside the palace in disguise and some arm robbers attacked you on the way” Tanya added.

Rachel nodded weakly and close her eyes.

Anna and Tanya laugh and stuck their hands together.

They pick Rachel from the ground hanging her hands around their shoulders after destroying the wh¡p.

They handled her roughly and she kept m–ning in pains.

They got to the middle of the palace and everyone started staring at them as if they were aliens.

” Help the princess was beating badly by some arm robbers” Anna fake tears.

” What!”
” God bless those arm robbers”
” She looks pitiful”

The people pass different comments.

Tanya chuckled inwardly,then an ambulance got to them and took Rachel to the hospital.

Anna and Tanya shake their heads in a pitiful way, faking a sad expression.

” The King wants to see you now” Bill said startling the both of them.

Anna and Tanya exchange glances before following him to the king’s chamber.

” Your highness” Tanya bowed, Anna didn’t bow due to injury on her back.

” Where did you find Rachel?” He asked as he did some paper work.

” Behind the palace” Anna lied.

Damein close the file he was working on and gaze at her trying to figure out the truth.

Anna avoided his eyes and looked away.

” How did you know it was arm robbers doings?” Damein raised his brows.

” She told us” Tanya lied.

” Alright you can go” he said icily.

They smiled and trun to leave.

” Anna” he called.

Anna stop on her track and turn back.

” Stay back” he ordered.

Tanya went out and exhale loudly before walking away.

“Are you sure what you guys are saying is the truth?” He asked smirking.

Anna broke into cold sweat and shivered a little.

” Did he see us?” She thought.

” No he didn’t” she shook her head.

” No yes,w……hat we said was the truth” she stammered.

” Are you now a stammerer?” Damein asked.

Anna shook her head negatively.

He stood and walk towards her, Anna moves back as he came closer,he smirked and moved forward till Anna’s back hit the wall,he use his hands and cage her to the wall.

” What do you want?” Anna questions him trying to act tough.

” I want you” he replied naughtily and bit his l-ips.

Anna’s gave away when she saw that s-ductive smile, Damein held her for support and took her to the bedroom.

” Let me go please” she begged in a low tone when he dropped her on the bed and came on top of her.

It was like all her energy was drained by him,she became weak and tender under him.

” Should I tell everyone that you and your best friend beat up a princess mercilessly ” he smirked.

Anna’s heart skip beats her eyes shone with fear.

Damein enjoyed the expression on her face,he used that opportunity and seize her l-ips.

Anna came back to her senses and push him off before giving him a slap across his face.

Damein couldn’t believe she just did that,he look at her with anger visibly written on his face.

” What do take me for? Do you think am some sort of slut,I hate you” she yelled while crying.

” Get out” Damein shouted and she ran out of the chamber.

He sat on the bed and pull his hair angirly.

” F*ck” he cursed and shut his eyes.

” I shouldn’t have done that” he lay on the bed.


Anna went into the quarters and shut the door crying.

” All men are the same” she wipe her tears and left the palace to her apartment.


She entered the house and saw Tanya eating food.

” Hey what happened why are your eyes puffy?” Tanya asked worriedly.

” He tried taking advantage of me” Anna broke down.

Tanya gasped and hug her.

” Sorry dear”



The doctors came out and everyone rushed to them.

” Calm down he is stable for now but his condition keeps getting worst,his heart is too fragile,make sure he does get shocked or heartbreak” the doctor cautioned and walk away.

They ran into the ward and met him staring blankly at the ceiling.

” Hey dude” Zander smiled widely.

” You scared us” Nina held his hand.

Roland glared at him and hissed.

“Roland” Rex called weakly.

” Just because a girl turned you down you went unconscious” Roland playfully punch him.

Nina already knew who the girl Roland was talking about,she immediately stood up and dash out of the ward.

” F*ck you shouldn’t have said that,she is going to hurt Carla” Rex stood up from the bed.

Carlee immediately followed her.

Roland and Zander scoffed.

Nina saw Carla and Nisha leaving the hospital she followed them and pounce on Carla beating her blue and black.

Carlee dragged Nina away from Carla.

” Stop it are you out of your mind?” Carlee shouted.

” Yes I’m out of my mind,you and your sister are always badluck” Nina replied.

” I love Roland but all he sees is you,my brother loves your sister but she hates him,I am tired of being your friend” Nina shouted the more attracting students attention to them.

Carlee stood speechless staring at Nina tears pouring down her face.

Rex, Roland and Zander rushed to the scene immediately.

“Nina what did you do?” Rex asked angirly.

” I did what was right,I am tired of this twins” she replied.

Carlee silently walked to Carla and helped her up with the help of Nisha.

Carla winced a little as a result of the several bruises on her face.

Rex furiously raised his hand to slap Nina but Zander held it.

He threw Zander’s hand away and went to take Carla from Carlee,he carried Carla in a bridal style and took her for treatment.

Carlee wipe her tears and followed him behind.

Roland held Carlee’s hand but she pushed him away and walk faster.

Nina stayed behind glaring at them with so much hatred.

” Why did I become her friend in the first place” she hissed and walk away.


Rachel woke up few minutes ago she kept gr–ning in pains.

” I will kill them”

She called one of the guards and whispered something into his ear,the went out and later came back with her phone.

She collected and open the message section, reading the details of Anna and Tanya.

” So is even an orphan” she smirked and wrote a message before sending it.

” Today I will make you suffer” she dropped her phone back and close her eyes.

” Nobody came to visit me except for queen Clara hmmm”


“I want every detail concerning Anna and her friend” Damein ordered Bill.

” Yes your highness” Bill went out.


” Your highness, her full name is Annabel Hazel Kelvin,she lost her parents some years back,and she was a victim of rape” Bill reports to him.

” What?” Damein’s eyes went wide.

” She was once raped?” He thought and sighed.

” Then we have Tanya Felix,she also an orphan who has an elder brother whose name is David,he ran away from home 2 years ago” Bill finished and Damein ordered him to go out.

” She was raped” he still couldn’t believe it.


Albert just woke after going for several rounds of threesome with two hot bitches.

He looked around the room for Gavrill but he couldn’t find him.

He sighed and close his eyes,the bitch who was laying down on him moved a little and that when he knew his d*ck is still buried in,side her hole.

” Hey bitch” he spank her ass.

The second bitch beside him woke up and left quietly.

While the one on top of him didn’t bulge.

He pushed her away and that woke her up.

” What’s your problem dude” she yelled.

He glared at her and got dressed before leaving the penthouse.

On his way to the palace one of his trusted guards called him informing him about Rachel.

He drove straight to the hospital.


Rachel kept turning on the bed feeling lonely.

” I’m freaking bored” she pout her l-ips.

Albert open the door and came in, before walking to her.

Rachel’s mood lightened up,she struggled and sat down.

” Where have you been?” She pout staring at his pants.

” I went sightseeing” he lied and sat beside her.

” Who did this to you?” He asked .

” Forget about it” she drag his collar and smash her l-ips on his.

Albert smiled and laid her down gently on the bed.

” I will be gentle today” he whispered and got rid of her top.

There were red marks on her chest due to the beating she received earlier.

” Sorry for this” he said referring to the marks.

” I want you now” Rachel gr–n.

He took her n!pple in his mouth hungrily,while his hands drag her pants down, Rachel’s hands found it’s way to his pants she loosened his belt and dip her hand,she grab hold of his er×¢ted d*ck,she moves her hand up and down softly earning a gr–n from him.

He shifts her panties and sunk his fingers into her hole.

” Ahhhhh” she cried into the k-s.

He removed his fingers and place it in her mouth, Rachel s–ked on his fingers,he position his d*ck in her hole before pushing his whole length into her.

” Oh my goodness”
” Yessss”
” Ughhhh…..arghhhh” she m–n in both pains and ecstasy.

Suddenly the door to the ward opened.


At night

Queen Clara was worried after she saw what happened to Carla,she stayed beside her till she slept off.

” Mother go and have some rest I’ll take it from here you too elder brother” Carlee said.

Damein nodded and left the room with silver and Clara.

Carlee sat on the couch watching over Carla.

Carla open her eyes and glared at her.

” Get out of my room” she said.

” But you are….” Carla stood up and went to Carlee landing a heavy slap on her face.

” Carla?” Carlee gasped letting her tears to fall.

” You are the cause of everything that happened today, I love Roland but you evilly charmed him,I rejected Rex today and he went unconscious,I got threatened by Roland and that stupid Nina hit me,I hate you and everyone in the palace,get out of my room now” she pushed Carlee out of the room and lock the door.

Carlee cried and left for her room.


Anna and Tanya were sleeping peacefully on the mattress when the some guys came in and block their noses with a handkerchief.

The guys went out and set the house on fire before leaving.


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