King Damien episode 29 – 30


(melting his stone heart)

Written by Sunshine R

Chapter 29 & 30


The whole town mourned over the Queen’s death, everyone attended the burial saying good things about her.

The most affected people are Damein and Carlee,Carlee hasn’t step out of her room since the day her mother passed away.

And Damein became extraordinarily cold to everyone,he easily gets angry,but sulks when he is alone in his chamber.

He refused to talk to anyone including Anna,he pushes her away whenever she tries getting close to him.

As for Elder Quan he used that opportunity to steal the more.


She sat on her bed sobbed,her eyes are red and puffy,she cries herself to sleep,she is now thin and looks unkept.

Dora, Shine and Roland comes to her door everyday begging her to open it but she ignored them,she feels like dieing,she is deeply hurt and affected.

” I miss my mother” she mumbled as tears stream down her beautiful face.

She fell on the bed starting another round of tears.


Damein just came out of the bathroom,he dressed up and sat down on the bed,he sighed and gaze at his mother’s picture, memories came rushing,the sweet moments they spent together,a lone tear dropped down his face but he was quick to wipe it.

Anna walks into the room and stood aside watching him.

” What do you want?” He asked in a cold tone.

” At least go talk to Carlee since you won’t talk to anyone,she needs you,she is still young, it might affect her mental health” Anna said and went out.

She entered her room and begin crying,she is only acting strong in front of him but she is also affected, everytime she sees him that way it breaks her heart.

And the worst thing is that he keeps pushing her away.

Damein stood up and walk out of his chamber,the guards bow and follow him behind.

He went straight to Carlee’s room and knock on the door.

” Carlee open the door” he said.


Carlee reluctantly stood up from her bed and open the door.

The moment she saw him,it became worst as she sobbed loudly,she ran into his arms and hugging him ” Brother”.

He signals the guards to leave and they did.

He hugs her back and close the door,he feels her pain, it’s not easy to lose a mother,he just trying to be strong but he is also broken.

” Carlee stop, everything will be fine okay,I promise to care of you just like mother did” he assured her.

” I miss her” Carlee sniffs.

” I miss her too,mother won’t be happy watching you crying,she wants you to move on with life and make her proud,father is also watching us so stop crying and be a strong woman okay” he comforts her.

Carlee nodded and wipe her tears.

” Now promise me you’ll move on and make them proud”

” I promise” she replied.

” Go take a bath and get changed we are going somewhere” he k-iss her forehead and went out.

” Mother and Father I promise to make you proud” she smiled lightly and went into the bathroom.


” I feel sad whenever I remember the queen is no more” Rita said.

” She was the best,a motherly figure that’s so hærd to find” another maid said.

” I wonder how Carlee is,she refused to open her door” lady Evelyn sighed.

Anna kept washing the dishes not participating in their conversation.

Rita notice that and nudge lady Evelyn pointing at Anna.

” Anna”

” Anna” lady Evelyn taps her.

Anna flinched and let go of the plate she was washing,it broke and scattered on the floor.

” I will clean that up” she bend down picking up the broken pieces.

Rachel suddenly walks into the kitchen with a disgusting expression on her face.

” How dare you break a plate,do you know it’s price,it worth more than your worthless life” Rachel yelled at her.

” I’m sorry my princess” Anna bowed,she wasn’t in the mood for trouble.

Rachel smirked and slapped her across the face,she got injured on her finger because of that as the broken piece cut her index finger.

” Ahhhhh” She gr-0aned and held her finger.

Rachel hissed and walked away.

“Go and rest” lady Evelyn said to Anna.

” Anna let me help,go and get your wound treated” Rita said and Anna went out.

” Princess Rachel is a witch” the other maid said.

” Let her hear you saying that” lady Evelyn warned.

Anna went to Tanya’s room and but Tanya wasn’t in the room,she walks out and bumped into Jasper.

” Anna oh my God you are hurt” he held her hand and took her back to Tanya’s room.

He washed the wound and bandage the finger.

” Have some rest I’ll be back to check up on you later” he pecks her forehead and went out.

Anna sighed and laid on Tanya’s bed,she has been thinking too much lately.

She sighed and turned restlessly on the bed before dozing off.


Damien and Carlee sat beside each other watching the kids playing around, Damein bought her an ice cream,she smiled when she saw a kids acting funny.

They wore face mask to disguise themselves,they sat quietly trying to free their minds.

” I wonder how Carla is doing” Carlee exhale.

“She choose to live her life that way, don’t worry about her” Damein replied.

” What if she comes home?”

” I will never accept her back” Damein said and Carlee nodded.



Tanya cleaned up the living room and match to the bedroom, she entered and cleaned up everywhere,just when she was about leaving Albert came in.

” Your highness” she bowed.

” What’s your name?” Albert asked licking his l-ips while checking her out.

Tanya saw this and shifted uncomfortably.

“I’m Tanya your highness”

” You’re really beautiful” he steps closer to her.

Tanya ignored him and made to leave.

” Not so fast Tanya” he blocked her way .

” What do you want your highness” Tanya asked feeling scared.

” How about a quickie?”


Tanya has been ignoring him since the day he told her about Jane,she doesn’t talk to him anymore,he tried talking to her but she ran away.

He sighed and stood up determined to talk things out with her.

He went to her room and met Anna sleeping,he turned and went to the kitchen.

” Where is Tanya?” He asked one of maids.

” She went to clean Prince Albert’s chamber” the maid replied.

He immediately turned back heading to Albert’s chamber.


Albert overpowered Tanya,he forcefully took her to the bed and pin her hands over her head,he tore her shirt like a raging lion and smiled when her perfect b**bs came into view.

” I love what I see” he smirked and took her n!pple in his mouth s-cking on it sweetly, Tanya’s tears slide down the side of her face,he is more stronger than her there is nothing she could do,she release a painful gr-0an when he bit her n!pple.

He release her n!pple and pull up her skirt he shifts her panties and sank his fingers into her core.

” Please don’t”
” No please” Tanya cried.

He shut her up with a hærd k-iss,but she bit his l-ips,he got angry and hit her face.he quickly unbuckle his belt and begin teasing her with his prick.

Just when he was about sliding in,the door broke open revealing and angry Lionel.

Lionel saw Albert trying to take advantage of his woman, and that was enough to trigger his anger.

He rushed to Albert and release a thunderous punch on his face, Albert gr-0aned and fell on the floor.

Tanya covered herself with the duvet on the bed crying bitterly.

” How dare you (punch) touch my heartbeat (punch)” by now Albert’s face has been disfigured, covered in blood, Lionel kick his forbidden area and he passed out.

Tanya never saw this side of Lionel,she was happy that he came at the right time and guilty for ignoring him for a long time.

Lionel walked to her and picked her up,he took her straight to his room.

Tanya rushed to the bathroom to scrub off Albert’s scent and touches.

She out of the bathroom,clad in a towel.

Lionel who sat on the bed couldn’t close his mouth,he gulped heavily lust and desire flashed through his eyes.

When they locked gaze with each other,he quickly averted his gaze elsewhere.

He stood up and gave her one of his hoodie to wear.

Tanya collected it and changed into it,she wanted to speak but she couldn’t find her voice.

Lionel who is sitting on the bed patted a space for her to sit and she did.

” Thank you for saving” she said lowly.

Lionel nodded his head and took his attention back to the phone.

She bite her lower lip nervously.

Lionel’s phone suddenly rings displaying Jane’s name.

Tanya saw it and quickly looked away.

” Seems like you need some privacy,I will leave now thanks once again” She stood up but he caught her wrist and pushed her on the bed.

” Where do you think you are going?” He asked coming on top of her.

” Your girlfriend’s calling” Tanya reminded him.

” I don’t have a girlfriend” he stare into her eyes.

” I broke up with her last week” He added bringing his face closer to her.

She nodded and look away,this man will surely be the end of her someday.

” Are you satisfied now” he place a light k-iss on her neck sending shivers to her bone, she bit her l-ips to prevent herself from m-0aning.

He went for her neck again, s-cking on a particular s₱0t, Tanya couldn’t help but to m-0an.

He smiled when he saw an hickey and stopped.

” I might loose control of we continue” He laid beside her cuddling each other.


Lisa went out leaving Carla and Alfred alone.

Alfred sat beside Carla,who was busy with her phone.

He sneaked his hands caressing her thighs, Carla glance at him coldly and looked away.

” s-xy” he said in a sed-ctive way.

” Stop that Alfred, you are Lisa’s boyfriend” Carla said.

” Who cares about her,I love you more” he said.

He lean forward capturing her l-ips in a k-iss, Carla kept her phone aside and k-isses him back,his hand slid into her shirt massaging her b**bs, Carla m-0aned in his mouth and hungrily went for his c*ck.

They had a rough s*x throughout out the day,till Lisa came back.

“I’m back” Lisa threw herself lazily on the couch.

” How was your day?” Carla asked.

” It was great,where is my baby”

” In his room” Carla scoffed.

” You don’t seem to like him” Lisa eyes her.

” I hate him” Carla said earning a glare from Lisa.

” My baby is lovable” she pouted and went to Alfred’s room,she met him busy with his phone.

” Baby” she pouted and sat on his thigh.

” I missed you” he bury his face in between her b**bs.

” I’m tired I need rest” Lisa pushed him away.

She had a hot make out session with Gavrill and she is freaking sore down there.

” Fine get some rest” with that he went out.

She close her eyes and fell asleep.

Alfred went out and entered Carla’s room.

” She’s asleep” he said and pull her waist.

” How about we watch something interesting” he said and went out to get his laptop,he came back and played a p*rn video.

” Gosh I love you so much” Carla sat on his thigh watching the p*rn with so much concentration.

His fingers crept into her hole, seeing how wet she is,he zip down his pants while Carla stood up a little.

” Sit” he said and she slowly sat on his er×¢ted d*ck it penetrate into her asshole,and she begin bouncing on his thigh.

At night
Rachel’s room

Albert walks into Rachel’s room with his face full of brusies.

Rachel nearly laughed but knowing the kind of person he is, she stared at him coldly.

” Add this to his drink, and leave the rest of the job to me” he gave her a small bottle.

” What is in,side the bottle?” Rachel asked.

” Non of your business,just do as I say” he growled and Rachel nodded.

” Leave the room immediately after that I love you wifey” he press a hærd k-iss on her l-ips and went out.

Rachel exhale and went to Damein’s chamber.


Damein’s dinner has been served by Anna,she went out to go and check up on Tanya.

Rachel walks into the room and met it empty,she emptied the whole bottle content into his drink and went out when she heard his footsteps.

Damein settled down and begin having his dinner,he barely ate three spoons,he grab the wine and gulp everything down.

He suddenly feels hot,his d*ck became er×¢ted,he wondered who did it.

Rachel being curious about what will happen to him,she came back to the room and met him getting rid of his shirt.

She realized the drug was an aphrodisiac drug.

She ran to him crashing her l-ips on his.

He felt a little better k-issing her,he knew she wasn’t Anna but he needed someone to satisfy him.

He later pushed her away.

” GET OUT NOW” He shouted, Rachel came to him again touching his manhood,he threw her out of the room.

Lisa who disguised as a maid came into his chamber and bit her l-ips when she saw how s-xy he was.

She confidently walk to him and k-iss his l-ips, and injected another dosage of the drug into his body.

Damein’s urge for s*x increased he tore her shirt away and grab her small b**bs.

Lisa knelt in front of him and unzio his zipper,she took his d*ck in her mouth giving him a BJ, Damein gr-0aned and kept thrusting into her mouth.She secretly place a bug on the couch,but when Damein threw her shirt and threw it across the room it landed on the bug blocking it’s view.

Anna who left Tanya’s room,open the door carefully when she heard m-0ans,she opened the door and met the shock of her life.

Damein raised his head and look at her standing by the door, Lisa ignored her presence and continued her work.

Damein pushed Lisa away and walk to Anna,his body was on fire,he is sweating profusely his eyes were begging her to come to his aid.

Anna understood the helpless look in his eyes and glared at Lisa she threw Lisa out and close the door.

” What was that for Damein?” She yelled.

He kept quiet and grab her k-issing her hungrily,he picks her up and match to his bedroom.

” Anna please I beg allow to this” he pleaded with her.

Anna nodded and pull him closer and with that they went for several rounds without stopping.


Gavrill angrily smashed the computer screen when Lisa’s shirt landed on the secret camera, blocking the real view.

” I hate you Damein,I will ruin you” he clinch his fist.

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