King Damien episode 3 – 4

(melting his stone heart)

Written by Sunshine R

(Steamy night)

Chapter 3 & 4


Damien woke up in the middle of the night sweating profusely and breathing hærd.

He had a nightmare.

” When will all these nightmares stop?” He dip his fingers in his hair and sighed softly.

He stood up and walked out of the room.

” Your highness” the guards standing by his door wanted to follow him but he stopped them.

He walked to the garden and sat down clad in a short.

He sat on bench and exhale,the moon shun brightly on him, k-sing his six packs and biceps,he close his eyes and lean back on the bench enjoying the moment.


Rachel laid on her bed wearing a s–xy transparent nighty showing every part of her body, and she only wore a panties in.

She couldn’t sleep so she decided to go and stand by the window, since there are no maids to deal with.

She gaze out of the window and her eyes landed on Damien looking so ravishing under the moonlight,she bite her l-ips and lick it, getting w-t down there,she touch her panties and realize she is as w-t as f*ck,she smiled and walked out of her room to the garden.


Rachel smiled and moved closer to Damien talking slow steps.

Damien sensed a presence in the garden but he pretended to be asleep.

As Rachel got closer the smell of her cologne hit Damien’s nose and he instantly knew who it was.

Rachel smiled and bend a little to touch his face but Damien holds her hand.

She gasped shockingly.

” What do you think you are about to do” he asked coldly.

” I……I wanted… wake you up” she shutters as his cold eyes gaze at her.

“Why are you here in the first place?” He asked with a frown.

Rachel gulped hærd before replying.
” I thought you wanted some company”

” Follow me” he stood and headed to the his chamber while Rachel smiles happily and followed him behind.

They got to his room and locked the door behind them.

” Get on the bed” he ordered and she gladly obeyed.

He claimed on the bed and laid behind her without doing anything to her.

Rachel felt disappointed that he isn’t touching her but at the same time happy that she is beside him.

” Who took your vaginity?” He asked all of a suddenly.

” You did” she replied.

” When?” He smirked.

” When I was 20″

” It’s an offence when a princess gets married and she isn’t a v×rgiπ” he said.

” I know, you will marry right, since you took it” she smiles.

” Do you think I will marry you?”

” Of course” she replied.

” Don’t be so sure now sleep” he ordered and Rachel obeyed.

After few minutes, Rachel fell asleep in his arms.

Damien stare at her face and smiled.

Damien loved Rachel when they were still children,he confessed to her but she turned him down due to her arrogance,he chased after her for some years but later found out she has a boyfriend,he was heartbroken then.

On her twentieth birthday her so called boyfriend breaks her heart by cheating on her with a maid,she got drunk and ended up s-ducing Damien,they had s–x that night, Damien thought he still loves her but after that night he felt nothing for her,it was like the love he had for her magically disappeared.

When his father died and he got crowned as the King, Rachel came running to him,confessing her love,but it was too late as he vowed never to fall in love.

Damien raised her face with his finger and k-s her l-ips.

Rachel m–n in her sleep and pout.

Damien chuckled and k-s her again,this time she lick her l-ips.

He holds her w–st and pull her on top of him, Rachel opens her sleepy eyes and smile.

” Do you need anything?” She asked.

” Go back to sleep” he said coldly and she close her eyes.

He smirked and use his other hand to zip down her zipper,cold wind hit Rachel’s bare back and she shivered a little thou not waking up.

” Such a deep sleeper” Damien thought and car–s her back with his fingers.

He roll her over and he came on top of her Rachel open her eyes and smile brightly.

” Let’s make love your highness” she became fully awake and trace his abs with her fingers.

Damien tore her nightie and grab her b**bs squeezing them wildly,while pressing his awaken monster on her hole.

” Oh ah ahhh” Rachel holds the bedsheet.

He release it and went for her panties,he tore it without a second thought and threw it across the room.

“s–k my p*ssy my love it’s been long” she m–ned as he car–s her swollen cl*t.

” It’s too filthy for me to use my tongue on it” he scoffed.

Rachel felt hurt by his words,but covered it up with a smile.

He plung his d*ck deep into her hole without warning.

Rachel s¢ræmed and wrap her legs around him.

He bend over to her neck k-sing and s–king on it leaving hickeys.

” Oh yesssss”
” hærd……er”
” Ahhhhh…..oh…” Rachel cries.

Damien kept going deeper without stopping,he went for her l-ips and shut her up with a k-s.

He pulled out and start to spank her ass.

” On four” he commands and Rachel went on four.

He smirked and went into her asshole, he held her dangling b**bs, placing light k-ses on her back.

” My lovvvvvve”
” Oh yesss ahh” she kept m–ning.

Some minutes later.

” Oh my goodness”
” I’m…cummming” Rachel s¢ræms as she rides him.

Damien roll them over and he came on top of her,she kept milking him while m–ning,he increase his pace going deeper, Rachel later got tired and tried pushing him away but he wouldn’t bulge.

” Please stop am tired” she begged almost in tears.

Damien ignored her,he brought out his d*ck from her hole and shove it in her mouth.

Rachel tried to adjust to his size but couldn’t,he was choking her,but he doesn’t care,he grab her hair and move his d*ck fu*king her mouth faster.

Rachel tears begin to pour out of her eyes.

He removed his d*ck and shove it back into her hole he kept f*cking her till she passed out,he later brought it out of her and pour his seeds on her chest before going into the bathroom.


Rachel woke up and found herself alone on the bed,she saw Damien already dressed standing in front of the mirror.

She smiled when she remembered last night.

” Good morning my love” she greets.

” Leave my room” he gave her a cold expression.

He threw one of his tee shirt on the bed.

” Wear that and leave” he turned and went into the bathroom.

Rachel sighed and felt like crying,she stood up and wore the shirt.

Damien came back and met her standing.

” I said you should leave” he half-yelled, Rachel flinched and walked out of the room.

The moment Rachel got to living room of the king’s chamber she saw Silver sitting on the couch.

” Hey Silver” she smirks.

” Why are you coming out of the king’s bedroom?” Silver asked, hoping it’s not what she is thinking.

” Isn’t it obvious,I had a steamy night with the King last night, trust me it was the best” Rachel smiles widely trying to make Silver jealous.

” He tore my nightie in the process and gave me his shirt this morning,I feel honoured” she blushed.

Silver folds her fist tightly trying to control her anger.

Damien came out of the bedroom and stopped when he saw the two ladies in his living room.

” Rachel I thought we were done” he frown.

” Yes my love I was about leaving” Rachel walks to him and peck his l-ips before walking out not after winking at Silver.

Silver felt hurt by that action,but she masked it up with a smile.

Damien shakes his head as he watched Rachel walking away.

” Good morning your highness” Silver bowed.

” Morning, Silver we are friends stop the formalities just call me by my name” he winked at her and she blushed.

” Ok Damien” she replied.

” That’s more like it” he held her hand and pull her out of his chamber.

He maintain the cold expression and kept walking.

Silver felt honoured walking with the King hand in hand.

” So Rachel was in your room last night?” Silver asked.

” Yes” Damien gave her a short reply.

She immediately took her hand out of his grip.
Damien turn to her and gave her a confused look.

” Uhmm I don’t want anybody to misunderstand the relationsh¡p between us,they might think I am your lover” she faked a small smile.

Damien nodded and walk ahead of her,she sighed and followed him.

They got to the dining table and settled down.

Rachel gave Damien a sweet smile which he didn’t return as he averted his gaze to his food.

” Good morning your highness” everyone greeted him except for Albert and his mother Queen Susan.

Damien replied with a nod.

” Why are you wearing his highness shirt” Carla asked Rachel arrogantly.

” Isn’t it obvious we were together last night” Rachel replied sweetly.

Queen Clara shot a glare at Damien and he avoids her gaze looking elsewhere.

” You don’t have to say such things in public Rachel” Silver said feeling jealous.

” Are you jealous that you never got the chance to spend a night with my love” Rachel mocked.

” Enough, please concentrate on your food” Queen Clara snapped and everywhere went silent.

Albert stood up and left the dining followed by his mum,he ran to his room and begin to scatter everything.

” Albert”

” Albert”

” Stop you are hurting yourself” Queen Susan held him.

” Mum can’t you see what is happening,he always gets all the good things in life,he got the throne,the most beautiful princess in the country and everyone loves him,I also want that mum” he yelled.

” You are far better than him son, you will surely get those things soon” Queen Susan calmed him down.

” WHEN?’ He shouted.

” Soon” Queen Susan replied softly with an evil idea in her head.


Carla and Carlee got up and left for school.

” See me in my chamber when you are done” Queen Clara said to Damien.

” Yes mother” he replied.

Silver kept glaring at Rachel who wouldn’t stop smiling.

” I will be in my room” Silver got up and left.

” Thanks for last night my love” Rachel said sweetly.

Damien ignored her and left the dining to his mother’s chamber.

Rachel frown and left the table.


” Mother you called for me” Damien sat opposite his mother.

” Why did you do that?” Clara asked angrily.

“Do what mother?” He asked.

” Why did you sleep with Rachel,after knowing that anyone who disvargin a princess shall marry her” Clara replied.

” She gave herself willingly to me, this is not the first time this is happening after all” he defended himself.

” I don’t want you to regret your actions later” Clara exhales.

” Stop getting worked up over petty things mother,go and rest I have something’s to do” he hug her before going out.


” Finally we got a job” Anna lazily falls on the bed.

” Lady Evelyn is really kind” Tanya fell beside her.

” I hope I won’t deal with any spoilt princess or prince” Anna said.

” Don’t you dare touch a royalty” Tanya warned.

” If they don’t look for trouble, trouble wouldn’t look for them” Anna replied.

” Whatever” Tanya roll her eyes.

” Can’t wait to start working there,I kinda like Prince Albert” Anna said.

” Crazy” Tanya chuckled.

” That’s my first name” Anna said and they giggle.


Love you