King Damien episode 31 – 32


(melting his stone heart)

Written by Sunshine R

Chapter 31 & 32



Damein open his eyes and came face to face with sleeping Anna,he smiled lightly after remembering what they did last night.

He stroke her hair feeling guilty for snubbing her,he k-iss her forehead and got out of bed.

He went into the bathroom and stood under the shower.

” First it was Anna’s house on fire,then an attempt to murder Tanya, mother’s death and Elder Quan’s problem,gosh” he sighed closing his eyes.

Anna slowly open her eyes,she searched for Damein but couldn’t find him,she heard the sound of running water in the bathroom and concluded that he was taking a bath,she got out of the room and went to her room.


Albert went to penthouse early in morning to hear some good news but there wasn’t any good news.

” How could that bitch be so careless to place the cam bug in an open place” Albert roared.

Gavrill took his phone and called Lisa,he ordered her to come to the penthouse immediately.

Some minutes later Lisa arrived and met the two men glaring at her dangerously.

Albert stood up and gave her a resounding slap,she gasped and held her cheek.

” Why did you foolishly place the camera in the wrong place” Gavrill growled.

” I’m sorry master” Lisa apologize.

” Get on your knees” she obliged.

Gavrill freed his d*ck and thrust it into her mouth, Lisa chocked and tried moving away,but Gavrill grip her hair hærder making it impossible to move her head.

Albert smirked and tore her skirt he spank her @ss making sure it turned red,he brought out his d*ck and swam into her asshole, thrusting roughly.

Lisa gr-0aned painfully as tears roll down her face,she chocked on Gavrill’s d*ck but he cared less.

Her hatred towards Carla increased,it was all because of Damein that she had to go through this punishment.

She vow to destroy Carla the more.


Carlee got dressed for school and picked her bag she ate her breakfast and said goodbye to her brother before leaving the palace.

Anna serves Damein his breakfast since he won’t be going downstairs.

She didn’t say a word to him since she woke up,she finished and turned to leave but he held her hand.

” Anna” he called softly.

” Your highness” she bowed and push his hand away.

” I’m sorry” he stood up standing abre-st and staring at her face.

” Please forgive me,I was just so broken and devastated,all I needed was to spend some time alone and sort myself out” he explained.

” Then you should have told me you needed some time alone instead of pushing me away” Anna snapped.

“I’m sorry please,I missed you” he hugs her.

She hug him back stroking his hair,she understands how it feels to loose both parents it wasn’t easy when she lost hers in the most cruel way ever.

” Enough of the hug, let’s go and have some food” she pull him towards the table.

” I don’t want this kind of food” Damein pouted.

” What type of food do you want then?” She told her arms under her b**bs.

” I want you” he held her waist.

” Last night was amazing, I could vividly remember you m-0aning my name” he teased her.

Anna blushed and looked away, feeling shy,she was so scared last night but she had to help him.

” Let’s do a quickie” he whispered into her ears.

” No” Anna shook her head and ran out of the room, Damein laughed at her and settle for his breakfast.


” We’re rich” Susan said counting the money that is scattered around the bed.

” Of course we are,the next step now is to take that bastard down and make our son the King” he pull her to lay on top of him.

” Hmmm I love that, you are the best” she k-iss his l-ips.

” I know right” he gently for rid of her top.


Since Lisa left the house early in morning, Carla and Alfred f*cked madly,they just finished having another session in the bathroom, Carla came out and dried her body with a towel she wore her disguise mask and applied a lot of make up.

She wore a blue crop top of a mini skirt stopping mid thighs with no panties on,she wore heels and carried her bag.

” You look hot mind going for another round?” Alfred lick his l-ips eye rapping her.

” I’m late for school” she smirked.

Alfred walked to her and bend in front of her he raise her leg and putting it on his shoulder,he push his tongue on her c!it, Carla m-0aned and sat on the table beside her.

” Ohhh my ohhh”
” Fredieee yesssssss”

They suddenly heard the doorbell, Alfred released her and went to get the door, while Carla adjusted her skirt.

Alfred opened the door and met Lisa looking upset.

” Hey babe” he k-iss her l-ips.

Lisa shoved him aside and went to her room banging the door hærd not after glaring at Carla.

Carla shrugged and walk to Alfred he pull her for a deep k-iss before letting her go.

” I’m wet baby” she said huskily.

” We can’t do it when Lisa is around” he spank her @ss and went to Lisa’s room.

Carla hissed jealousy and went to school.


s-xy (Carla) walks into school earning lustful stares from the guys and some lesbians,she sighted Roland going to the library alone,she smiled and went after him.

Roland entered the library searching for a particular book,he found the book and turned to go but he saw s-xy standing behind him.

He ignores her and tried walking away but she held him back.

” I like you” s-xy said shamelessly.

Roland pushed her back and went out.

s-xy storm out of the library in anger,she bumped into Zander who was passing.

” Hey s-xy” he lick his l-ips.

” Oh hi Zander” she smiled back.

” Mind going for a round?” He trace his fingers on her bare shoulder.

” I wouldn’t mind” she winked and they went to a room special prepared for Zander and his friends.

Roland sat beside Carlee whose attention is completely on the novel she’s reading.

He snatched the novel from her and she turn to him pouting her l-ips.

” I also need your attention” he said and close the novel keeping it aside.

” What do you want this time ” she asked.

” Can we be friends” he asked earning a laughter from her.

” Were we enemies before?”

” Is that a yes” he asked to be sure.

Carlee nodded smiling, Roland almost drooled seeing her beautiful smile.

” How is my brother in law?” He asked.

” Who is your brother in law?”

” Your brother the King of Crest Town” he replied.

” Seriously, don’t tell me you have found Carla and you guys are getting married soon” she giggled.

” Am getting married to you not Carla” he said.

” You’re insane” she laughed.

” Whatever” they brust into laughter.

Shine and Rex came into the class also laughing they saw Carlee and ran to meet her.

” Carlee love” Shine hugs Carlee.

” Stop addressing her as your love” Roland scoffed.

” Why?” Shine narrowed her eyes.

” Because she is my wife to be right baby?” He turn to Carlee.

” Rex are you sure Roland is not into drugs” Carlee faced Rex.

” He has recently started taking drugs,he was even dancing to the sound of a car yesterday” Rex replied and sighed dramatically.

They all brust into laughter.

Nisha watched them from afar wishing she could also be friends with them.

Dora ran into class and hug Carlee tightly.

” Girlfriend I have a lot of gist for you” Dora said.

” The way you girls are calling my wife pet names is scary” Roland said.

” Your wife?” Dora asked confused.

” The drug addict here is calling me his wife” Carlee rolled her eyes.

” Drug what” Dora asked.

” I’m not a drug addict” Roland pouted his l-ips.

” Where Zender by the way?” Dora asked looking around.

” Probably f*cking a bitch” Rex replied.

” That coward” Dora sighed.

Nina entered the class the same time with Lisa,they stare at each other before going to their seats.


Tanya and the rest of the maids were busy in the kitchen when Lionel came in all of a sudden.

” Can I borrow her?” He points at Tanya.

” Of course” lady Evelyn winked at Tanya.

Lionel grab her hand and led her out of the kitchen.

” I missed you” they sat under a tree.

” You’re something else” Tanya rolled her eyes.

” How about a date tonight?” He bite his l-ips.

” I’m not going anywhere” Tanya scoffed.

” You have no choice” Lionel capture her l-ips in a passionate k-iss.

Tanya felt her heart beating loudly,she close her eyes k-issing him back.

Rachel who was passing by saw them k-issing and glared at them before walking away.

” Bunch of gold diggers” she scoffed and went to her room.


Rachel entered her room and met Albert laying peacefully on her bed.

She shifted back in fear staring at him.

” Welcome back my princess” Albert smirked and got up.

” Don’t you think it’s high time you talk to your father about our marriage” he raised his brows.

Rachel gulped and stepped back,she will be doomed if the s*x video goes viral.

” I love you that’s why I want to marry you” he caress her face softly.

” Go home and talk to your father about us” he peck the side of her l-ips slowly wrapping his fingers around her neck.

” So beautiful” he mumbled and press his fingers on her neck causing her to gasp for breath.

” I’m freaking obsessed with you” he added more pressure to her neck,he release her and she fell on the floor.

” I’m sorry my love I didn’t mean to hurt you” he helped her up and pin her to the wall.

” Tell me you love me” he sank his teeth on her neck bitting her softly.

Tears slipped down Rachel’s face and she sobbed lightly.

” Say it,tell me you love me” he repeats and pull down her shirt.

” I love you” Rachel muttered.

” I can’t hear you” he got rid of her bra and pinch her n!pples hærd.

” I love you” she sobbed.

” Again” he took her n!pple in his mouth and bite it with his sharp teeth.

” I love you ahhhhh” she gr-0aned painfully.

Albert smiled proudly and rise up his head he wipe her tears and k-iss her l-ips.

Rachel felt disgusted by his touch,she felt like killing him at the moment.


She sat on her chair plotting on how to kill Quan.

” I can’t possibly share all this money with anyone not even my son talkless of Quan” she thought and lit up a cigar.

She puffed a thick smoke and smiled.

” I killed the King so I can also kill Quan ” she mumbled and laughed dangerously.


Damein,John and Bill are in a meeting discussing on how to take care of Quan.

” He is not alone” Bill said.

” He has a partner and it seems to be a woman” John said.

” How did you know?” Damein asked in his usual cold voice.

” I overheard him talking to her on the phone” John replied.

” Bill excuse us” Damein said and Bill went out.

” Why did my late father choose him as his right hand man?” Damein asked.

” Quan dashed into the palace on a fateful day and claimed to be a begger,his late highness being a man of kindness took him in a provided him shelter and everything,he was the one who adviced your father to marry Susan,when your mother couldn’t give birth again after you were born” John sighed.

” Your father has always dreamt of having many children,so he marry Susan and gave birth to Albert when you were seven, but surprisingly your mother later got pregnant with twins after so many years” John narrated everything.

Damein nodded and dismissed John.

” Hmmm, I love the way the game is moving,it means Susan was Quan’s girlfriend,Susan is also partnering with Quan to steal the money” Damein finally understood everything.

He smirked and continued his work.

Anna and Jasper could be seen walking around the palace and chatting,Jasper saw Rita passing,he starts staring at her till she was out of his sight.

” I can smell love in the air” Anna teases him.

” Your nose isn’t functioning properly,who smells love for heaven’s sake” he rolled his eyes.

” Is that an insult?” Anna glared at him.

” I will never insult you big sis” Jasper pouted.

” You always look like a baboon when you pout your l-ips” Anna scoffed.

” Whatever,I know I’m more handsome than your boyfriend” he hissed.

” If only you know who my boyfriend is” she chuckled.


Carlee,Dora,Shine, and the guys sat in the class while other went out since it was break time.

” I’m starving” Dora yawned lazily.

” I wonder where all the food you eat use to go,you are not getting fat nor tall” Zander scoffed.

They rest laugh at her,she walks to him and knock his head.

” I’m better than those bitches you f*ck” Dora said.

” Look who is talking, your@ss is flat and so is your b**bs, you’re not even close to beautiful” Zander smirked.

” That was harsh” Rex punch his stomach.

” Dora love,I love you the way you are, you are one thousand times better than those bitches” Carlee said and blew Dora k-isses.

” I know right” she peck Carlee’s cheek before pecking Shines cheek.

” Can you girls please stop pecking each other it’s creeping me out” Roland gr-0aned.

” Whatever” Dora walked out of the class.

She bumped into Nina who glared at her hatefully before walking away.

Nisha walks into the class and stop in front of Carlee.

” Guys can we be friends” she asked nervously.

” Why do you want to be our friend?” Shine asked rudely.

” I don’t have friends, Carla left me all alone” Nisha sniffs.

” Welcome to the team” Carlee said and hug Nisha.

” Enough of the hugging stuff” Roland took Carlee’s hands and they left the class.

“Jealous freak” Rex chuckled.

” Roland really likes Carlee” Nisha said and they nodded.

Dora came into the class singing loudly,she stopped at the front twerking her @ss dangerously,she twisted her waist and continued singing.

They all covered their ears as her voice is terrible.

” What the hell was that” Zander asked after she finished singing.

” A goat can sing better than you” Zander said and Dora hissed before sitting down.

” What is she doing here?” She points at Nisha.

” A new friend” shine replied.

” Oh welcome to the team” Dora said and open a pack of biscuits throwing three into her mouth,she open the milkshake and gulp almost half of it.

” What type of a girl are you?” Zander fired.

” Zender leave me alone” she shouted.

” It’s Zander not Zender” Zander corrects her.

Dora stood up and smile sweetly at him,she picked the milkshake and went to him.

Zander cringed seeing her smiling sweetly.

” What are you up to?” He asked.

Dora emptied the whole milkshake on his hair.

” WTF!!” he exclaimed and got up.

” You look like a milk tree” Dora laughed holding her stomach.

They rest joined her.

” What the hell is milk tree?” Rex asked.

” A tree that produces milk” Dora replied.

Zander angirly stormed out of the class.

At night

Lionel took Tanya on a date,they looked so beautiful together.

” I got the most beautiful woman on earth” Lionel said and Tanya blushed.

“Stop teasing me” she said.

” I’m being serious right now,can I say something” he asked.

” Yeah sure”

” Tanya I love you please be my girlfriend” he said hopefully looking into her eyes.

Tanya bites her inner cheek to prevent herself from blushing.

” Say something please” he said getting nervous.

” I’ve been waiting for you to say this” Tanya replied.

” Is that a yes?” He asked and she nodded.

He stood up and carry her up before twirling her around.

” Thank you so much beautiful,I promise to be the best boyfriend” he k-iss her l-ips.

The spend some time before going out.

Unknown to someone has been watching them from afar,he smirked as he watched them driving off.

” She has grown up” he thought and went out.


Do the needful.