King Damien episode 51 – 52


(melting his stone heart)

Written by Sunshine R

Chapter 51 & 52


That same night


The hall was beautifully decorated with red and white balloons,disco ball rolling around giving it the party vibes,a piano was kept in the middle of the hall,and plenty gifts were seen.

Carlee,Lionel,Tanya and Jasper sat down waiting for the arrival of the celebrant and her fiancee.


Damein who was waiting for Anna in the living room is slowly getting impatient.


The make-up artist did her job and Anna was looking breathtaking in her gown.

She is wearing a red and white ball gown,with a crown placed on her head,her engagement ring shines brightly,she wore a red high and her makeup was perfectly done.

The gown fell freely on the floor,her long black hair shines as it went down almost reaching her waist,she took her purse and walked out majestically.

Damein heard some footsteps and no one needs to tell him it’s his Hazel.

Anna catwalks into the living with a smile playing on her l¡ps, Damein’s breath nearly seized,his imagination went wild,he feels like ripping off the dress from her body.

” Babe”

” Babe”

” Babe” Damein finally snapped out of his naughty thoughts.

” How do I look” she twirled around.

” Ravishing, gorgeous and beautiful” he bit his l¡ps and winked at her.

Anna also scanned his body,he was wearing a red suit,his black hair matching hers,his wrist watch carefully placed on his wrist, and a long earring was placed on his left ear.

He was looking dangerously handsome.

” Let’s go my queen” he delicately held her hand and they left through the back door.

They got into the and the driver began driving.

” Where are we going to?” Anna asked.

” It’s a surprise” Damein winked at her.

“Tell me please” she pouted and he nearly told her seeing how beautiful she looks.

” Please handsome” she held his collar and drag him closer to her.

” Babe” she brushes her l¡ps on his his.

Damein was almost giving in,he opened his mouth to talk but nothing came out.

” Control yourself” he closed his eyes and gulped nervously.

Anna smiled seeing he was at the point of telling her.

” We’re here your highness” the driver said and Anna rolled her eyes before releasing him.

Damein sighed in relief and got down.

Be went to the other side and open the door for her.

She gracefully came down and they went into the hall holding hands.

Everywhere was black.

” Why is the place dark?” Anna asked and tightened her grip on his hand.

” Don’t be scared” they went deeper into hall.

” Happy birthday Anna” Lionel and the rest shouted.

” Ahhhhh” she flinched and hugged Damein.

” OMG IT’S MY BIRTHDAY” She shouted dramatically causing them to laugh.

She turned to look for Damein but he wasn’t beside her anymore.

Then she heard a soft piano tuner playing.

And she saw Damein sitting in front of the piano playing the happy birthday tune for her.

She smiled and moved forward maintaining an affectionate eye contact.

To them,only the two of them exists in the world.

He finished playing the piano and stood up,he majestically walks towards her.

Anna was already at the point of tears.

He stopped in front of her still maintaining the eye contact.

” Happy birthday my love,I wish you all the goodies in life, I love you Hazel, and I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with you,you showed me the true meaning of love, and comforted when I needed it the most, happy birthday to the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met” he said, Anna was already in tears by the time he finished.

” I love you too” she broke into tears, Damein held her waist, k×ssing her affectionately and passionately.

The rest clapped thunderously, Damein finally broke the k×ss and wipe her tears.

A big cake was then pushed into the hall, Happy birthday Hazel was boldly written on it, Anna blew the candles, and cut the cake with the help of Damein.

A soft music starting playing.

Damein and Anna went to the dance floor and danced to their satisfaction.

They all presented their gift to her.

” Happy birthday baby” Tanya hugs her.

” Now I know why you guys have been acting weird since morning” Anna chuckles.

” Happy birthday sister in-law” Carlee smile widely.

” Awwwwwwn thanks baby” Anna hugs her.

” My brother is really lucky” Carlee said causing Anna to blush.

” Happy birthday big sis” Jasper hugs Anna.

” Thanks baby bro” Anna ruffles his hair.

Damein scoffed jealously watching them.

“Girls why don’t we spend the weekend spoiling ourselves” Tanya suggested.

” I’m in” they chorused.

” What are you girls in?” Damein and Lionel walk to them.

” It’s a girls stuff” Anna replied.

Carlee and Jasper got along.

” Can I call you big brother” Carlee asked.

” Of course” Jasper nodded.

” I love you big brother” Carlee hugged him.

” Love you too baby sis” he chuckled.

Damein glared at Jasper and tried walking to them but Anna held him back.

” He is a good guy” she assured and he nodded still glaring at Jasper.

” Overprotective brother” she teased him.

” Whatever” he rolled his eyes.

The party went on till midnight.


Damein got a call from the hospital telling him that Carla was found.

Him,Anna,Carlee, Lionel and Tanya rushed to the hospital.

There they found Carla laying down with her eyes open staring at the ceiling.

” Sister” Carlee was the first to rush to her.

Tears roll out of Carla’s eyes.

” Stop crying” Anna wiped her tears.

Damein and Lionel stood aside looking at her with an expressionless face.

The doctor came in and greeted them respectfully.

” Your highness can we talk in my office” the doctor asked.

” Say it here” Damein said in his usual cold tone.

The doctor gulped and nodded.

” She had an accident last night and unfortunately she lost her baby” the doctor said and they gasped.

” Baby?” Carlee asked.

” Yes my princess” the doctor replied.

” When will she be discharged?” Damein asked.

” In two days time”

Damein nodded walked out.


Carla walked out of the hospital with the help of Carlee and Anna.

The news spread all over the town.

They got into and drove to palace.


Anna and Carlee helped her to sit on the bed.

” Thank you” she smiled lightly.

Tanya came in holding a tray of food.

” Here eat” Carlee fed her till she was full.

” Please forgive,I was under the influence of bad friends” she said crying.

” You are forgiven” the girls did a group hug.

” Can you please help me and beg brother” she said after the hug.

” You know how your can be but I’ll try” Anna assured her.

Later in the evening Lionel came and checked up on her.


Damein and Anna were having dinner silently when Anna suddenly spoke.

” Are you not going to check up on Carla?” She asked.

Damein didn’t reply he only focused on his food.

” Babe” she held his hand,but he stood up and went into the bedroom.

” Gosh” Anna stood up and followed him.

” I know what she did was wrong but…..”

” Please leave” he cuts her off.

” Stop the childishness for heaven’s sake,she didn’t kill queen mother it was meant to happen” she half-yelled.

” She is still growing up and she have learnt her lessons” she added and he sighed

” Let’s go” he said and went out.

They got to Carla’s room but she wasn’t there,so they went to Carlee’s room and there she was chatting with Carlee and Tanya.

They excused themselves leaving the two of them.

” I’m sorry brother please forgive me” tears slip out of her eyes.

” Do you know that mother got affected cause you left and landed in the hospital?” He asked and she slowly nodded.

“Who was that your friend?” He asked.

” She is Lisa, and I think she works for someone” Carla sat down properly.

” Who got you pregnant?” He questions causing her to gulp fearfully.

” It’s Alfred, Lisa’s friend” she replied trembling.

Damein sighed and sat beside her holding her hands.

” I love you Carla and wouldn’t like any harm to befall on you,mother loved you equally,but you chooses to ignore our love and go after a devilish life out there”

” I’ve forgiven you Carla,but this shouldn’t repeat itself” he said and hugged her.

” Thank you” she hugged him back smiling in relief.

” Who do you think she works for?” He asked after he broke the hug.

” I heard her talking her and Alfred to about someone with the name Gavrill,he asked them to convince me to abort the pregnancy,I then sneaked back to my room and pretended to have a mental problem” she explained.

” Gavrill again” Damein gritted his teeth.

” Do you know him?” Carla asked.

” Remember when mother told you guys a man tried rapping her when she was pregnant with you guys?”

” Yes” Carla replied.

” He happened to be the man’s son” Damein said and her eyes w¡dened.

” He is probably out for revenge then” Carla said and he nodded.

” You should be careful do well to tell your sister,I will assign some guards for you” he said and she nodded.

Anna and the girls came into the room smiling.

They all chatted before retiring to their various rooms.


The girls went out since they promised to have girls time on Saturday.

The went to the mall and shopped heavily.

They went to the spa.

Carlee dye her hair to pink and touches of white the same with Carla, Tanya and Anna.

They got their nails done,they got massaged.

They went back to the palace, and went straight to pool.

Tanya sat at the edge since she couldn’t swim.

” we look like Barbie dolls” Carla said.

” I know right,we are more beautiful than Barbie dolls” Anna swayed her s××y h¡ps as he walked out of the pool.

” Let’s party in my room tomorrow” Tanya said.

” Yay” they shouted.


Damein and Lionel sat down drinking some wine.

” They left us all alone” Damein gr0aπed.

” I miss my heartbeat” Lionel faked a cry.

” I can’t live without Hazel” Damein said.

They stare at each other before brusting into laughter.

” How can just forget about us so easily?” Lionel asked.

” They are all over the twins now I’m jealous of them” Damein scoffed.

Anna suddenly walks into the chamber.

” Tanya must be back” Lionel raced to Tanya’s room.

” What is wrong with him?” Anna asked.

” His missing his girlfriend and same with me I missed you” Damein sounded like an offended kid.

” Sorry baby it’s been long since we had girls time” Anna sat beside him.

” I missed you” he lay his head on her b**bs, hugging her waist.

” Stop being dramatic” Anna stroke his hair.

His hands grab her butt pressing them.

” What are you doing?” She asked.

” Massaging you” he replied.

” I don’t need it” she stood up and went to the bedroom.

” Let’s see how you will escape” he lock the door and push her on the bed.


” How can you be so careless,just a simple task and you guys couldn’t do it” he yelled over the phone.

” We’re sorry boss” Lisa and Alfred chorused.

” Be ready to get punished when I return” he angirly hanged up and smash the phone.

” Sh!t” he punched the wall.


Do the needful.