King Damien episode 61 – 62


(melting his stone heart)

Written by Sunshine R

Chapter 61 & 62



Mrs Williams frozed upon seeing the video.

” No no no this is not true” she shakes her head trying not to believe what she is watching.

A message entered her phone.

She slowly open the message section and it was a room address.

She dashed towards the room like a mad woman.

David came out of his hiding s₱0t and smirked before leaving.

” No one messes with my Tanya” he smirked and walk away.


Jane was senselessly was senselessly making out the two two bitches that she didn’t noticed when Mrs Williams came in.

Mrs Williams was shocked to the marrow.

” So this who you are?” Mrs Williams spoke with so much anger.

Jane immediately pushed the girls back and sat properly covering her herself with the duvet.

” Mother….. please believe me….I was drugged” Jane cried.

The two girls hissed and left the room.

” They…. forced themselves on me” she sobbed.

” I’m so disappointed in you,I thought you were a good girl” Mrs Williams said.

” So I was forcing a bitch on my son” Mrs Williams felt guilty.

” I’m sorry….”

” From now on don’t come close to me or my son again” Mrs Williams said with so much anger surging through her veins.

” I can’t just give up when I’ve already taken the first step, I’m pregnant” Jane stood up and fired at Mrs Williams.

” Go look for it’s father” Mrs Williams replied with disgust written on her face.

” Lionel is mine,you can’t stop me from having him” Jane yelled.

Mrs Williams was surprised when she yelled at her.

” Lionel is my son and as long as I’m alive he will never marry you” Mrs Williams fired back.

” What if you’re not alive” Jane smirked slowly holding a flower vase.

” What do you mean?” Mrs Williams asked frightened.

” I mean what if you die” Jane raised the vase to hit her head.

Lionel barged into the room and pushed his mother and the vase hit his head.

” Lionel nooo” Mrs Williams shouted when he went down.

Jane shakily held the duvet in her hand,staring at his bloody head.

” You killed my son” Mrs Williams cried.

” No I didn’t” Jane ran out of the room but she bumped into the police.

” You’re under arrest Miss Jane for the murder of two maids and an attempt to murder Mrs Williams” they handcuffed her and took her out.

” Nooo, Mrs Williams I’m sorry” she cried when the police threw her in,side the car and drove off.

An ambulance got there and Lionel was rushed to the hospital.


Lionel was immediately taken to the emergency room while Mrs Williams stayed outside the room.

Few minutes later Tanya came running into the hospital with Damein and Anna behind her.

” Tanya calm down he will be fine” Anna hugs her tightly.

Mrs Williams stared at them wondering who they are untill Damein reached her side.

” Dame” Mrs Williams hug him sobbing.

” It’s ok mum he will be fine” Damein pats her back.

They later broke the hug waiting for the doctors to come out.

Mrs Williams kept staring at Tanya intensively, Tanya felt uncomfortable with the stare so she stood up pacing around.

The doctors finally open the door and walk out of the emergency room.

” He nearly slipped into coma but he didn’t,he is fine,you can go in and see him” immediately the doctor finished talking Tanya was the first person to run to the ward.

” Babe” she sobbed holding his hand.

” My son” Mrs Williams hugged him.

After the crying session expired, Mrs Williams turn to look at Tanya.

Tanya didn’t notice her gaze as her attention was solely on Lionel.

Mrs Williams saw the love and care written in her eyeballs.

She smiled sadly regretting how she insulted Tanya some time back.

” Let’s go home,you have to rest” Damein whispered in Anna’s ear.

” What about….”

” Don’t worry about that” he assured her and they bid goodbye to Mrs Williams before leaving.

” Are you my son’s so called girlfriend?” Mrs Williams glared at Tanya.

” Yes ma’am” Tanya slowly nodded.

” Are you also a desperate bitch like Jane”

Tears slip out of Tanya’s eyes.

” No” she shakes her head.

” Then stay away from my son,I don’t trust girls of nowadays” Mrs Williams dragged her out of the ward and close the door.


Mrs Williams woke up early in the morning and stretch her body.

” Mum” Lionel called in a weak tone.

” Son oh my God you are awake” she happily hugged him.

” Where is Tanya?” He asked.

” She left,she said she can never stay with you” Mrs Williams rolled her eyes.

” What! Tanya can never do that” Lionel sat up immediately not minding the pain he was feeling.

” I’ll go call the doctor” she unlock the door and was surprised to see Tanya sitting on the floor while she lean her back on the wall,with her face on her knees.

” She is still here” she blurt out and that woke Tanya woke.

“Good morning ma’am” Tanya said with a sad smile.

” Thought I said you should leave?” Mrs Williams scoffed.

Lionel rushed to door and was surprised to see Tanya looking like a mad woman.

” Heartbeat” he ran out and squat in front of her.

” Did you mum sent you out last night?” He glared at his mum.

” No she didn’t,I just came in, and was too afraid to see you” Tanya lied.

” You’re are not good in lying dear” Mrs Williams walked to them.

” I see you truly love my son,I only did that to test you and you’ve passed the test,so I accept you and also you have my blessings” Mrs Williams smiled.

” Are you for real?” Lionel turned to his mum.

” Yes son, I’m sorry trying to force Jane on you” Mrs Williams apologized.

” Thank you ma’am” Tanya bowed.

” Call me mum” Mrs Williams hugged the both of them.

Anna and Damein stood a little bit far from them watching everything.

” This calls for celebration” Anna ran to them.

” Stop running Hazel gosh” he ran after her.

” And you are?” Mrs Williams turned to Anna.

” I’m Annabel Hazel Kelvin aka Crazy Anna” Anna strikes a pose.

” I like your lively vibes” Mrs Williams chuckled.

” Hazel stop running around, it’s not good for the baby” Damein scolded her.

” OMG you’re pregnant for Stone?” Mrs Williams was shocked.

” Who is stone?” Anna asked cluelessly.

” I’m Damein not Stone” Damein gr0aπed.

” Yes I’m the future queen” Anna peck his l¡ps.

” Awwwwwwn,you really melt his stone heart” Mrs Williams hugged her.

” Can I call you mother?” Anna askes.

” Of course, let’s celebrate this at my place” Mrs Williams replied.

” Yay” Anna jumped up like a kid.

” Stop jumping Hazel” Damein half-yelled.

” Don’t talk to me again” Anna forwn and walk out of the hospital.

” Pregnant women and their weird mood swings” Damein gr0aπed and followed her behind.

” Anna is really crazy” Lionel laughed.

” I’ll go get the doctor” Mrs Williams left while Lionel held Tanya’s hand and took her back to the ward.

” How about we start making babies?” He said with a teasing smirk.

” What?” Tanya flinched.

” I mean I want you now” he k×ss her collarbone.

” I’m scared” Tanya said at the point of tears.

” Leave the poor girl alone Lion” Mrs Williams walked in with the doctor.

” I only wanted to give you grandkids” Lionel smiled naughtily.

” You’re not even ashamed to say it in front of me” Mrs Williams glared at him and hug Tanya.

” Let’s go and leave this naughty boy alone” she took Tanya out.

” I can see you are scared of getting intimate with him” Mrs Williams said when the were walking round the hospital.

Tanya blushed in embarrassingly and looked away.

” It’s ok don’t be shy,I can give lessons on that” Mrs Williams smirked.

” Now I know where he got the naughty boy side” Tanya thought.

” So what do you say?” Mrs Williams asked.

” I’m shy mother” Tanya giggle and ran away.

” Such a good girl” Mrs Williams smiled.

” Baby” Damein followed Anna into his chamber.

Anna hissed and sat on the bed removing her shoes.

Damein bend down and helped her to remove the shoe.

” I’m sorry” he apologized even though he did nothing wrong.

” I said you shouldn’t talk to me” she yelled and went into the changing room.

” Gosh,this so stressful” he rubbed his temple.

Anna later came out wearing one of his tee shirts and a pair of long white socks.

” Babe please talk to me,I said I’m sorry” Damein sat beside and took her leg on his thighs massaging it gently.

“Oh yesss” she m0aπed.

” Stop that” Damein snapped.

” Why?” Anna asked.

” It’s dangerous” Damein replied.

” Don’t tell me what to do and what not to” She frowned and stood up.

” Ok I’m sorry can please stop ignoring me” he held her wrist.

” Sing a lullaby for me first” she laid on the bed.

” What!” Damein half-yelled shockingly.

” Will you do it or not?” Anna snapped.

” I will” Damein gulped and close his eyes.

” Start” she gr0aπed.

” Ok ok” Damein started singing.


” Dear meet the man you’re getting married to” Louis introduced Rachel to a handsome prince but not as handsome as Damein.

” What!” Rachel exclaimed loudly.


Do the needful.