King Damien episode 63 – 64


(melting his stone heart)

Written by Sunshine R.

Chapter 63 & 64



” Ivan don’t mind her childish attitude,she is Rachel my first daughter” Laura smiled introduced them to each other.

“I can never him” Rachel yelled.

” Same here baby,just that my father forced me to come here” Ivan smirked.

” What!” Laura look at the both of them, before exchanging glances with Louis.

” I can never marry an international bitch” Ivan stood up and left.

” What does he mean by international bitch?” Loius glared at her.

” I…… don’t know” Rachel replied shakily.

” Say the truth” Laura half yelled.

” I’m saying the truth” Rachel said and ran to her room.

Immediately she entered her room she felt weak and dizzy.

A strong headache hit her head and she went down to the ground straight,falling unconscious.


Rachel slowly open her eyes staring at the white celling.

” Where am I?” She touch her forehead.

” Explain what is happening here young lady” Louis shouted and she jerked up sitting on the bed.

” What is the meaning of this?” Laura threw a piece of paper at her.

Roland stood aside looking at them.

Rachel went through the paper and her body shook with excess fear and shock.

Tears roll down her eyes,she froze staring at the paper.

” Why will you do this to us,why?” Laura glared at her hatefully.

” I’m sorry mother I’m sorry” Rachel cried.

” You’re a disgrace to our family,I took you in when you were two months old and and took care of you,I make sure I did everything you want but this is what you did to do in return” Louis shouted at her.

Roland gasped looking at his father.

” I’m…..not your…. biological daughter?” Rachel asked.

” Yes we picked you up from the street” Laura replied.

” I’m sorry I promise to be a good girl from now on” Rachel sobbed hærder.

” I disown you Rachel, you’re no longer part of my family” Luois said and angirly stormed out with Laura.

” Roland please talk to them” she turned to Roland.

” It will be a disgrace if people know that a princess like you is HIV positive” Roland shrugged and left.

” It’s all Anna’s fault,she made me who I am,it’s time for you to pay” She gritted her teeth and storm out of the hospital.


” Honey you shouldn’t have disowned her” Laura cried holding his hand.

” She is a disgrace to our family,I thought she has changed” Luois held his head and sat down.

” She will forever remain part of us,even though she isn’t our biological daughter” Laura sobbed.

” Shh it’s ok darling,I just want her to change,I will just keep an eye on her” Loius hugged her.

” I want my daughter back” Laura cried hærder.



Anna stood in front of the mirror twerking her @ss,she bend down and and twist her waist before getting back on her feet.

She bite her l¡ps s××ily and wink at the mirror.

Damein felt his monster standing up already.

He stood up and walk towards her when he couldn’t take it anymore, he wrap his arms around her waist from behind stopping her.

“Why did you stop me?” She puted staring at their reflection.

” You just sed×¢ed me babe” he k×ss her earlobe.

” Gosh” she m0aπed.

” I love you Hazel” he whispered into her ear and k×ss her neck.

” F*ck me” Anna m0aπed softly turning him on the more.

” As you wish my queen” he gently took her to the bed.

He slowly remove the shirt she was wearing.

Anna caress his body igniting more fire.

Damein put one of her n!pples in his mouth s×¢king on it delicately.

” Ohh yeah” Anna played with his hair.

His finger slowly went to her v area, rubbing her c!it.

” I want to now” Anna cried.

Damein in~sert his finger into her hole,finger f*cking her.

” Ouch yes”
” Ohhhh ba….be” she released soft m0aπs.


Lionle insisted that he will come back home and his wish was granted.

Tanya and Mrs Williams slowly helped him into the room.

” Do you need anything?” Mrs Williams asked.

” Not again,mum I’m not a kid for heaven sake,just go we need privacy” he gr0aπed.

” Ok baby, enjoy yourselves” she ruffles his hair and winked at Tanya.

Tanya blushed and look away.

“Bye daughter in law” she smiled naughtily at her before going out.

” Gosh you and your mum are both the same” Tanya sat beside him.

” That’s why I’m my mother’s son” Lionel push her on the bed and came on top of her.

” Let’s make babies” He unbutton her shirt.

” But……” He cut her off with a smooth k×ss.

” You’re starving me too much” he broke the k×ss looking into her eyes.

” I’m sorry” she suddenly felt guilty.

” It’s ok I understand” he got down and went into the bathroom to calm his raging lion.

Tanya exhaled deeply and close her eyes.


” The results for the project is out listen to your group and score” the teacher said grabbing the students attention.

” Carlee and co,94″

” Rex and co got 96″ Rex rolled his eyes.

He kept calling them out till it reach Joshua’s turn.

” Joshua and co….” The students roared in laughter knowing that Joshua is not the serious type.

” Joshua and co got 100″ he finally announced and everywhere went silent.

” We did it” Joshua and Carla stuck hands.

” I’m proud of you Joshua keep it up” the teacher said and went out.

” Wow congrats guys” Carlee and the rest congratulated them.

“Thanks” Joshua replied grinning.

” Party at my house tonight” Joshua shouted and the class cheered him up.

” You’re crazy” Carla giggled.

” Crazy for you” He peck her l¡ps.

” Wow” the whole class gasped.

” How dare you?” Carla chased him out of the class.

” Sun I want to talk to you” Rex turned to Shine.

” Go ahead” Shine smiled at him.

” Not here” Rex dragged her out of the class.

” Seems like I’m the only one single here since Nina is absent” Nisha sighed dramatically causing Roland and Carlee to chuckle.

” Where are those those crazy love birds” Roland asked referring to Zander and Dora.

” Probably making out somewhere” Nisha shakes her head.

Rex took Shine to the rooftop.

” Why do like this place?” Shine turned to him.

” I don’t know” he held her hand,Shine stared at their hands before looking away.

” What do you want to tell me?” She asked.

” I…..I …..have a hole in the heart” he said and Shine nearly fell on the floor.

” Hey take it easy” Rex held her in place.

” How do you except me to take it easy?” Shine half-yelled with tears rolling down her face.

” Look…..” He tried touching her.

” Don’t touch me” she shifted back.

” The surgery will after we are done with the examination” Rex bite his l¡ps.

” Why didn’t you tell me, I love you Rex just that I was too shy to confess” Shine blurt out.

” You love me?” Rex asked surprised.

” Forget about that” she turned her gaze to the floor.

” You don’t have to be shy because I love you too” He raise her face and k×ss her l¡ps.

Shine wrap her arms around him k×ssing him back.

Carla and Joshua smiled watching them.

” Do you also want that?” Joshua asked.

” Try that and see” Carla glared at and went downstairs.

” Coconut head” Joshua followed her.

Joshua conered her trapping her with his hand.

” I want to k×ss you” Joshua said and without waiting for her reply he seal her l¡ps.

Carla gasped with her eyes wide open.

Joshua grab her waist and bite her l¡ps.

Carla opened up and he deepened the k×ss.

Carla returned the favor k×ssing him back in the same pace.


Nina finished shopping and packed her stuff heading towards the exit when she bumped into Jasper.

” Sorry” Jasper helped her with the bags.

” You’re Nina?” Jasper smiled at her and her senses flew out of her head.

” Let me help” he took the rest of the bags from her and took it to her car.

” Can I get your contact” she gave him her phone and he typed his digit.

” I’ll call you later bye” she got into the car and drove off.


Anna and Damein just came out of the changing wearing new set of clothes.

” I’m craving for apple” Anna sat down.

” I’ll tell the maids to get it for you” Damein replied.

” No I want you to get it yourself” Anna shakes her head.

Damein nodded and walked out.

Rachel passed the guards by the door wearing a maids uniform.

” Hello Anna” she smiled like a possessed person.

Anna gasped and fell on the floor hurting her back in the process.

Rachel laughed loudly and brought out knife.

” Both of us are dieing today” she moved closer to her.


Do the needful.