King Damien episode 7 – 8

( melting his stone heart)

Chapter 7 & 8

Written by Sunshine R.

(Arrogant meets Crazy)


” You called for me lizard” Anna bowed.

” What did you just call me?” Rachel stood up moving close to Anna.

Anna bend her head trying hærd to surpres her laughter,but she couldn’t, she end up brusting into a serious laughter.

” Guards” Rachel roared and two guards rush in.

” My princess” they bowed.

” Take her out and behead her” Rachel said pointing at Anna.

” If you dare lay your hands on me,then your secrets will be known by everyone” Anna said cunningly referring to Rachel.

Rachel shrink for a while in fear before dismissing the guards.

” What secret are you talking about?” Rachel asked.

” Why should I tell you,if you punish me then I will lick your secrets out” Anna threatens her before walking out of the room laughing.

Rachel kick her make up kit.

” Which of my secrets does she know about?” Rachel wondered.

” What if she knows about Me and Albert?” Rachel gasped and sat down breathing hærd.

” Sh!t” she cursed.

Anna walks to the kitchen to help the others.

” Did she do anything to you” Tanya took Anna out.

” Nope, I threatened to expose her secret” Anna smiles.

” What! Do you know any of her secrets” Tanya asked.

” Nope” Anna replied.

Unknown to them Mia heard them,she left before they could see her.

” She fooled the princess,I will surely tell her (Rachel)” Mia thought.


Carla couldn’t concentrate in class as she kept staring at Roland.

” That is all for today” the teacher walks out of the class.

” Hey” Nisha tapped her.

” Stop staring at him like that,it’s getting obvious” Nisha said and pull Carla out of the class.

” I can’t help it his so handsome” Carla replied.

Roland suddenly walk out of the class together with his friends Zander and Rex,they are all from the royal family.

” Hi Roland” Carla ran to him.

” Hi” Roland replied casually.

” Uhm how about we have lunch together” Carla asked.

” Ok let’s go” Roland replied leading the way.

” Hi beautiful” Zander waves at Nisha.

Nisha blushed and waves back.

” Let’s go together” Zander holds Nisha’s hand walking into the cafeteria.

They all sat on the table after ordering the food they want.

” I wish I was in Carla’s place”
” I love Roland”
” I love Rex cold expression”
” Zander is more handsome”
” Roland and Carla look good together” Students pass different comments.

Carla blush at the last comment and steal a glance at Roland.

Carlee steps into the cafeteria with her friends Nina and Dora.

” Carlee is more beautiful than Carla”
” No Carla is more beautiful than Carlee”

” Enough” Carla bangs her hand on the table.

” One word from any of you,then you will be expelled” she threatens the students and sat down.

” I hate it when they say she is more beautiful than me” Carla thought glaring at Carlee who responded with a smile.

Roland couldn’t stop staring at Carlee as she laughs and chat with her friends.

Carla notice that and tried to strike a conversation with him.

” What is your favorite food” she asked Roland whose attention is completely on Carlee.

Roland ignored her and stood up heading to Carlee’s table.

” That witch” she stood up and furiously left the cafeteria.

” Hi” Roland sits beside Carlee.

” Hi Roland” Carlee replied.

” How about we go to the rooftop and eat there I want to discuss something with you” he said smiling charmingly.

” I’m sorry I can’t,I have something that needs my attention ASAP” she replied politely.

” Ok fine next time then” he peck her cheek and left.

” OMG girl you’re so lucky” Dora gushed blushing on behalf of Carlee.

“Am done come and meet me in the library” Nina stood up and left.

” What is wrong with her?” Carlee asked.

” I don’t know” Dora shrugged.

“I need to go and look for my sister” Carlee left the table.

” Seriously” Dora frown.

” Dora” Jasper sat beside her.

” What do you want?” Dora roll her eyes.

” I want you” Jasper replied and she hit his chest.


Rex followed Carla behind and entered the classroom she entered.

” What are you doing here?” Carla asked arrogantly.

” Why is everything just about Roland,I like you Carla” he confessed.

” Well I don’t like you get out” she yelled.

Rex grab her w–st and slam his l-ips on hers.

Carla pushed him away and land a slap on his face.

” Don’t try that again” she warned and walked out but bumped into Carlee.

” Out of my way” she pushed Carlee on the floor and left.

Carlee look at her retreating figure and sighed.

” She thinks am trying to steal Roland away from her” Carlee facepalms herself.


” We haven’t receive anything from the council your highness since five months ago” A lady in charge of the orphanage reports to Damein.

” Bill investigate this issue and get back to me” Damein said.

” Thanks for the feedback” Damein stood up and left.

” Inform all the council executives,to meet me in the meeting room” he ordered Bill.

Meeting room.

” Can someone explain why the orphanage in this town having not been receiving support for the past five months” Damein growled and they all shivered in fear.

” My Lord I swear I always give them their rights,I hand it over to the welfare committee” John said with visible beats of sweat on his face.

” Find out who the traitor is before the ending of this month” Damein commands before leaving.

Elder Quan smirked and walked out.


Queen Susan could be seen laying naked on the bed.

Minutes later the door crack open and Elder Quan came in.

” How was the meeting?” She asked and stood up.

” It was good, that bastard found out about the orphanage stuff and an investigation is been carried out” Quan said and push her on the bed.

” Make me feel like a woman” she whispers s-ductively.

” Yes my Queen” he grab her b**bs s–king on it softly.

” I want more” Susan’s hand roam around his hair.
Quan pull down his pants and went into her.

” Yes” she m–ns and cling into him.

At night

” How are you feeling dear” Queen Clara asked Anna as she served her dinner.

” Am fine your highness” Anna bow smiling.

” That’s good” Clara said.

Rachel glared at Anna with so much hatred in her eyes.

Anna smirked and walk away.

” Where is the King” Carla asked.

” He is in his chamber doing some work” Carlee replied.

” I asked mother not you” Carla half-yelled.

” Carla” Queen Clara warns.

Carla roll her eyes and kept quiet.

” Anna” Clara called and Anna turned.

” Take Damein’s food to his chamber”

” Yes your highness” Anna replied.

” I can do that” Rachel said.

” That is not your job” Clara replied while Rachel scoffed.

Albert who is sitting beside her put his hand under the table car–sing her thighs.

Rachel look around,when she saw nobody is looking at them,she spreads her legs widely, Albert smirked and shift her panties, before plunging his fingers into her hole.

Rachel shrink and bite her l-ips in order to prevent herself from m–ning, Albert begin moving his fingers slowly in her hole while eating his food.


Damein sat on the couch after doing some paper work.

” Did you find anything concerning the traitor?”Damein asked Bill.

” No yet your highness” Bill replied Damein sighed and signal him to leave.

Bill now and open the door to leave but stopped when he sees Anna with a tray of food.

” It’s for his highness” Anna said and he shifts back letting her in,side the room.

” Your dinner, your highness” Anna said awkwardly.

Damein nodded and move to the dining area.

He sat down while Anna serves him.

” Let’s eat together” he blurt out before he could stop himself.

Anna freeze and shake her head negatively.

” It’s a command not an option” he said, Anna sighed and sat down beside him.

” What is wrong with me?” He thought.

” What type of cologne do you use?” He asked.

” Perfect Rose” Anna replied.

” I love it” Damein blurt out again.

Anna gasped and choke on her food.

Damein offered her water which she drank immediately.

” I’m ok thanks for keeping me company” he stood up and went into his bedroom.

Anna pack up the plates and left.

” What is wrong with me?” Damein stood by the window.

” I’m going crazy” he thought and signed.

“Your highness” Silver knock on his door.

” Come in Silver” he said.

Silver came in and smiled when she saw him facing the window.

She hugs him from behind.

Damein was shocked but didn’t show it.

” What are you doing Silver?” He asked.

” Let stay like this I just need someone to hug” she said innocently.

Damein turn to her and hug her back.

Silver felt glad and lay her head on his shoulder.

They laid on the bed together still holding each other till they slept off.


Rachel is sat in front of the mirror with a towel tied around her.

” Does that witch knows about me and Albert?” She thought referring to Anna.

” Does she really know anything about us”

Albert came into the room and smile before locking the door.

” Ready?” He asked.

” Look am sorry I can’t do this” she got up.

” What do you mean?” Albert frown.

” I just can’t” Rachel said and tried walking into the bathroom but Albert drew her back and held her w–st tightly.

” Don’t tell me, you don’t want to feel my tongue on your p*ssy?” He whispered into her ears.

Rachel shivered and bite her l-ips,she loves having her p*ssy s–ked.

” I do” she replied.

Albert remove the towel around her, before getting rid of his robe,the both of them stand unclad.

” I love what am seeing” he carried her to the bed.

He lay her gently on the bed before mounting on her.

” Lick me please” she begged.

Albert ignored her and took one of her b**bs in his mouth hungrily while squeezing the other one.

Rachel m–ns loving the way his tongue play with her b**bs,she move her hands on his back car–sing it softly.

Albert s–k her n*pple to his satisfaction making sure it was sullen and red, before moving to her neck k-sing her there Rachel cries and pull him deep

” Ohhhh”
” Ughhh yes”

He move to her collarbone bone and nibble on it leaving a hickey,he goes down to her navel playing it with his tongue,and k-sing it at the same time.

Rachel raised her h¡ps up so that he could go down to her core.

” Please Albert”
” I want you”

” Not so fast” he push down her h¡ps and continued playing with her navel,he slightly move his fingers against her w-t hole and she cry desperately.

He k-s her w–st and finally move to her hole,he k-s each of her h¡ps earning a sweet m–n from her, Albert grin and tease her with his fingers.

” I’m all yours” Rachel m–ns.

” I love you Rachel” he said, Rachel ignored him and look away.

He lick her cl!t and in-sert his fingers into her p*ssy fingering her.

” Tell me you love me” he withdrew his mouth, and continued fingering her.

” Ahhhhh” Rachel m–ns

” Say it”

” I love youuu” she cried as she came undone on his fingers.

Albert bend back to her hole, drinking the juices flowing through her hole.

Rachel grab his head pushing him deeper while moving her h¡ps greedily on his face.

Albert grab her h¡ps and plung his tongue into her hole, Rachel s¢ræm but quickly covers her mouth,he moves his tongue in and out of her, Rachel grab the bedsheet squeezing it hærd.

Albert got up and position his d*ck before driving himself into her,he bend and capture her l-ips to prevent her from m–ning loudly.

He thr-st into her wildly, Rachel wrap her legs around his w–st trapping him in,side her hole.

He later pull out and tease her before going in again Rachel went crazy and m–n,he plung deeper and stayed like that for some seconds before moving.

” Yes deeper”
” h-rder baby”
” I love you ahhh”

” ” Oh my ahhhh” she cries encouraging him the more.

That went on till the early hours of morning.

” I will get going take care” Albert spank her @ss and went out.

She couldn’t move on the bed as she lay motionlessly.

” I don’t think I will be able to walk ” she muttered and limp into the bathroom.


Albert finished taking his bath,he kept whistling while creaming his body.

” Very soon Rachel will be mine, and then I will take the throne from that bastard” he smirked

” Everything is suppose to be mine” he said and laugh evilly.

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