The sleeping beauty episode 12 – 13

( His Sweet Candy…)


By, Summer Gold R.


“I’m his girlfriend” Pearl cut in and Romeo’s eyes w¡dened more

Juliet looked at Romeo

“Oh…I didn’t know you….”

“Now you know,Let’s go Ma Cherie” Pearl said and dragged Romeo from Juliet

They entered the restaurant back and sat down

There was silence,Romeo was lost staring at Pearl who was already biting and chewing her chicken angrily

He couldn’t take his mind from how she called his name,it sounds like the most sweetest thing in the world.

“Be careful” Romeo said

“I’m angry” Pearl said and looked at him

“Why?” Romeo asked

“You said you left for your card,but you ended up talking to a girl,I saw her smiling at you and you were smiling too” She scoffed

“You told me to get a girlfriend remember?”

“Definitely not her,I don’t like her. You can’t date that girl,she’s not even pretty” Pearl muttered

“No,she’s pretty” Romeo smiled

“Hey brother,she’s not beautiful at all”

“Is that why you called my name and lied that you’re my girlfriend?” Romeo asked

“I’m sorry for calling your name,I just want to make her leave” Pearl pouted

Romeo smiled and wipe her l-ips with his thumb

“Then you should try not to stain your l-ips here now that I’m your boyfriend” Romeo teased

“Cherie” She pouted and stomped her feet on the floor

“What,try to act like you’re eighteen” Romeo teased more

“How should I do that??”

“Stop being a cry baby” Romeo smiled

“I take back what I said then,you’re my brother. Now let me act like my age” Pearl roll her eyes and Romeo laughed

“You’re the cutest doll in the world” He said and stroke her hair

After some minutes,they finished eating and got up

Romeo went to pay while Pearl waited in the car,seconds later,Romeo also appeared and joined her in the car

“Thank you for bringing me here brother,I love you” She blew him a k-iss

Romeo nodded and started the car



Sapphire and Lyric got down from the car and they ran In together,they met Sapphire’s mom in the living room

“Mom!! Why didn’t you tell me Lyric will be coming? I was shocked when I saw her in my class today,,you really did me bad mom” Sapphire said cutely and her mom laughed

“It was supposed to be a surprise baby” Mrs Ronald said

“And we really surprised her” Lyric said

“So,she’s going to stay with us from now??” Sapphire asked

“Yeah,I know you two have always wanted this,so….”

“Thank you mom!!” Sapphire immediately hugged her mom

“You’re welcome baby,,show her a room….”

“Nope,my room is enough for the both of us. My bed is also big enough,,,where are your bags? Did you really arrived this morning?” Sapphire asked as they went upstairs

“I came straight to school as soon as I arrived” Lyric replied

“Awwwn,I still can’t believe this…oh…your bags are in my room already,great. We can arrange your things later,I have an extra closet…gosh you don’t know how happy I am to see you!!” Sapphire hugged her again

“Don’t tell me you still don’t have friends” Lyric said

Sapphire pouted and shook her head

“I don’t get along with girls and you know that,but recently I made a new friend” She smiled

“Really? You should have introduced her to me in school….”

“No,she’s a junior” Sapphire said

“Junior? Why would you make friends with a junior student?” Lyric asked

“Because she’s cute,trust me you will like her. She will be here tomorrow,you will really like her” Sapphire smiled

“Fine,if you say so” Lyric sat down on the bed

“So,what about your uniforms and other school stuffs?” Sapphire asked

“Mom got everything even before my arrival,remember we use the same size in everything. So I have all my uniforms,sport wears and shoes. Check out my school bags!!! The same as yours!!!” Lyric s¢ræmed as she brought out two school packs

“Wow,gosh how can mom do all these without telling me? So unfair” Sapphire pouted

“Does that matter? We are together now,I’ve been disturbing my mom since the summer holiday” Lyric sighed

“I was so sad we couldn’t come over during the holiday,I missed you so much” Sapphire said

“So,how’s your boyfriend? Don’t tell me you don’t have one yet” Lyric said

“We are the same,you don’t have one either” Sapphire scoffed

“But at least I’ve dated before,we are different. You’ve never dated babe” Lyric said

Sapphire chuckled

“Well I’m sure you will have a crush,the boys In your class are so f**king hot!!! Donovan,the one sitting beside me!! His friends are crazily hot too,the one sitting beside you….gosh I don’t know what to say!!”

“You can never change Lyric,,you crush on every single guy you see.” Sapphire shook her head

“Hey hey,I’ve changed okay? Right now,no matter how handsome the guys in your class are,I only have two crushes for now” Lyric blushed

“Who and who?” Sapphire asked

“Donovan and….the guy who called me Lyrics” She laughed


“His name is Princeton??? Hot name!!”

Sapphire gr-0aned

“Should I advice you?? Those two guys is a complete no,,,,they don’t date” Sapphire scoffed and Lyric frowned

“What do you mean? They are play boys?” She asked

“Yep….Princeton date new girls every week,I’m sure he broke up with Cassie today,he will surely get another girlfriend on Monday,one girl for a week”

“Wow,that’s crazy..what about Donovan?”

“They are the same but I guess he’s better than Princeton” Sapphire sighed

“Well,I love bad boys. They are my type” Lyric smirked

“You haven’t told me,who your crush is….” she grinned

“I don’t have a crush” Sapphire muttered

“Liar!!!” Lyric yelled and Sapphire laughed

“Come on tell me,,” Lyric pouted

“I’m serious,I have no crush,for real. But I like someone….don’t misunderstamd me,I just like him” Sapphire muttered

“Fine,who is he?” Lyric asked

“The guy sitting next to me…Romeo”

“Oh,the guy with the angel eyes and cute l-ips” Lyric grinned

“You have sharp eyes” Sapphire laughed


“Brother,let’s buy some snacks,I wanna watch movies with you tonight” Pearl said as Romeo drove through the street

He stopped in front of the grocery store and they got down from the car

Romeo held her hand and they went in together


“Have you ever tasted this?” Pearl turned to Romeo who was pushing the cart while she Choose all sort of snacks,the cart was almost getting full

“No” Romeo muttered

“Then you should” Pearl smiled and dropped it in the cart

She continue walking

“Are you really gonna eat all these?” Romeo asked,following her

“Don’t worry My Sweetheart,I won’t get fat” She winked

Romeo roll his eyes and Pearl laughed

“Hey,how dare you roll your eyes at me” She suddenly frowned

Romeo chuckled

“Are you seriously using that word on your brother right now? I’m two years older than…….”

“Don’t start the story big brother please,gosh” She scoffed

“Fine” Romeo muttered

His phone suddenly rang

“Oh…wait here. I will be back” He said and walked away

“Oh my gosh,,it’s my favorite string cheese” Pearl suddenly said as her eyes met with it

She tried taking it but she wasn’t tall enough

“Oh no,where’s Cherie?” She muttered and jumped again but it was fruitless

Suddenly a hand took the cheese and she turned immediately

“Oh…senior Campbell” she called

Campbell smiled

“Here” he handed the cheese to her and she smiled

“Thank you” She said

“Are you here alone?” Campbell asked

“No,my brother is here” Pearl replied

“Your hair” Campbell said referring to her hair which was scattered from the way she jumped earlier

“I can help” he said and was about touching her hair when Romeo grabbed his hand from the back

Pearl immediately arranged her hair by herself and looked at Romeo and Campbell who are now glaring at each other

She went between them and pulled Romeo to her back

“Thank you senior Campbell,bye” She waved at him and turned to Romeo

“Let’s go” She said and grabbed his hand

Romeo pulled her hand off gently and pushed the cart out,she bite her l-ips and followed him

They got to the cashier to pay

She began packing everything they bought and calculated it

“Hundred Dollars” She said

Romeo gave her his card

“You two look good together,are you dating?” She suddenly asked,smiling

“No we’re not,she’s my sister” Romeo immediately said coldly

“Oh…sorry” She bite her l-ips

Romeo ignored her and collected his card,he carried the bags and went out

‘Is he mad at me?’ Pearl muttered and went after him

Romeo already entered the car

“What are you waiting for?” He looked at Pearl who was still out

She immediately opened the car and entered

He drove off

There was silence,Pearl stealing glances at him every second until she decided to speak up


“Not now Candy” Romeo cut her off

He was getting angry each time he think about it,why would he even want to touch her hair?? Is he crazy??

‘I think I’m the crazy one here’ He said to himself

Soon,they got home

He carried the stuff but Penelope appeared and immediately took it from him

“Thanks” He muttered and went upstairs

Pearl pouted sadly and faced Penelope

“Is he angry?” Penelope asked

“I don’t know,,is mom back?” Pearl asked

“No,she called earlier. I think she’s really busy,she said she will be back tomorrow morning” Penelope replied

“Gosh,I can’t believe this. Dad is never home,Mom is always in the hospital” Pearl said,watching as Penelope arranged the snacks in the fridge

“At least you have Sir Romeo,you should be glad” Penelope smiled

“Yeah you’re right,I’m happy I have a brother at least” Pearl muttered

“Here” Penelope handed a glass of milk to her

“Thank you” Pearl smiled

“You’re welcome” Penelope said,stroking her hair

“I told everyone to stop treating me like a kid already,I’m an adult” Pearl pouted

Penelope chuckled

“No I don’t think so,an adult wouldn’t have milk stain around her mouth right now” Penelope said and wipe Pearl’s l-ips with an handkerchief



“Ryan!! Frankie!!” Mrs James called again

“You need to calm down mom” Ryan appeared first,followed by Frankie

“What do you mean? I’ve been calling but you both decide to ignore it all” She hit Ryan and he chuckled

“What is it mom? I was enjoying my sleep” Frankie grumbled

“I need you two to go to the grocery store for me…….”

“What?!!!” Their eyes w¡dened

“What is it?” Mrs James frowned

“Mom!! Just send the maid,why are you doing this to us??” Ryan faked out tears

“I don’t care about your fake tears,I am your mom and I have every right to send you anywhere. Here is the list and my card,don’t act silly and get me everything” She handed them to Frankie

“Why giving me and not him??” Frankie gr-0aned

“What’s the use? You two are going together anyway,my sweet boys I love you” She smiled and walked away

“I can’t believe this” Ryan muttered

“I have no time for this,I will just get changed so we can go and return immediately” Frankie said and went upstairs

Ryan also went to his room

They both dressed up and came out again

They ended up wearing the same outfit

“Hey,go back and change” Frankie said immediately

“You should be the one to do that,this is what I’m wearing” Ryan scoffed and went down stairs

“That ugly dummy” Frankie mumbled and checked himself out again

“I’m not changing,I can’t be the loser” he said and went downstairs

Ryan was already waiting in the car

“You didn’t change?” He smirked

“Shut up,I’m not driving and you know that” Frankie said

“So,who will drive?” Ryan asked

“You of course,who else?” Frankie snapped

“It’s better we take different cars,I can’t possibly drive you” Ryan said and Frankie scoffed

“Hey,I am ten minutes older than you” Frankie said

“Here we go again,it’s not my fault you decided to act nosy just to come out first to check what the h*ll was going on” Ryan said

“Oh oh,dude,if I didn’t came out to check,I’m sure you wouldn’t make any move either,I’ve been smart since then…”

“Smart? You call that smart? You should have just waited a little bit more maybe you would have gotten more brain from God” Ryan said

“So now you think you’re brilliant just because you’re in the third position in our class? Why not go for international competition first” Frankie said

“At least you’re advising me to do something,but bro,I will never advice you to go for a competition,I will be scared you would disgrace mom” Ryan said and Frankie made to hit him

Ryan immediately ran and like that they started chasing each other round the car

“What’s going on here!!!!” They heard their mom’s voice

“What the…..” They rushed into the car immediately and drove out of the house roughly

Frankie ended up driving

They got to the store and started buying according to their mom’s list

‘That woman is driving me crazy,what if I have a girlfriend?” Ryan muttered

“So what? You can come to the grocery store with your girlfriend but not for your mom? Bullsh*t” Frankie scoffed

“Oh ohhh,look at you acting Saint all of a sudden,it doesn’t suite you dude” Ryan said mockingly

“Oh…Ryan and Frankie” they heard their names and they turned immediately to see Sapphire and Lyric

“They are really cousins” Ryan muttered

“Hi guys” Lyric waved and immediately came to them,dragging Sapphire along

“Hi” Frankie smiled,waving at Sapphire shyly

Ryan looked at Frankie and raised his brow

“Hey Frankie” Sapphire also muttered,looking uninterested

“So,you two are brothers?” Lyric asked

“Yeah,he’s my twin” Ryan smiled

“Wow,great.” Lyric said

“We need to go,bye. See you guys in school” Sapphire said,dragging Lyric away

Lyric waved at them and Ryan waved back while Frankie was only lost,staring at Sapphire until she was out of sight

Ryan suddenly started laughing and Frankie faced him

“What’s funny?” He asked

“So,you have a crush on Sapphire?? What a crush” Ryan said,laughing more

“So what is wrong with it?” Frankie frowned

“Can’t you see she doesn’t even care about you?? Gosh this is funny” Ryan said

Frankie roll his eyes and pushed the cart away

“Wait up” Ryan said and followed

He kept on teasing Frankie until they were done

They dropped the stuffs in the car boot

“Don’t worry Sapphire’s future boyfriend,I will drive” Ryan laughed and got to the driver’s seat

“Can you just stop” Frankie gr-0aned

“No I can’t” Ryan said and started the car

“I still can’t believe it,don’t you think you should start studying hærd? I mean,your crush is brilliant you know?? And then,to get more closer,why don’t you ask her to be your private tutor?” Ryan asked

“Just shut up Ryan” Frankie snapped

“Okay Sapphire’s boyfriend,I’m just giving you a tip though”

“And who the h*ll is that chocolate you got for?” Frankie asked

“Don’t even touch it,I’m giving it to someone” Ryan scoffed

Frankie roll his eyes



Pearl opened Romeo’s door after knocking numbers of times without getting any answer

“Hey brother” She called, as she walked in gently,her teddy bear wrapped around her tightly

The room was empty

“Where is he” She muttered and took her bottom lip in before wandering around the room

“Why is he so neat?? I wish my room is as tidy as this” She muttered and turned again

Her head hit Romeo’s chest

“Ouch” She m-0aned and rub her head before looking up

“Hi” she muttered and bite her bottom lip

“What are you doing here?” Romeo asked

His hair was still looking wet,he just had his bath

“We planned to watch a movie right? Or,are you still mad at me?” She asked,staring into his eyes.

“No I’m not” Romeo muttered

“Then talk to me at least,can you bring your face down a bit? I’m really short I guess” She pouted

Romeo only stared at her

She looked at him again when he didn’t move

“Cherie…..” The word got lost in her throat when Romeo bent to her size,his face so close to hers

Romeo stared at her closely as she looked down nervously without moving,she took her l-ips in.

If only she knows everything was driving him crazy.

She suddenly looked up and Romeo could feel his heart just skipped a beat

“I’m sorry,I shouldn’t have listened to him right? I’m sorry” She said,playing with the teddy in her hand

Romeo couldn’t take his eyes off her

The way she blinked her eyes twice in a cute and innocent way

Her long lashes batting on each other,her red l-ips leaving her mouth wet.

“I think I’m going to do something stupid right now” Romeo muttered still staring at her l-ips