The sleeping beauty episode 16 – 17

( His Sweet Candy…)


By, Summer Gold R.


Romeo pulled down Pearl’s hand gently and faced her,he wiped her tears

“I’m sorry” he muttered and then walked out of the kitchen.

Pearl bite her l-ips,trying to stop her tears but they continue rolling down her cheeks

She ran out too and went straight to her room.



Romeo eye searched for Betsy and finally saw her sitting down looking pitiful,her hair scattered all over her face.

He sighed and walked closer to her,she immediately looked up the moment she heard the footsteps.

“Romeo” she called and stood up

Romeo said nothing

“You really came,I thought you wouldn’t” She smiled

“I just want to clear my head too” Romeo muttered and also took a seat

She sat down beside him,smiling

“Seeing you right now,makes me less sad” She muttered

“Why did you run away from home? It’s late already” Romeo said

“My mom….is an headache” Betsy sighed and exhaled,wrapping her arms around herself

She was beginning to get cold from the tiny strap top she was putting on

“Why?” Romeo asked

“Just….because she wouldn’t allow me choose for myself. She want everything her own way. It’s like she already planned my whole life the moment she gave birth to me,and it’s suffocating.” Betsy muttered sadly,folding her fingers

Romeo sighed

“All mothers are like that,you shouldn’t run out just because of that,what if you get hurt? It’s damn late” Romeo said

Betsy looked at him with a smile

“I think this is the first time we are having a long conversation” She said

Romeo nodded,not looking at her

There was silence after that,Romeo turned to take a glance at her and found her almost shaking

“You should go home,you are getting cold” He said and stood up

Betsy also got up watching as Romeo took off his hoodie and handed it to her

“Put it on,I will walk you home” He said,leading the way already

She immediately wore the hoodie and ran after him

“I didn’t know your house was close,I just tried my luck. Can you show me your house?” Betsy asked

Romeo ignored her question and she bite her lip

Soon they got to Betsy’s house

“Goodnight” Romeo muttered but suddenly turned

“Where did you get my number?” He asked

“Once,from the school journal. I’ve had it a long time ago” Betsy smiled

Romeo nodded shortly and turned to go

“Romeo” Betsy called and he stopped without turning

“Thank you for showing up,it means a lot to me” She said

Romeo sighed and ran off,

She smiled and went in



“What’s wrong baby? You look a little bit sad” Mrs Cayden said as she ate breakfast with Pearl

‘Not a little bit,I’m really sadly’ Pearl said inwardly

Romeo have refused to talk to her,he only say few words to her and that’s all,his attitude is eating her up so badly already

“Pearl?” Mrs Cayden called again when she got no response

“I’m fine mom,I just had a problem sleeping but I will be fine” Pearl said and Mrs Cayden rub her hair

“Is it school stress?” She asked

“I guess” Pearl managed to smile wondering why Romeo is not down yet

As she was still thinking,Romeo came in

She looked up and their eyes met but Romeo looked away and faced their mom

“Morning mom,I’m off” He muttered and turned to leave again

Pearl dropped her spoon and looked at him

“You’re leaving? Without breakfast? And your sister?” Mrs Cayden asked looking surprised as well

“I don’t want breakfast,the driver can bring Pearl. I Have something to do” Romeo said and walked away before Mrs Cayden could say more

Pearl bite her l-ips

“Is everything okay with you two??” Mrs Cayden asked

Pearl nodded

“I guess he have something to do like he said,I wouldn’t know since we are in different classes” Pearl muttered

“I guess” Mrs Cayden smiled and stood up

“I will drop you in school on my way to the office” She said and Pearl nodded

“Let me get dressed” She rub Pearl’s hair and left

Pearl wiped the slow tears forming in her eyes

“He’s just stressed,he will come back to me when he’s fine” she muttered as she pat her racing heart gently.



Romeo entered the class,it seems scanty,only few students are in.

“Wow,Romeo? It’s the first time seeing you come this early to school” Sapphire smiled

Romeo sat down

“I guess so” He muttered and placed his head on the desk

“Are you okay?” Sapphire asked

“Yes I am,stop asking questions” Romeo gr-0aned

“Then use your headphones if you don’t wanna listen to me” Sapphire snapped and Romeo raised his head,staring at her with a straight look while Sapphire also returned the stare

It seems long until Betsy showed up

“Hey Romy” She called and Romeo looked up

Sapphire roll her eyes

“Hey” Romeo muttered

“Here,I forgot to give you back last night” Betsy said,handing a bag to him

‘Last night? They were together last night??’ Sapphire couldn’t believe her ears

“What is this?” Romeo asked

“Your hoodie” Betsy replied

“Just keep it” Romeo said

“Wow,really??” Betsy asked excitedly and Romeo nodded

“Thank you Romy!” Betsy said and walked away

Sapphire looked at Romeo but he already placed his head on the desk again,facing the other side

She sighed and turned back to see Betsy already putting it on

‘Seriously?’ She scoffed

“Is that not for Romeo?” Ryan asked immediately he entered the class

All eyes fell on Betsy immediately

“Well,yeah but it’s mine now” She smiled

👥 Wow……

👥 Now it’s no longer Sapphire but Betsy??

👥 I can’t believe this

👥 I wish I am Betsy right now

Betsy’s cheeks turned red as she listened to the class murmurs

Romeo gr-0aned and looked at Ryan who winked at him before walking closer

“Why are you so early today? You didn’t come with Pearl?” Ryan asked and Romeo kept a straight face,he rolled his eyes and ignored him

“What,are you giving me a cold shoulder now? Did something happen?” Ryan asked

“I’m fine Ryan,I just don’t want to talk,Just go” Romeo said and used his headphones

“Whoa” Ryan muttered and left him

The class was filled up already and suddenly a teacher entered the class with a new student

👥 Another new student?

👥 She’s so beautiful

👥 Who is she?? So hot

The class murmured as they stared at the girl beside the teacher

“Morning students” The teacher greeted

“As you can see,another new student is here” the teacher smiled

“New girl,introduce yourself” She added

“Hi class…My name is Juliet……..”

“Wow!!! Finally there’s Juliet for our Romeo” Cameron said from the back and the students laughed

“Romeo?” Juliet asked looking confused

All eyes fell on Romeo who was sleeping

“Sapphire,wake him up” The teacher said but Romeo raised his head before Sapphire could touch him

Juliet’s eyes w¡dened immediately

“Romeo!” She called like a happy girlfriend as she waved at Romeo

Romeo looked at her for a second

“Hi…Juliet” He muttered

“So you two know each other” Frankie grinned

Betsy scoffed

Juliet smiled at Romeo one last time before she settled down beside Cameron

“Silence” The Biology teacher entered the class

“Bring out your notes everyone,I’m not gonna wait for anyone this morning…” He was still saying when Donovan and Princeton came in together with Lyric

“Morning sir….”

“Three of You,out of my Class” the teacher Snapped

“Thank you sir” Princeton and Donovan said at once and went out

The students chuckled

“Sir….I’m a new……” Lyric tried to explain

“Out” The teacher snapped

Lyric sighed and walked out



Pearl entered the class and sighed out in relief that the teacher isn’t in yet,she was late so badly

“Best!” Bonnie called out from her seat

Pearl smiled and waved at her cutely before sitting down

“You’re really late today,are you okay?” Everest asked

“Yeah I’m fine” Pearl smiled

Everest continue staring at her,following her movements.

‘Why is she so pretty?’ He thought

He was so lost that he didn’t know when the teacher entered.

“Everest,enough of the stares. Pearl is not running away” Miss Lucille said

👥 Whoaaaaaa!!!!!

Pearl immediately turned and Everest looked away feeling embarrassed

Pearl chuckled and turned back to the teacher

“Is anyone absent today?” Miss Lucille asked

“Pearl” April spoke up

“I’m here” Pearl immediately said

“Oh sorry,I hærdly see you In class” April smirked

“Same reason why you have nothing in your brain,you don’t see things” Bonnie grinned and the class s¢ræmed out laughing

Pearl giggled and shook her head before giving Bonnie a thumb up



Lyric sat down,watching as Princeton and Donovan playing and laughing out loudly

She roll her eyes and got up,

“Guys!” She half yelled and they both faced her

“What” Princeton raised his brows

“Are you really that happy that we were sent out?? You even thanked the teacher….”

“Are you sad? You’re not crying,I’m sure if you cried he would allow you stay in class” Donovan said and Lyric frowned

“Why would I cry just because….”

“That means you are happy so enjoy the moment” Princeton said

“Can you at least let me finish a sentence without interrupting?” Lyric snapped

“What else” Donovan gr-0aned

“You two are having fun and I am feeling lonely here” she pouted

“Let’s have fun together,how about I sing?” She grinned

“You can sing?” Princeton asked

“Why do you think my name is Lyric?” Lyric chuckled

“Coz your mom is a singer” Donovan said

“Right and now her daughter is a singer too” Lyric said and turned around proudly

“We are listening” Princeton said

“Give me your tie” Lyric said and moved closer to Donovan,she started loosing the tie

Donovan’s eyes roaming all over her face,She moved more closer

Donovan shifted back and pulled her off gently


“I will do it myself,you’re choking me” He scoffed

“Oh sorry” Lyric muttered and turned to Princeton who was also staring at her

“Heard you always change girlfriend every week,who’s the new one?” She asked

Donovan immediately faced Princeton

“Wait,that’s true.” He said

“I’m resting for this week” Princeton said

“Wow!!!!!!!!!!” Donovan s¢ræmed and gave his tie to Lyric

“This song is dedicated to you international playboys” She shot them a glare

“International?? Wait,,,I’ve never done anything outside……”

“No more words,listen to the song” Lyric touched Princeton’s l-ips with her finger and Princeton let out a naughty smirk

She moved away and used Donovan’s tie as a microphone

🎤 I once knew a playboy

🎤 Pretending to be real

🎤 But,he’s a d**k

🎤 What a freaky nicky

🎤 He’s…….

Before she could finish,Donovan hijack his tie from her


“You call this a song?? Gosh” Princeton scoffed and shook his head

“I composed it” Lyric said

“Then don’t compose a song ever again,it’s wack. I almost had an heart attack while listening to your broken voice” Donovan said

“What? Broken voice??” Lyric ran toward him and Donovan took to his heels

“Seriously? You expect me to chase you??” Lyric grabbed Princeton’s hair

“Ouch!!! Are you crazy??!!!” Princeton yelled

“Tell your friend to come closer to receive his punishment for calling my voice broken break” Lyric said

“Wait,I never mentioned a break,I said broken voice” Donovan said

“Shut the f**k up and come here right away you p**sy s-cker!!” Primceton yelled,struggling to push Lyric from him

“Enjoy” Donovan grinned and walked out of the class

“He’s gone,can you let go of me now? Please” Princeton muttered

Lyric scoffed and release his hair

“Are you trying to make me bald or what?” Princeton scoffed,adjusting his hair

Lyric roll her eyes

Princeton grabbed her hand and pulled her closer

“My hair” He said

“What should I do about it?” Lyric asked

“You can brush my hair with your fingers,you can see it’s all scattered” Princeton said

“And why should I do that? You have fingers” Lyric said

“I’m not ordering you,I’m pleading because I really care about my looks” Princeton said

“Alright,stop talking” Lyric muttered and started brushing his hair with her fingers

Princeton close his eyes

“If you don’t open your eyes,I will stop” Lyric said

“Don’t be so cold,I’m sleepy” Princeton said and Lyric pushed his head away

“Let’s go back to class,the teacher should be out now” She said and walked out

Princeton chucked and bite his bottom lip before going out.



“Hey dude,you’ve been quiet all day. Are you okay?” Donovan asked Romeo

“I’m just a little bit tired” Romeo replied

“Are you sure?” Ryan asked

Romeo kept quiet and continue eating

“Let’s join those guys” Lyric said to Sapphire as they walked toward Romeo and his friends but then Juliet was faster,they stopped walking when they saw her sitting down

“Seriously?” Lyric scoffed and turned back

They found somewhere else to sit

“Hi guys” Juliet smiled as she joined them

“Juliet” Princeton smiled

“I think she really look like the Juliet we read about” Donovan said

“I don’t think we ever see a picture of Juliet” Ryan said and Princeton laughed

Juliet turned to Romeo

“Hey,where’s your girlfriend? You don’t attend the same school?” She asked

“Girlfriend?” Donovan asked

“Yeah,I met them both at a restaurant a week back” Juliet replied

“Romeo has a girlfriend??” Ryan asked again

“She’s talking about Pearl” Romeo said

“Oh…Pearl is his sister,not girlfriend” Ryan chuckled

“Really? But she told me she’s Romeo’s girlfriend” Juliet said immediately

“Maybe she doesn’t like you and tried chasing you away from Romeo” Princeton said

“That’s right,but she’s really cute” Juliet smiled

Romeo saw Bonnie coming into the cafeteria alone without Pearl

She walked over to their table

“Hi seniors” She greeted and turned to Romeo

“Senior Romeo,I think Pearl is sick,she refused to talk to anyone including me. Maybe you should see her at least” Bonnie said and Romeo got up immediately

“What happened to Pearl?” Ryan asked,trying to stand up but Princeton pulled him down again

“Don’t be nosy” Princeton said

“I’m just worried” Ryan muttered


Romeo entered Pearl’s class,she was the only one in class like Bonnie said,her head on the desk

“Hey” Romeo called but got no response

He moved closer and tap her

Pearl raised her head up

“Are you okay?” Romeo asked

“Cherie” She called and he sat down beside her

Romeo touched her head and felt her temperature,his eyes w¡dened

“Why the f**k are you burning this badly??” He asked worriedly

“Now you’re worried about me??” Pearl muttered in tears

“Stop crying,let’s go to the infirmary” Romeo said and tried holding her

“Just a hug will help,I’m sick because of you anyway” Pearl said

“Stop joking Pearl,your temperature is really….”

Pearl got on his Laps and hugged him tightly


“Call me Candy,don’t call my name” Pearl muttered,closing her eyes as she hugged him more tightly

“We are in school” Romeo said

“I don’t care” Pearl replied