The sleeping beauty episode 28 – 29

( His Sweet Candy…)


By, Summer Gold R.


Romeo and Pearl came into the dinning room together and Juliet looked up immediately,staring at Romeo with her sed-ctive smiles waiting for him to look at her but Romeo’s eyes were somewhere else.

“Oh..Romeo is that you?? You’re so handsome!” Mrs Johnson was the first to speak

Romeo bowed respectfully and quietly before taking a seat and Pearl made herself comfortable beside him.

Romeo looked up and his eyes met with Juliet since they are sitting oppositely,she smiled at him again

“Hey Romeo” She said like a good girl

He can’t possibly ignore her right??

“Hey” Romeo muttered and Mrs Cayden smiled

“I really didn’t know you two know each other” Mrs Johnson smiled

“You should have at least let her come visit us since she returned” Mrs Cayden said

“Then I will gladly come next time” Juliet said

“Of course,you’re welcome anytime” Mr Cayden said

“And Romeo,you’re also welcome in our house anytime,okay??” Mr Johnson smiled at him

“Thank you” Romeo said

“Let’s eat….we can discuss better after that” Mrs Cayden said and Penelope appeared as she began dishing the food out for everyone

While they involve in different conversation,Romeo doesn’t seem interested. Pearl was quiet and never said a word all through,Juliet kept on stealing glances at Romeo but he never looked at her.

After the dinner,The children were excused

“Romeo” Mrs Cayden called as soon as he stood up

“Yes mom?” He turned

“You should show Juliet round the house…..”

“I am…..”

“No excuse” Mrs Cayden cut him off

Romeo looked at Pearl and she walked out

“What are you waiting for?? Juliet go with him” Mrs Johnson said and Juliet stood up immediately

She left the dinning room with Romeo.


“Wow…Your house is really big and beautiful” Juliet said,staring all around as she walked beside Romeo who haven’t said a word,he was thinking about Pearl

“Romeo” Juliet called,getting his attention

“Can we go to your room?” She asked and Romeo Faced her

“What?? Why?” He asked

“Aren’t you showing me around?? And it’s getting cold,so Let’s go to your room until they are done” She smiled

“I don’t take strangers into my room” Romeo said

“Well,I’m no longer a stranger as you can see. So let’s go,I promise I won’t tell anyone even if you’re dirty” She grinned

“Who said I am dirty?” Romeo frowned

“Really? Let’s see?” She winked and grabbed his hand

Romeo sighed and followed her

They entered the house back and went upstairs

“Whoa…seriously you weren’t gonna show me all these places?? Gosh….where is this place??” She entered the game room

“You said we should go to my room..” Romeo said getting frustrated already

“It’s not bad to check this place out” she muttered,looking around

“Wow,do you play chess?” She asked

“No” Romeo replied sharply

“How about snookers ?”She asked


“How about arrow…..”

“I don’t know either” Romeo cut her off

Juliet looked at him and then walked closer

“You’re lying right?” She asked but Romeo kept quiet

“Then I won’t leave until you play something….” She said

“Do you know you’re really being Clingy right now?” Romeo asked

“I know,but If you play at least one,I will stop” Juliet smiled and stretched the snooker cue to him

Romeo stared at her without moving

Juliet creased her brows and Romeo roll his eyes before grabbing it from her at once

“You better stop after this” He said

“I will think about it” Juliet smiled

Romeo strike the first ball and it went straight into the hole

“Oh my Gosh!” Juliet clapped immediately

Romeo strike once again,this time two balls went in at a time

“Whoa!!!! You are really amazing” She s¢ræmed,clapping more

Romeo smiled

“One more Romeo,one more” Juliet muttered

Romeo moved to another side and then hit the ball….three went in at a time

“Wow!!!” Juliet jumped happily

Romeo looked at her

“Stop shouting as if I’m getting a golden medal” he scoffed and dropped the snooker cue before walking out

“Wait for me!” Juliet immediately ran after him.

“So..your room” Juliet said and Romeo opened the door

They both entered and Juliet’s mouth dropped open

“Wow…….” She muttered,walking around

“Oh…you must really love reading a lot” she said as she walked to the study table

“A fridge!” She rushed to the fridge and opened it immediately

“Wow,you really love strawberries so much” She said

Romeo run his fingers through his hair and let out a loud sigh

Juliet kept on running and checking everything

“I think I want some strawberries,can I have some?” She suddenly asked

Romeo nodded and she brought out one of the packs

“Awwwn” She m-0aned as she shoved one into her mouth.

Romeo sighed and sat down on the bed,he took his phone

“Wait…your phone” Juliet dropped the strawberries in her hand and walked to him

“What happened to my phone?” Romeo asked

“Can I check something??” She asked and tried taking it from him

Romeo hid the phone behind him

“What are you doing?” He asked

“Please,I just want to check a simple thing” Juliet pleaded and moved behind him

“Hey,are you kidding me? Why would I give my phone to you??” Romeo kept moving the phone each time she tried collecting it from him and through the rough play,she ended up falling on him and their l-ips met mistakenly

Romeo’s eyes w¡dened and Juliet also look shocked

All of a sudden the door opened and Mrs Cayden came in with Pearl,, they separated immediately,Juliet got up from his body

Pearl looked at Juliet with angry glares and then Romeo who was also staring at her,but she didn’t wait,she turned and walked out of the room.

“Oh,I guess you two are having fun” Mrs Cayden smiled

“No!! We are not…what you saw was a mistake,she was….”

“It’s okay,I’m not scolding you. But Juliet,it’s time to leave” Mrs Cayden smiled

“Oh..okay Ma’am” Juliet muttered and took her strawberries

“Bye Romeo” She smiled at him before going out with Mrs Cayden.

Romeo gr-0aned and rough his hair,his mind went to Pearl’s face earlier and he fell on the bed sadly



“Die!! GAME OVER!!”

“Yes!!!!!!” Frankie threw the control away and began jumping on the couch as he won the game

Ryan roll his eyes and drop his own control

“Hey bro,don’t be too excited. I’m not just in the mood to play” He said and Frankie laughed

“When the f**k are you ever going to be in the mood?? Every time I win a game,you will end up saying you’re just not in the mood,bro!!!!” Frankie continue laughing

“I hope you can act this way anytime you are beside Sapphire,but hell no,you become a down man” Ryan said and succeeded in spoiling Frankie’s happy mood

“Hey,do you have to bring that at a time like this?” Frankie asked and Ryan laughed

“I got you!!! Now who is laughing??” He asked,laughing more loudly

Frankie took off his slippers and began chasing after him,while they make loud noises all around the house.

All of a sudden they heard some footsteps

“What is going on?” Mrs James asked from upstairs and immediately they both stopped

“Nothing mom!” Frankie shouted

“Nothing and you are disturbing my peaceful sleep?”

“We are sorry mom” Ryan said

“You both,to your room right away!!” Mrs James yelled

They gr-0aned and went upstairs into their different rooms

But as Frankie was about closing the door,Ryan rushed In

“What the f**k? Why are you here?” Frankie asked

“I’m sleeping here” Ryan grinned and Frankie frowned

“I don’t like sleeping with….”

“Then leave,I am sleeping in this room and that’s it” Ryan scoffed

“What the h*ll are you talking about? Why would I leave my own f**king room for you?? Are you sick?” Frankie snapped

Ryan roll his eyes and fell on the bed

“I said you are not allowed here!” Frankie yelled

“I thought I said you two should sleep” They heard their mom’s voice


“It’s Frankie mom,you should isolate this dude,He’s an headache!” Ryan cut Frankie off before he could talk

“What?” Frankie’s eyes w¡dened

“Frankie!…” Mrs James opened the door

“Mom it’s not me,tell him to leave my room” Frankie said

“Are you saying you can’t share the same room with your brother??” Mrs James asked

“I told you he prefer his crush to me,but I don’t mind. I will rather leave” Ryan faked his sad face and pretended to get out of the bed

“It’s okay,you can sleep here of course,right Frankie??” Mrs James smiled

“Yes……mom” Frankie muttered and then glared at Ryan who immediately smirked at him

“Goodnight” Mrs James left the room

Frankie locked the door and faced Ryan


“I’m sleeping already” Ryan mumbled

Frankie bite his l-ips and felt like smacking him but he kept his cool and fell beside him on the bed.



Romeo checked his Face once more in the mirror before carrying his bag,he walked out of the room at the same time and there is Pearl also coming.

“Morning brother” She muttered and walked away without waiting for his response

Romeo sighed and also went downstairs

“Morning baby,how was your night?” Mrs Cayden asked

“Bad” Pearl muttered

“Really?? Why?” Mrs Cayden asked worriedly

“I don’t want to talk about it,I’m leaving” Pearl said

“Leaving? What about breakfast?”

“I’m not hungry” Pearl muttered and went out

Romeo who was watching and listening to them also showed up

“Morning mom” he said and walked out without waiting

Mrs Cayden frowned

“What’s going on with them?” She muttered


Pearl was already in the car waiting for the driver to take off when Romeo also entered with her at the back seat.

“Why are you here?” She asked

“Because I don’t feel like driving” Romeo muttered

“You can go” He said to the driver

“Yes sir” The driver responded and drove out of the house

Romeo took a glance at Pearl who had a straight face on

‘I should apologize for not keeping my promise’ he thought

“Hey Candy….”

“Not now brother,I’m not in the mood to talk” Pearl snapped

Romeo looked at her before sighing and closed his eyes.

Minutes later,the driver stopped in the school parking lot. Pearl was the first to get down from the car,Ryan was also stepping down from another car. He waved at her the moment he saw her

“Hey” He smiled

“Senior Ryan” Pearl smiled and walked closer to him

“How was your night?” Ryan asked

“Not really nice,but seeing your handsome face right now,I think I am fine” She smiled

“Seriously?” Ryan laughed and poked her cheek

“See you later senior” She smiled at him finally and walked away

Ryan turned to Romeo who was watching the drama and he moved closer to him

“Are you two fighting or something?” He asked

“No we are not” Romeo replied and Ryan smiled

“Really? Did you see that? She was so happy to see me,don’t you think I’m getting somewhere??” Ryan asked and Romeo looked at him

“What,you should be happy for your best friend” Ryan grinned and hit his shoulder playfully

Romeo roll his eyes

“Lyric!!” They suddenly heard two voices calling Lyric

And at that moment,Lyric ran past them,then immediately Princeton and Donovan ran after Lyric

Ryan and Romeo exchanged glances

“What’s going on?” Ryan muttered


“Hey!” Princeton grabbed Lyric hand and she stopped running,panting heavily

Donovan also got to them

“How the f**k can a girl run this fast?” Donovan asked still breathing hærd

“What do you guys want?” Lyric asked

“You’ve been running from us since yesterday,did you do something wrong?” Princeton asked

“Something wrong indeed,I just feel like running” Lyric said and looked away

“You’re obviously lying” Donovan said and pushed her head with a finger

“Do you want me to bite you?!” Lyric half yelled

“You did something wrong right? What is it?” Princeton asked calmly and Lyric bite her l-ips giving them her poppy eyes look

“Wait…don’t tell me it’s what am thinking” Donovan’s eyes w¡dened

“What is it??” Princeton asked immediately

“I think she lost our group project topic and details” Donovan said

“What?!!!” Princeton s¢ræmed

“I swear I don’t know how it happened…” Lyric said and tried to run

Donovan and Princeton grabbed her bag at the same time and pulled her back

“You two are manhandling me!” She yelled

“We are about failing because of you!! We are supposed to start working on it on Saturday!” Princeton yelled back

“Then let’s all go and plead for another topic” Lyric muttered

“All?? You and who?? You should take full responsibility!! You lost it!” Donovan snapped

‘How can I escape from them??’ She thought and then an idea came

Lyric broke into fake tears which really got them as the tears rolled down her eyes freely.

“What do you expect me to do?? I really…searched for it I swear….I don’t know how…..but…..why are you treating me this way?? It’s not fair…I’m a girl…why……why…” She sniffed in and hiccupped

“Hey…stop crying. I swear I was just joking,I didn’t mean to make you cry” Donovan immediately said

She continue sniffing,looking at Princeton with one eye

“I’m sorry,let’s just go and plead like you said” Princeton muttered

Lyric broke into another round of tears

“I’m sorry it’s all my fault!!” She cried

Donovan hugged her

“Stop crying already,it’s breaking my heart” He said,patting her back

Lyric sighed and buried her face into his chest before smiling sheepishly