The sleeping beauty episode 58

( His Sweet Candy…)


By, Summer Gold R.


“So you mean,you’ve been dating Pearl without us knowing?” Princeton asked and Romeo nodded

“You’re really in love with her?” Ryan asked looking surprised

“Does it look like I’m joking? I’m madly in love with her and I’m going crazy because of this sh*ts right now” Romeo said

“Well I’m not surprised,I knew it from the day you beat Ryan up because he kissed her” Donovan said

“But still,Cameron have no right to hit you,I feel like killing that dude” Princeton said

“Just ignore it,I would have done the same too” Romeo muttered

“So what are you going to do now? Break up with her?” Ryan asked

“Pearl is certainly going to cry her eyes out” Princeton said

“Mom said she’s going to make me leave the country if I don’t stay away from her…..”

“What?!! You can’t leave!” The three boys said at a time

“So you are giving up on her?” Donovan asked

“I don’t know….I hate it when she cries” Romeo sighed

They heard the bell

“Physics class” Ryan muttered and they all stood up at once and left the empty class.

They entered the class and met the physics teacher already in class

They entered the class quietly and settled down

“You will be presenting your projects tomorrow” the teacher said and the students started murmuring

“I’m so sure I gave you enough time already,,,so each team should choose a representative who will do the presentation” he said

“But let’s go to today’s class for now” he faced the board and wrote the topic,,ROCKET PHYSICS

“Ever heard of that?” He asked and everyone was silent

“So you mean non of you have ever heard….”

“Isn’t it a movie? Frankie asked and everyone laughed

“Frankie,make sure you don’t say a word till the end of this class” The teacher snapped

“Okay” Frankie said and Sapphire chuckled

“Romeo,what do you understand by this topic?” The teacher asked but Romeo was already lost in thought

Sapphire turned to him when he said no word

“Romeo” she called and tap him

Romeo looked up

“What the h*ll are you thinking?” The teacher asked

“I’m sorry” He mumbled

“Rocket Physics,,ever heard of it?” The teacher asked

“It involves the application of Newton’s Laws to a system with variable mass….it obtains thrusts by the principle of action and reaction using the third law of Newton……”

“That’s enough” The teacher said while grinning

“I love you Romeo” He said and everyone laughed aside Romeo who wasn’t really interested

“So let’s continue,and please try to study ahead,your exams are coming closer but you’re still playing. Frankie,keep watching that movie” The teacher said and they laughed again

“Are you okay?” Sapphire asked Romeo after the teacher turned to the board

“Don’t worry about me” Romeo muttered

After the teacher left,Romeo stood up and walked out of the class.

He went straight to the restroom,he turned on the tap and splashed some water over his face before letting out a sigh. He stared at his face in the mirror and Pearl’s crying face came to his head again.

He gr0aπed and leaned on the wall for a second before going out,the moment he stepped out,Juliet appeared in front of him and smiled.

“I guess you’re still feeling hurt,sorry” She Pouted sadly

“What are you talking about?” Romeo frowned

“You really don’t get it yet?” She asked and touched his chest

“Wait,don’t tell me it was you……”

“Yeah,I sent mom the picture” Juliet said

“Mom?? Did you just called my mom…Mom??” Romeo asked

“Yeah,because very soon. You and I are gonna become couples,what do you think?” She asked and tried to kiss him

“Are you crazy?” Romeo pushed her away angrily

“Yes I am!! I’m crazy about you!!! Why the f**k do you think I did that? I’m madly in love with you Romeo!! I love you so f**king much,how could you neglect me and went for that kid??!! How!!” She yelled

“I can see you’re really going Crazy Juliet,,are you blind to see that I don’t even like you just a bit?? So stop this madness of yours and get lost” Romeo said

Juliet immediately grabbed his cheeks and went on her toes before slamming her l¡ps on his own forcefully,it was at that moment that Pearl showed up

Romeo pushed Juliet off immediately and his eyes met with Pearl’s dull face,it was as if she was at the point of tears as she stared at him.

“Hey Pearl,long time no see” Juliet smiled at her

Pearl immediately turned back and walked out,Romeo went after her

“I guess I just added more fuel to the fire” Juliet smirked.

“Pearl….” Romeo called when he caught up with her

Pearl faced him with teary eyes

“I know you didn’t do that,I trust you. But…..can you just tell me you’re not breaking up with me? That’s all I want to hear please” She said,wiping her tears slowly

Romeo bite his l¡ps without saying a word

“Stop crying” he finally said

“Why should I stop?”

“Coz you might fall sick Pearl,so please stop crying this way,you’re hurting me by doing this….”

“Tell me what I want to hear Cherie…” She hold his hand,staring into his eyes

“Mom and dad are not in support” he mumbled

“I know,but you love me right? You’re not going to leave me because of that right?” Pearl immediately asked

“I don’t want to keep on hiding as if we are doing something wrong,you deserve better…”

“Who cares!” Pearl cried

“Can you just listen to me please Pearl,I’m sorry I can’t keep my promise,I love you so much but can you please just,let’s end it here. I think that’s the best….”

“Best?? You really think this is the best?? You’re giving up on me just because of our parents” Pearl said

“I’m sorry,everything is totally my fault…” Before he could finish,Pearl ran off.

Romeo sighed and rough his hair



“Hey Romeo” Betsy called and walked over to him

Romeo turned and faced her

“You’re doing the presentation right?” She asked

“I’m not in the mood to do that,just do it instead” Romeo muttered

“But,what if we loose mark…”

“I will send the file copy to your email,you should practice it. If you need my help you can tell me” Romeo said and Betsy smiled

“Okay then,I will try my best” She muttered and walked out of the class.

Romeo also went out

Frankie covered Sapphire’s eyes from the back

“Frankie you play too much” Sapphire said and Frankie chuckled before moving to her front

“How did you know It was me?” He asked

“Because you’re the only one who will do that” Sapphire replied and carried her bag

They went out together

“You’re doing the….”

“No you should do it” Sapphire cut him off immediately and his eyes went wide

“What?? I’ve never done that all my life,I’m going to f**k up. We can’t fail because of me” Frankie shook his head

“So you mean if you do the presentation,we are gonna fail?” Sapphire asked

“Exactly,maybe next time I can. But right now,nope” He said and Sapphire smiled

“Stop being cute” She said

Frankie leaned closer

“Should I come over tonight and keep your company while you study?” He asked and winked at her

“Are you serious right now? So if I’m studying,what will you do? You should also come along with your texts and let’s study together,no time to play” She smiled at him and tapped his chest before walking away

“Gosh,does she even know anything about romance at all? Everything is about studying to her,I should have just tried another method not this” Frankie said and rough his hair

“Sorry dude,you won’t die before your time” Campbell chuckled

“Shut up” Frankie snapped



“Where’s Romeo?” Mrs Cayden asked

“He said he’s not eating ma’am” Penelope replied

“What?? He’s been skipping meals since yesterday,is he planning to starve himself??” Mrs Cayden immediately stood up and went upstairs

She entered Romeo’s room,he was lying on the bed while staring at Pearl’s pictures on his phone

“Romeo get up and eat something…..”

“I’m not hungry mom” Romeo cut in

“What do you mean?”

“I want to be alone,I don’t want to talk to you so please leave me alone” Romeo said and turned his face away from her

Mrs Cayden sighed and walked out of the room



“Baby doll,see what I got you!” Evelyn s¢ræmed as she entered Pearl’s room with the box of sneakers in her hands.

“Baby doll” she called again when she got no response from Pearl.

She immediately dropped the box in her hands and rushed toward the bed

Pearl’s eyes were closed,Evelyn let out a loud gasped when she touched Pearl’s body

Her body was so f**king hot

“Doll!!” She s¢ræmed

“He…..broke up with me” Pearl muttered as tears rolled down her eyes

“We need to go to the hospital right now…….”

Pearl shook her head negatively

“I want Romeo” She said

“I know,I promise to call him but please let’s go to the hospital first….doll….” She stopped when Pearl’s head fell on her shoulder

“Baby doll” She called immediately and shook her body but it was only silent

“Baby doll!!!!!” She s¢ræmed out