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25th December


25th December 18+

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Episode 1

rise my [email protected] body under the duvet, 1,2
3 push ups am done with my morning routine
of by force 6packs. I stroll to the mirror
to check if there is improvement with my
morning boner swinging left and right.
A knock landed at my door harshly and
is no other person than my twin brother
with a woman name Victory, I sighed and
join the entire family for morning prayer,
normally we pray till 4pm before Christmas,
nobody wan cry in the midst of celebration.
the goodnews is praying is a good thing
and the bad news is our first daughter
nearly open another Mountain of Fire Branch
in our sitting room with her prayer. after
the prayer, chicken slaughtering follow
up. good morning and happy Christmas
filled the air, my brother brought out
his flex out December clothes for harmattan
to flex with it first, I shake my head for
the boy. His preparation started from 24th
and today he will be going out to seeing
masquerade and you wan go heaven.
after breaking many bones and eating
fried rice with juice, Nigerians nodey play
with December oohh.. we no go happy if
we no celebrate am for heaven. add it
to your heavenly wishes, I on my television
watch my Christmas cassette that I bought
last night. On the movie my two younger
brothers left home, followed by my two
older sister. my dad and mom travelled
to the village, can someone tell me what is
happening, lastly my older brother disappeared
after he received a call. Home Alone that
am watching on the TV is now happening
to me, chai!. s£x spirit entered me and
I grab my phone and surf the internet
for p–n videos and one of it caught my
medulla, I downloaded it and minimize
my kpakpo Galaxy Neo to watch it. the p–n
turned me off can someone tell Asia people
to stop acting p–n, there own thing is
too different, m0aning is crying and the
n!poles on the small [email protected] isn’t even showing
and the d–k is always chewing stick haba..
I deleted it, what a waste of mb. I fling
my phope and then a call come in, hope
isn’t those committees of badnews calling.
I check the caller I.D Endurance A.K.A
madam too hot.

Episode 2

background was so noisy that I didn’t hear
most of her words but I didn’t fail to
hear “Victor, come to Tropicanna am taking
you out. Today.” I glanced at my phone time
and time was 5pm. I showered and creamed
my body, arranged my hair making sure
I look nice. I wore my trouser and my shoe
see na December shoe be that oohh.. I
counted three thousands naira out of
Twenty thousands that Bet9ja paid from
my savings after embezzling my 100naira from January
to November. I don’t trust naija girls
they can surprise and shock you with opposite
of your thoughts. the hotel is not far from
my home ’cause it is in same area, I called
a bikeman to ride me there so I can feel
like VIP too. He said 100naira end of joke,
I look around me to see if Buhari is around
me, I asked him if I look like Buhari or
do I look like one of his relatives. He
his head and left, na waaoo naija weather
no fit poor people. I trekked down to the
hotel calculating how I will take my money
back in kind after spending it, I saw someone
with mini pink gown jump on me, I didn’t
see the face. I grab her ass cheek through
the soft fabric and squeeze it roughly.
If you don’t like ass squeezing don’t hug me
I no be pastor, Endurance was looking
hot and gorgeous, her b00bs is getting bigger
after enough pressing from me. and her
backside didn’t stop to amaze me with
softness and shaking vibration, we strolled
into the hotel, and she suggested swimming
first. we changed and dive into the swimming
pool, I ogled girls in the swimming pool
in the name of swimming pass you, I didn’t
pity Eddy at all with [email protected] grabbing and
ass smacking inside the water, see enjoyment
as girls in the river gave us freewill to touch
and grab, I didn’t dull myself oohh..
others were doing holy holy, who cares
I grab all grab-able until Endurance
dragged me out of the pool. I wanted
to fall back into the pool to continue
what I
have started, just have to follow like disciple
’cause no be me pay. Bye bad boy the Africa
witches in the swimming pool wished me farewell,
We took some loved-up picures her
ass on my
g—n and her lips on my jaw, Jnr. El send s£x
signals to my brain, we left for the bar to
drink, on normal day I don’t take beer but
today I’ll ’cause beers inspire someone
to move faster, harder on bed. it will open
my brains to remember all the s£x styles
in the world, I make sure I don’t get drunk
and she did same thing too. Chaaii.. bad
belle. She paid for the drinks and I must confess
is good to have house mother that is hot
and s£xy with hot blood, I don’t mean sugarmummy.
those ones will end up s—–g your blood.
my plans is for us to spend the night in the
hotel when men of night came to the bar, she
suggested for us to go home. Devil is a liar,
all my plans has been spoilt. I check my pocket
and saw our house keys is with me, I gasped
and check the time 9pm from my phone, time will just
turn aeroplane when you dey enjoy.
calls, I gave a wicked laugh shebi.. ona
wan still enter the house ona run leave me
alone at home. we entered the same bike
and the ride was smooth but my waist and
my d–k didn’t respect themselves at all,
my d–k is hard on his own and my waist
Moves backward and forward on their own wills. we
reach our house to see the light on, who
wan pour sand sand for my garri.

Episode 3

My legs
stucked to the ground unable to move,
cause of the light that is on inside. Endurance
dragged me along to the protector and I saw
the padlocks on the protector are intact,
did they jump through celine or use master
keys cause my brothers can do wonders.
When we step into the house, I called
name in my family but no response
that is when
I notice that I didn’t off the lights when
I left home. I thought of using condom
but later kicked against it, I brought food
for her. I informed her of my departure
to go get her drink whereas there is drinks
in the fridge, am using my head here jare…
I went to the chemist to get a contraceptive
pee which I bought, the apprentice that
sold it to me start looking me one kind
eye. I left without minding her on a normal
day I’d have asked if she didn’t take
it after she and her boyfriend have rammed
each other like Edo dogs. I reach our
to hear sound of music, I look around
to see any of my family members lurking
around to spoil my plans, coast cleared.
I opened the peotector fast fast and went
in to see Endurance twerking. She didn’t
notice my presence neither do I want her
to, she carry her body down making sure
her ass cheeks lift up and down in a slow
motion, she bend low pushing her ass backward
and gave a sharp twist that her ass vibrate.
my d–k gain momentum, didn’t know
when my legs move on their own accord
to her waist, I hold it and grind my hard d–k.
The thing sweet nobe here, we dance and
I don’t think I really was dancing cause
I jammed her ass in thrusts manner.
was not even following the song beating
but my d–k, she gyrate her waist faster
provoking my d–k I didn’t know when
I groaned. She stopped the dance when
my hands start cupping her [email protected], those
hands must be sent to butcher for 26th
December meats, I gave her the maltina
I bought. She took it and went inside.
I realized I haven’t put the pees inside
Konji is a bastard, everything on the table
is turning against me. I don’t know how
to take the drink and put it anymore,
Am lost in a high sea.

Finale Episode

went inside my room ’cause the others
are all locked by their owners. I saw the
maltina on the table unopened. I heaved
a sigh of relieve, she said I should help
her open it. I switch on the television ’cause
the opener is in the room, just have to distract
her, I insert Vikings the season with the
oohhss and aahhs sheyi you understand.
Plan B, I left the room with the drink
and opener. I put the pees then return
it to her, she sip it slowly Naija girls and
shakara. she suggested I should sleep
in the sitting room as a gentle, I no gentle
at all for this kind thing. I keep on forwarding
and nexting to episodes that Ragnar did
the oohhs and aaghhs, her mood changed
and she climb the bed to sleep. I stood up
and switch off the television and also
wanted to switch off the light when she object
that I shouldn’t. I groaned, which can
thing be this. That was the first time I
prayed that useless PHCN should take their
light and they did. Wow.. I locate
bed hitting my legs on some objects in
my room didn’t even feel the pains. I
climb the bed and my hands start moving
to know where my partner is on the bed.
finally, she is just putting on bra and pant.
I grab and squeeze her [email protected], she removed
my hand. I move closer to her and position
myself at her backyard, moving my waist
On her ass. I slip a finger inside her pant,
she froze when I rub her c–t furiously.
the thing turn war when she removed her
pant, we s–k and lick our lips. I press
and s–k her [email protected] oohh.. she suffer
hard-breathing by force. she grab my
d–k and swallowed it like shark, I remember
Jonah. I opened my eyes and saw mysef floating
in cloud 9, she placed her two hands on
the wall. I mounted behind penetrated
hastly, smacking her sweet ass. I rode
her slowly and faster when she get use
to my size. 7minutes into the bleeping,
I feel the sweet running of c-m from my
pipe to her p—y. I upload everything
inside her, that is when tiredness took over
me. Didn’t even know when I snore away.
that Christmas sweet me eeehhnn…


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