Aunty Tope

  • Aunty Tope – Final episode

    18+ only Episode 8 (Finale)  I was suddenly pitying auntie Tope who had totally gone Unclad below even though I was sure I wouldn’t be spared if mom ever caught her Unclad! causing my still stiff Joystick to spray additional ropes of my spunk across the floor and the counter top as it dangled about ridiculously! “Oh…you guys are still…

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  • Aunty Tope – episode 7

    Episode 7 However, I instantly returned my Joystick right inside of her as soon as she shot the last drop, leaving her convulsing at the resumed impact! I started banging her again with renewed vigour, taking the time to smack her jiggly Buttocks as it gyrated persistently at every t—-t of my hip! When she told me she was about…

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  • Aunty Tope – episode 6

    Episode 6 I pulled the legs apart again, and after setting her up properly, brought my mouth to her musky Kittycat! She screamed! Then she brought a hand over her mouth at once, but that didn’t stop her body from convulsing strongly as warm clear fluid began to sip into my mouth from her drenched Kittycat! – her first o—-m!…

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  • Aunty Tope – episode 4

    18+ only Episode 4 I eventually began scratching the new spot I was referred to as soon as I got there, and was looking with it before feeling it was courteously time to pull my hand away. “Are you alright now ma?”, I finally asked her, with my hand half-way out. I completely avoided her eyes, even though I was…

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  • Aunty Tope – episode 5

    Episode 5 “Are you better now Auntie? Should I stop?” I heard myself suddenly ask, rather dumbly and quite stupidly “Noooo!!….nooo Danny baby! go on!” she had her head thrown back with her eyes shut tightly. “Keep scratching please. Keep scratching until the itching is gone baby! I was trying to make up my mind as to how to proceed…

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  • Aunty Tope – episode 3

    18+ only Episode 3 Anyways, I returned to her trousers again, and began to gently shove my right palm across her panty and towards the left side of her pelvis after pulling it down a bit – all in a bid to ascertain if the whole drama is really been caused by an ant as she suspects. As I did,…

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  • Aunty Tope – episode 2

    18+ only Episode 2 “Be…quichmmmw!!,,” auntie Tope griped again into my hearing. She could talk a little bit more now and her desperation was much more obvious! I didn’t reply, rather got on my knees and carefully unzipped her fly a bit – revealing part of her yellow cotton panty. My Joystick twitched that instant! It was just incomprehensible how…

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  • Aunty Tope – episode 1

    NOTE: This story is only meant for matured people (18+) Episode 1 I asked Aunty Tope again, to be sure about what I heard her say at first. And yes, she repeated it. She meant what I heard. She was even motioning with her protruded meat-filled mouth for me to go ahead fast! The itching seemed to be unusually severe…

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