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Aunty Tope

Aunty Tope – episode 3

18+ only Episode 3 Anyways, I returned to her trousers again, and began to gently shove my right palm across her panty and towards the left side of her pelvis after pulling it down a bit – all in a bid to ascertain if the whole drama is…

Aunty Tope – episode 2

18+ only Episode 2 “Be…quichmmmw!!,,” auntie Tope griped again into my hearing. She could talk a little bit more now and her desperation was much more obvious! I didn’t reply, rather got on my knees and carefully unzipped her fly a bit…

Aunty Tope – episode 1

NOTE: This story is only meant for matured people (18+) Episode 1 I asked Aunty Tope again, to be sure about what I heard her say at first. And yes, she repeated it. She meant what I heard. She was even motioning with her protruded…