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Crazy Couples

Crazy Couples episode 2

Crazy Couples episode 2 Kate POV cont'd I remained in the toilet, not wanting to face Bryan.. gosh...what's wrong with me?? how can make that mess.. I stayed in the toilet for some time before coming out to clean…

Crazy Couples episode 1

crazy couple Episode 1 Kate POV I was angrily staring at the man that will soon be my husband.. I felt strangling him till death. he look at me and I smirk , seriously I hate what's going on here. my eyes went to my mom and I…

Crazy Couples prologue

Crazy couples Prologue Asher and Kate two people from different background , forced into marriage by their parents . Asher on one hand his from a very rich family and Kate also came from a rich family but Kate family works for Asher…