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I Like Her But I’m Shying To Woo Her

I’m Confused, I Don’t Want To Lose Her There is this girl that I met in lecture theater, we sat down together, we chatted but it was concerning the lecture. After the lecture, I disappeared because I’m this kind of very shy person, I didn’t…

14 Things You Must Do Before Your 25th Birthday

In few weeks time, I will be 24 and I have been thinking of things that must be accomplished before I clock 25 – you think am too forward? That's far from the truth. I just take a quick look at the things I managed to achieve in the past…

My Girlfriend And My Bestie – Romance

Gud day toriperians i have a big issue rite now.. i have a girlfriend we’ve been dating for four month now but i know her tru my bestfrd(bestie for abt 12yrz nw) just two month into my relationship she told me that shez is sorry that she…