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    Thank you for being part of us in 2020, the entire team is saying, you're wonderful... We are ready to serve you better this year.    Happy New Year to all of us @ toriperi. Many more years in sound health and prosperity.....    Story For this Week, HUMPING STYLES (18+) only
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Encircled episode 2

Encircled Part 2 She stood there her big round eyes deeply gazing at me. She showed no emotion at all, it was like she was piercing every part of my naked body. I stood there watching her in silence, her legs folded up and hiding her…

Encircled episode 1

Encircled PART 1 My mouth ran dry as I continued taking long strides running through crowds of people. I could not see clearly where I was heading, but my internal vision had it all planned out. “Ouch!” someone shouted as I bumped into them…