Endless Love

  • Endless Love – Final Episode

    Endless Love Episode 12 Final… Blue We wore the rings as Alicia walk towards us. Gabriel looked at me in shock… “if Alicia is here then who are you..?”,he asked shockingly. l removed the the veil from my face as everyone gasps… “Blue…. but how?”,he asked again. “I’m sorry Gabriel… you are mine and no one else. You can’t get…

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  • Endless Love – episode 11

    Endless Love Episode 11 . Blue…. l was stunned at his words as l looked at him in the eyes. My body was tensed. “What did you say…”,l asked as his hands was playing with my hair… “I love you Blue…”,his eyes was teary. “Do….. you ….remember me….”,l asked sobbing. “l do remember you. I remember every inch of you……

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  • Endless Love – episode 10

    Endless Love Episode 10 Blue There’s a scream from behind us, and I’m jerked back to reality.  I turn back to the scene and find the man has reached her pussy with the wax. He’s letting it fall right on her clit, drop by drop. One of Gabriel’s arms snakes around my waist, and the other hand slides over my…

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  • Endless Love -episode 9

    Endless Love Episode 9 . Blue I distribute the small desserts to everyone, and one of the clients catches my arm as I put it in front of him. “I agree, well done,” he says. One strong pull, and I’m in his lap. His hand is around my waist, fingers stroking against my skin, pulling me down onto what is…

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  • Endless Love – episode 8

    Endless Love .Episode 8 Blue I want him to come out here in the hallway and make good on the subtle promises he’s been making all night. His presence is powerful.  I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t be drawn to it, and it’s even more potent since he’s focusing all this energy on me. I’m not someone who does one-night…

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  • Endless Love – episode 7

    Endless Love .Episode 7 Blue The elevator is almost too quiet, and I think that going back and forth between the blasting music and absolute silence is going to take some getting used to. I was expecting the third floor to be a balcony like the second floor, but it’s not. The elevator doors open onto a gorgeous hallway. Dark,…

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  • Endless Love – episode 6

    Endless Love Episodes 6 Blue Everywhere I look there are cocks being sucked and mouths being used and pussies being fucked and it’s…hot. I thought I would be uncomfortable but instead I’m wet.  It’s mesmerizing, and I don’t want to look away. A girl who’s giving a blowjob looks up at me and grins.  I blush, remembering that I’m here…

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  • Endless Love – episode 5

    Blue. “Stay with me Gabriel please…”,l begged as his hands cupped my cheeks. “l love you Blue…”,and slowly he close his eyes. l can’t believe he is gone. l don’t how to save his life but within me l knew there was only one way. lf l save his life l would lose my mermaid form and he will lose…

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  • Endless Love – episode 4

    Endless Love Episode 4 Blue It feels right to be with this handsome man.I really love him and I’m afraid of losing him. We cuddled,his legs between my thighs as l giggled. “Good night Blue” “Good night handsome” The next morning when l woke up He had breakfast in front of me. “Good morning”,as he gave me the sweetest smile.…

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  • Endless Love – episode 3

    Endless Love Episode 3 Blue’s Pov “Don’t “,his voice was low,the way it has been before. Now it’s rough. “Did you hear me? I said don’t look at me like that” l knew what he meant. l want him to kiss me but l need to pretend. “Don’t look at you how?” “Blue…”,he said, “Do you know what you are…

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  • Endless Love – episode 2

      Endless Love Episode 2 Gabriel’s Pov I just feel like kissing her. The way she tip her tongue out and licked her lips makes me feel like capturing her tongue and kissing it. “I’m done with all the books.I think I know everything about your world now” “I’m glad u do” In the evening we sat down as we…

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  • Endless Love – episode 1

     Endless Love . .Episode 1 Gabriel’s Pov . “We are done, Gabriel”,Alicia spat in my face. “What do u mean we are done after all we shared?” “We shared nothing,after all I wasn’t interested in u anyway” “What!…And u made me believe you love me” “I have no other choice” “But I loved u” “And I don’t love u… just…

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