Men Do Cry

  • Men Do Cry – Final Episode

    Men Do Cry (episode 7) Last episode! One of the beautiful things of life is spending forever with the one you love. Laura was taken by surprise as she didn’t foresee Jaden’s proposal. It was a dream come through for her and she couldn’t help it but break down in tears. “Baby are you being serious right now?” She shockingly…

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  • Men Do Cry – episode 6

    Men Do Cry (episode 6) Second-to-last episode There’s a huge difference between physical and emotional wound. One heals faster but the other takes almost forever to heal. You can see one but can’t see the other and that makes it difficult for healing to take place, as people can’t tell they are wounded by mere looking at them. Jaden was…

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  • Men Do Cry – episode 5

    Men Do Cry (episode 5) Love is a force that can’t be subdued or hidden. Never in a thousand years would Jaden have thought that he would fall in love again, not to talk of outrightly confessing his feelings to someone. He felt he was tough but love brought his toughness down to naught. He didn’t see it coming at…

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  • Men Do Cry – episode 4

    Men Do Cry (episode 4) Jaden’s request came as a big surprise to Laura as she wasn’t expecting it. She never thought an accomplished and successful man like Jaden would have eyes for her. Even though she was assured of her self esteem, she was still in doubt that he was into her and pretended as though she didn’t hear…

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  • Men Do Cry – episode 3

    Men Do Cry (episode 3) The fast food attendant’s name reveal made jaden feel a type of way and it was a good feeling. Her name sounded like a beautiful melody in his ears. Jaden didn’t need a seer to tell him that he was already falling for her because he could feel it deep in his soul. He didn’t…

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  • Men Do Cry – episode 2

    Men Do Cry (episode 2) All through the ride home that day, Jaden couldn’t get his mind off the beautiful and calm fast food attendant that had caught his attention. He kept questioning himself and wondering why he was drawn to her. Not in a thousand years would he had thought that a fast food attendant would make such impact…

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  • Men Do Cry – episode 1

    Men Do Cry (episode 1) We live in a society, where men are perceived as superhumans without the need to first verify if they have superpowers. There’s so much pressure on men to be strong, perfect and fearless. Tears from a man’s eyes is most often perceived as weakness and due to this, men try their best to always appear…

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