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My Bestie My Crush

My bestie my crush episode 2

My Bestie my crush Episode four Tina POV I considered everything Roy said about Tena , it wasn't bad at all, i don't why am feeling this way, After all she doesn't live around the neighborhood.. So I decided to forget…

My bestie my crush episode 1

My Bestie my crush Episode one Tina POV Its another term.. I was so happy knowing that I will resume the following week.. I make sure I braid my hair to look elegant and more beautiful.. No doubt am one of the most beautiful…

My bestie my crush prologue

my bestie my crush... Prologue... Tina and Roy were very good friends, they grew up together .. They know each other likes and dislikes, they were so found of each other.. But what happens when they both fall in love but never realized…