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My Heart Forever

My heart forever episode 3

My heart forever episode 3 Eden POV** The way the pizza fell off her mouth, made me wanna laugh, but I control myself.. Gosh ..you need to have seen her face, so shocked and sacred like that of a little baby who her candy is being taken…

My heart forever episode 2

My heart Forever Episode 2 Clara POV.. Oh really ..I said.. Yes I am the best..he said.. Gosh that disgust me.. But Sir ain't we supposed to be discussing business here and not how best you are..I said not minding his reaction,..but…

My heart forever episode 1

MY HEART FOREVER... Episode one.. Clara POV " I quickly get dress, I check the time and it was 8:30, oh my goodness, am supposed to get to the interview venue before 9, I quickly rushed out, and gosh I forgot, am too go to the…