My Soul

  • My soul last batch

    Adindu Presh “MY SOUL💝” Episode-19 THE HOSPITAL Janne had just regained consciousness and was crying uncontrollably.. “She shouldn’t have taken…

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  • My soul batch 6

    Adindu Presh “MY SOUL💝” Episode-15 Perpetual ran into the Hospital s¢r-aming.. “ahh! They’ve killed my son.. Did I not warn…

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  • My soul batch 5

    Adindu Presh “MY SOUL💝” Episode-12 Uche dressed casually and headed to his mother’s house that afternoon. He still wondered who…

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  • My soul batch 4

    Adindu Presh “MY SOUL💝” Episode-10 Uche wore his Tuxedo and shiny shoes that he had polished for close to an…

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  • My soul batch 3

    Adindu Presh “MY SOUL💝” Episode-7 Vicky and Pascal met at their usual h-otel coz they had alot to discuss. “Why…

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  • My soul batch 2

    Adindu Presh “MY SOUL💝” Episode-4 Janne walked majestically into her office ignoring the greeting from the front desk Receptionist. She…

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  • My soul batch 1

    Another rom-ntic, Suspense-filled, Dramatic and intriguing story 👇👇 Adindu Presh “MY SOUL💝” Prologue Fauziat glanced at the mirror for the…

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