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    Thank you for being part of us in 2020, the entire team is saying, you're wonderful... We are ready to serve you better this year.    Happy New Year to all of us @ toriperi. Many more years in sound health and prosperity.....    Story For this Week, HUMPING STYLES (18+) only
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My Soul

My soul batch 2

Adindu Presh "MY SOUL💝" Episode-4 Janne walked majestically into her office ignoring the greeting from the front desk Receptionist. She got into her office and slumped into her chair and placed her head on her table in deep…

My soul batch 1

Another Romantic, Suspense-filled, Dramatic and intriguing story 👇👇 Adindu Presh "MY SOUL💝" Prologue Fauziat glanced at the mirror for the last time admiring herself. She picked up her phone and dialed her bestfriend's number…