One More Time

  • ONE MORE TIME – Episode 3 (Finale)

    ONE MORE TIME EPISODE 3(Sex Tape)  “What nonsense!” The disgusted Doctor called out. “This nonsense is for my marriage.” She replied. She seduced the Doctor with so much desperation. She was too voluptuous to be resisted. The Doctor fell for it and had sex with her, ‘a quickie’. She stood up, put on her dress, tossed the cheque back to…

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  • ONE MORE TIME – Episode 2

    ONE MORE TIME – EPISODE 2SEX TAPE “My marriage has ended. Oh my God, how will I explain this to my husband? He’s AA and I’m AS. This must be Simon’s baby.” She cried as she remembered that Simon is AS. It then dawn on her that Simon got her pregnant two days before her wedding. And there’s no way…

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  • ONE MORE TIME – Episode 1

    ONE MORE TIME EPISODE 1 (Short story) WARNING!!! This episode is X-Rated and filled with explicit words. Therefore not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Readers discretion is advised. “Please stop this. My wedding is in two days time. It’s so wrong to have sex with you. I came to be with you for the last time because…

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