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Quarantine Love

Quarantine love episode 3

Quarantine love Chapter 3 At first it all first like a dream when he woke up, then he realized he was in an unfamiliar place. As his eyes slowly opened, he saw a girl with braids and narrow frame glasses looking down at him. She pushed her…

Quarantine love episode 2

Quarantine Love By Kayode Odusanya Chapter 2 The place was longer than his mom had made him believe. They had been walking for five minutes now and still hadn’t gotten there. Toluwani was leading the way; her natural afro hair was…

Quarantine Love episode 1

Quarantine Love (A Short Romance Story By Kayode Odusanya) Chapter 1 The small room was stuffy and dark with heavy drapes shutting out light from outside. He woke up in cold sweats, tired and lethargic. He had dozed off during a…