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Shattered Walls

Shattered Walls – episode 3

Shattered Walls (episode 3) On hearing Henry's name over the phone, Vanessa panicked because she didn't see it coming. Her heart skipped several beats and she lost her breath. "How on earth did you get my number?" She managed to ask,…

Shattered Walls – episode 2

Shattered Walls (episode 2) On hearing her name, Henry couldn't hold his compliment as to how beautiful the name "Vanessa" was. He kept staring at her and smiled while at it. "You have a beautiful name" he complimented, "Thanks! are you…

Shattered Walls – episode 1

Shattered Walls (episode 1) On the hills of a very busy city, lived a lady called Vanessa, she was the perfect example of a bitter woman. Vanessa lived a lonely and isolated life, she built huge walls around her heart that made it…