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    Thank you for being part of us in 2020, the entire team is saying, you're wonderful... We are ready to serve you better this year.    Happy New Year to all of us @ toriperi. Many more years in sound health and prosperity.....    Story For this Week, HUMPING STYLES (18+) only
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Too Late To Claim

Too Late to Claim – Batch 3

Episode eleven We stopped at the boutique to get some attires for myself. That was when I got to understand what a boutique means. The clothes were so beautiful and designers made, quite expensive I guessed and I love them so much. I…

Too Late to Claim – Batch 2

Episode six The next day I woke up feeling alright. I searched and found the money mother had saved. It wasn’t much but will be able to substain me for the next few weeks or so. I gathered the remaining fufu in the tray and headed to the…

Too Late To Claim – Batch 1

A story by Chichi Episode one “There is no one without a past and there is no pass without a future people of God” I heard the pastor says as I walked into the church holding Rejoice’s hand and took a seat behind for coming late. “The…