Twisted Fate

  • Twisted Fate – Final episode

    Twisted Fate (episode 9) Last episode! Hearing those words of assurance from Sophie’s lips, gave Dave a certain kind of joy. He was so happy, seeing his wife bath their daughter for the first time. This single act by Sophie gave him more strength to believe that his wife wouldn’t die but live. “Honey you look so different today, what’s…

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  • Twisted Fate – episode 8

    Twisted Fate (episode 8 ) Second-to-last episode Sophie’s revival made Dave leap for joy. There’s no word on earth that can be used to describe how Dave felt at that moment. His joy and happiness knew no bound. He couldn’t believe that the love of his life was back to him, he smiled for the first time in weeks, he…

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  • Twisted Fate – episode 7

    Twisted Fate (episode 7) The news of Sophie’s pregnancy hit Dave so hard that he couldn’t utter any word. He was dumbfounded and in denial as he kept asking her if it was a joke. He couldn’t believe that Sophie was pregnant with his child. It was a whole lot for Dave to take in and it made him break…

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  • Twisted Fate – episode 6

    Twisted Fate (episode 6) Dave’s proposal to Sophie came as a big surprise to her. For a moment, she thought it was all a dream and needed someone to wake her up. She never believed a day like this would come in her lifetime. She was overwhelmed with unexplainable joy and didn’t know what to say. “Oh baby! Are you…

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  • Twisted Fate – episode 5

    Twisted Fate (episode 5) Sophie’s greatest fantasy reveal came as a big surprise to Dave as he never thought she would think of having kids due to her condition. He fell into deep thoughts, trying to figure out how possible it would be to bring her fantasy to reality. “Why are you quiet all of a sudden?” Sophie asked smiling,…

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  • Twisted Fate – episode 4

    Twisted Fate (episode 4) After Sophie’s confession, there was dead silence in the living room. Dave felt a sharp pain in his heart and fell into an abyss of thoughts. His hands kept shaking and wouldn’t stop, his heart was beating uncontrollably, he was losing his mind, he was heart broken!. “Please can you say something?” Sophie asked as tears…

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  • Twisted Fate – episode 3

    Twisted Fate (episode 3) Dave’s heartfelt revelation came as a big surprise to Sophie, as she wasn’t expecting it. She pretended not to hear Dave the first time and asked him to repeat himself again. Dave was nervous at this point because he didn’t mean to confess his feelings for her too soon. “I love you Sophie” he repeated again.…

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  • Twisted Fate – episode 2

    Twisted Fate (episode 2) The name “Dave” sent cold reactions all over Sophie’s body. Everything about him gave her a different kind of vibe and it was a good one. She fought every emotions that kept springing up and tried to keep her cool. “It’s nice meeting you too Dave” she managed to say, “please can you tell me why…

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  • Twisted Fate – episode 1

    Twisted Fate (episode 1) Sophie was a very hardworking lady, she owned numerous businesses and lived a very low-key and reserved life. Sophie never held back any opportunity to show kindness to anyone she came across, she was very pretty and had a beautiful heart. She was a Sickler! Sophie was diagnosed of sickle cell disease at a very young…

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