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    Thank you for being part of us in 2020, the entire team is saying, you're wonderful... We are ready to serve you better this year.    Happy New Year to all of us @ toriperi. Many more years in sound health and prosperity.....    Story For this Week, HUMPING STYLES (18+) only
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Undercover episode 3

Undercover (Attempt To Attack) 3 by Ifeoma Isabella Okeke in Undercover Jade stared at him “What… Where’s your crown?” He smiled shyly “I don’t really like to wear it. It attracts too much attention.” She smiled and nodded “So I…

Undercover episode 2

Undercover (Preparations for the First Ball) 2 by Ifeoma Isabella Okeke in Undercover Right after lunch, Jade was taken to a large room where a dance instructor was waiting. “It is the strangest sensation to be blindfolded and taken…

Undercover episode 1

Undercover (Prologue) by Ifeoma Isabella Okeke in Undercover Cold winds blew across the deserted streets, and dark clouds covered the moon as they brought their threat of rain, plunging the world into an inky blackness. Two tall,…