S£x And Crime

s*x and crime episode 12 – finale

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s€× and crime
Final episode
“What was in the carton you wanted me to bring out?” Eve asked me later that night. I had been sober for the better part of the night; sober and quite. I was trying to figure out what went wrong but none of the explanations I thought of tend to stick. Was it possible that the lady finally discovered the contents of the carton and emptied the cash before I woke up that morning? Was this her way of having the last laugh? Proving to me that truly, a dozen of my kind couldn’t rob her? Did Eve empty my carton and replace it with toiletries? This could be a better explanation. She had been with the carton for the better part of the day. Nothing would have stopped her from taking a peep. And if she did take a peep, it will take the grace of God for her to see half a million naira and not try to have it to herself. I kept thinking, trying to solve the equation; only that there were many variables! “What was inside the carton?” she asked again. “Some stuffs like I told you.” I managed to respond, still deep in thought. “This was the only carton inside the cabinet and I just dropped it inside my locker since morning.” She said. “I haven’t even got the time to look at it since…” Then it dawned on me. Did she just say cabinet? “You picked it from where?” I asked. “From the cabinet like you directed.” She replied, looking more confused. “The cabinet!” I remembered I had moved the cash from the cabinet to the drawer by the mirror on the wall. I took a look at the contents again and it became clear; no condoms in the carton! I had removed the condoms from the carton after the s€× with the lady inside the bathroom. Eve must have picked the wrong carton. One piece of the equation solved. “What is it? You are scaring me.” She said, looking uncomfortable. “The carton was inside the mirror drawer and not inside the wall cabinet!” I announced to her. She looked relieved; maybe she thought I would be, but I wasn’t. one more piece of the equation needed to be solved. “Is there anyway I can still get it since it is still there?” I asked. “still where?” she asked. “That room must have been allocated to someone else because the hotel was over-filled today.” She announced to me. She went on to explain that before any room would be given to a new customer, there always is a complete clean-up and overhaul of the room. All the details are checked first to ensure the previous customer didn’t spoil anything, then a thorough clean-up is done. Someone else must have taken the carton. I thought to myself. I smiled as I realized it was all over. I had sweated for another person to reap the rewards. What an adventure! “I was supposed to clean that room tomorrow and next.” She announced. “Why?” I wondered why she was telling me this. “It was Emily’s duty, but since she said she was sick, they wanted to push the work to me.” She replied. “Emily!?” I asked, almost yelling on the process. I remembered her now, the girl with the name tag that came to clean the room in the morning of our checking out. “Yes, whats the problem?” she asked. “The sick girl that had to leave?” I asked again. “Yes, but I am sure she was just faking sickness.” She said once more. “Of course she was faking it!” I replied with a broad smile. Now I had succeeded in solving the second piece of the equation; the last variable may never be solved

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