S£x In The Ghetto

s*x in the ghetto episode 10

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Episode 10
I left d lab feeling like a man… I had bleeped 4
different women.. In less than 72 hours… Not
to brag but dat was quite an
achievement..lol.. I walked away from d school
compound with a mixed feeling of tiredness,
longevity and anxiety… I couldn’t wait to brag
of my excapades to those guys who always
talked me down with their s€×ual
achievements.. As I left the area, I
remembered d 20 naira notes dat we’re stuffed
into my pocket.. I checked my pocket and
counted d money.. It totalled to 400 naira…
Choi! See big boi.. I don hammer o I said to
As I was rejoicing abt d newly acquired cash, I
remembered d envelope… Yes! D envelope dat
was given to me by mama nkechi from her
friend.. Choi.. Dat day couldn’t get any
I was four hundred naira richer,
I had bleeped like no mans bizness
And I was goin to collect another reward in an
“See money o” I said out loud…
D fear of explanation to my mum wasn’t der
I was ready for anyting…
“But wait o d envelope dey for mrs busayo
house o…”
I remembered dat I forgot d envelope in her
“Which kind tin be dis na”
It was awkward I bleeped her, heck it was
more awkward going to face her again…
I reasoned d pros and cons…
If I leave it with her, I would save myself d
humiliation of goin to c her.. But I wouldn’t
know wat was inside d envelope..
“Dis 1 wey be say na 400 she put for my
pocket.. Dat means d envelope go big na”
I braved up and made a u turn, heading bak to
mrs busayo’s place.. After all she had called
me ‘baby’
* ..
I got to her house sometime around 3.. I
wasn’t interested in seeing her… I just wanted
my envelope, d clothes I wore d day b4 and
my palm sl-ippers…in my mind I had already
arranged what I was gonna do with d money…
“I would definitely get a nice shirt and a
baggy jean”
“Also, a very nice watch to match”
“Den I’d save some… And probably take a gurl
Yes! Josephine…my first real sh-ot at having a
As I got to her compound, I noticed it was
dry… Very dry.. Obviously people had not
come bak from work..I walked towards her
room… Wen I heard a sharp voice @ my bak…
“Hold it ryt there!”
I froze… Slowly turned around only to find out
that it was ekechukwu.. D criminal I
“w€tin u dey find?” He asked scanning me
with his red h-ot ultraviolet looking eyes…
“Bros good afternoon” I replied, trepid with
As usual he had his ‘igbo’ between d f-ngers
of his left hand.. After dragging some smoke,
he answered..
“Nor greet me jor!”
“I say who u be? Abi u dey madt?”
By now I was shaking… Abi dis guy dey pull
my legs ni? Igbo dey give person amnesia?
“Na me run enter dis compound yesterday nyt
wen dem dey fight”
His eyes widened..
“Ooooooohk.. Na u dem almost lebe
He laughed like a broken record of d nigerian
“Na God save u….”
“Na aunty busayo u dey find?”
I knodded like a lizard… Still trying to recover
from d fright
He pointed in d direction of her room…
“I no know if she dey sha, but just check”
“Thank u bros” I replied heading for d
direction of her room..
I heard him mutter “don’t mentions”
He obviously wanted to impress with a little
I knocked at mrs busayo’s door…
“Yeeeeeeees?” Came a voice quite different
and smoother dan hers…
I was still phatoming wat planet dat voice was
from wen d door flung open…
Ryt in front of me was 1 of d best and most
beautiful gurls I have eva had d privilege of
meeting.. She looked like mrs busayo.. But d
fairer, more beautiful abd younger version of
her… Emphasis on d fairer… And she had a-s…
D–n.. She wore a cotton T shirt with d
inscription ‘can’t touch dese’ obviously
referring to her b-obs.. Her chest we’re like d
plains of d kalahari, with d atlas mountains
situated parallely to each other..
I soaked in d view.. She couldn’t be more dan
19.. Yet she oozed perfection.. And her
cologne wasn’t making anytin better..
I was still in my trance wen I heard her talk
“Yes? Can I help u?”
“What do u want?”
I knew in her mind, she go dey tink say she
dey vex, because she had had a frown on her
face, but. D frown only brought out dimples..
D nadia buhari kinda dimples…
I quickly composed myseLf and gave her my
cutest. Smileus
“I am here to see mrs busayo”
“Ehen? Who are u?” She still insisted, with her
arms akimbo, outlining d saggital view of a
very voluptous behind…
” My name is precious.. I believe she has
something dat belongs to me…” I answered
with my smile disappearing..
“I am so sorry… She told me u left something
“My name is bimpe, and I’m her younger
“Pls come in” she said with a smile… Dat
kinda smile would ave asked me to jump into
a lagoon and I won’t tink twice.. I followed like
isaac did even wen he didn’t see a ram with
abraham.. I enterd d door of my destiny
without knowing….
As I entered d room… I sokaed in the view of
dis beauty in human form…she had d
feautures of perfection w-rapped up in sinew
and hair… Naturally braided into a zigzag all
back, her hair was long and shiny… Her
shoulder blades arched like the twin
cherubims of d ark d israelites.. Leading to
her arched lattismus dorsi muscles.. With a
significantly compensating rise in d gluttius
maximus muscle.. Her a-s was like an apple,
swaying from side to side.. I kept walking
behind her until she turned. Our eyes met and
I found my mouth open in amazement.. I
quickly readjusted myself…
“Pls have a seat” she said pointing to d very
sofa I bleeped her sista some 18 hours ago..
I sat down still amazed at her beauty.. She
went into d room partition with a magazine in
her hand and returned to d settee not too
long after..
*awkward silence*…
“So we’re did she go to?”
“She went for house fellowship”
I chuckled… House fellowship.. And she was
calling me baby dis morning…
*awkward silence again.*
“So u are a student?” I muttered trying to hide
my nervousness..
“Yes.. Queens college ss1”
Oh… So dis big geh dey ss1, na small pikin na,
na I’m I con dey form?
“U?” She asked innocently and out of
“I’m currently taking my final ssce exam” I
answered proudly, making sure she saw d
outline of my ‘assistant s£nior prefect tag’
pinned to my b—-t pocket..
As we we’re der, nepa brought light…
“Up nepa” we both shouted in unison, looked
at each other and burst into a fit of laughter…
I felt d urge to urinate..
“Pls I nid to use d bathroom…”
“Its over der” she said, pointing to a skeletal
structure at d oda side of d compound..
I went, relieved my self and came bak to meet
d tv on and d cd loading…
I sat down, wondering wen she would bring d
subject of my envelope…
The cd finished loading and ryt in front of us
was d continuation of d p–n movie of last
A scene of peter north pumping d majic stick
in and out of honey wilder popped up…
“Ooooo yeah goddamitt! Bleep dat K—y-Cat”
“U’re making me squirt! poo baby Bleep it”
She kept mo-ning all over d tv
I was fixed.. Glued and shocked to d bone
My goody goody was fighting for
I used d corner of my eye to trace her to we’re
she was… Obviously d shock in her eyes
coupled with d way her l-ips we’re parted
indicated dat she was both as shocked, and
turned on as I was…
I heard my guy’s voice in my head..
‘Guy if u no Bleep dis geh today u don Bleep
up o’
If u av eva seen dat p–n flick, u will no dat it
can ar-use even a chaste nun…
In no time, my loll-ipop gained independence
and embarassingly raised a flag of victory…
I continued stedfastly focusing on d. Flick…
None of us moved.. We couldn’t muster d
courage to look at each other nor put off d tv..
It was obvious dat we we’re turned on…
It got to a point we’re peter was on a
missionary position and and his mouth locked
with honey’s and she kept on squirting while
he was bleeping her h-rdcore!
Dat was wat broke d camel’s back…
I heard her mo-n!
Soft, gentle, and subtle.. But I heard it…
I turned to look at her…
I saw a look I recognised on her sister.. D look
of lvst, and s€×iness… I knew she wanted it..
But I was scared.. But my d–k wasn’t…it lifted
me up and took me to we’re she was..
She didn’t even look at me, she kept on
focusing on d tv as if it had a hypnotic effect
on her…
I planted a k-ss on her cheek, and watched d
seed of blushiness grow red on dat cheek…
I planted anoda and traced it down to her
Den she let out a mo-n dat was quite
audible.. I quickly planted k-sses allover her
By now she had turned to face me.. Perplexed
at my maneouvres but responding
accordingly… After some time I planted a k-ss
on her l-ips.. Licking and filcking my t0ngue…
She started k-ssing me bak…
I don’t know if it was like majic, but in no tym,
I was handling her bare yellow-with-pink Tips
b-obs…and she was on ma d–k…
Our mo-ns duplicated d flicks… Genuine lvst
taken over d consumation…
She $tr-oked my d–k and drew it as if she was
drwing water from a well with ifami…
It hurt so I obviously knew dat she was either
a V-rgin or highly inexperienced..
I knew time was a factor, cause I didn’t want
mrs busayo catching me Bleep her sister…
I lay her down gently, never breaking our k-ss..
Out went everyting underneath, revealing my
prize… Brownish yellow, with a pink cap to
match, I brandished my d–k and ins**ted it…
She. Squirmed and jerked opposing my entry…
“Stop! Don’t put it.. Don’t Bleep me” she said
half hesitating…
In dat split second, I knew if I didn’t do
something, she would be lost forever…
So I locked our mouths once more and
penetrated, paying deaf ear to her
As I entered d place, I discovered dat she
wasn’t a V-rgin, but was extremely t¡ght,
throbbing.. The temperature down der cud av
bin like 90 degrees..
“Dnt Bleep me… Pls.. Stop”
She kept saying.. But her body was betraying
her… Her K—y-Cat lubricated my juice, acting
more like glue, drwing my d–k closer and
deeper in her..
In, out, in out I went.. Until she went from pls
dnt Bleep me…to
“Yeah.. Yeah.. Baby..”
“Ur d–k is sweet..”
Omg… Bleep”….
I con dey wonder weda na she dey talk sef…
Any ways is always a way bo…
I bleeped her h-rd..
I never could last long if I Bleep and k-ss at d
same time, so I dis£ngaged her mouth.. And
soaked in her beauty..
There and then I saw her in a luscious, lvsty
curvy and perfect body squirming under me…i
I looked at my d–k, appearing and
disappearing into her tunnel of fortune.. I
looked at her face, beauty, redness and lvst
combined.. Den I heard her beg me to Bleep
her h-rd… Dis beauty, godess, to me her
humble servant, beg me to enjoy more of her
I quickly got bak to her mouth and bleeped…
God I bleeped, with all my might and power…
She kept on mo-ning into my l-ips, by now her
K—y-Cat was like rivers of water…
I couldn’t take it much longer… It wasn’t
getting any better as she kept mo-ning…
“God.. U Bleep real good”….
“I love you” dat drove me to d edge… I
She held mÝ butt cheeks and k-ssed my
forehead.. Driving me insane
“I love u too” I grunted… Releasing thick
spurts of c-m into her K—y-Cat… Relishing
every iota of pleasure.. I knew from dat
moment dat she was mine and I was hers…
To be continued…

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