Love And S£x

s*xual desire episode 34

( A night with my best friend 🛌)
Rated 🔞+
✍️ Chapter Thirty—Four✍️
“Keya, c’mon get out of that bed it’s been three weeks now!” Kelly badged into my room like a racket and wrenched the duvet off me.
I gro-ned as I curled into a ball. “Ugh!” I protested.
“Bed! Out! Now!” She used her sharp, non-argumentative tone. When she was like this I had no choice but to obey her. So I got up.
She took one look at me and then her face softened. “Oh sweetie, you’ve been crying again.”
“Have not.” I grumbled, wiping the bags from my eyes. I knew she could tell by how red they were.
She attempted to hug me but I side-tracked her movements quickly. I couldn’t allow myself a breakdown again.
“You want to talk about it?” She asked as she sat herself on the corner of my bed, while watching me do my morning routine.
“Mom, you know what happened. I already told you.”
“Yeah but, by the time you actually did, you were a sobbing mess, I couldn’t get a word you said.”
I shrugged, really not wanting to think about that day. I ignored her pressing look as I grabbed a clean t-shirt and pulled it over me.
“Anyway, Sav is downstairs.” She informed.
“What?” I gasped. “Oh no, she’s going to drag me out again isn’t she?”
“You know she has my full permission to do so.” My mother had the audacity to give me her evil smirk.
“Ugh!” I flailed my hands in the air.
“You’re heart-broken. I understand. But it’s not the end of the world.” She told me.
“You don’t understand, mom. You’ve never been heart-broken. You’re lucky that way. You found the love of your life and everything just worked out perfectly.” I complained.
My mother sighed and crossed her arms to her chest. Her lips twisted into a thoughtful purse. “You make me wish that I could’ve gotten my heart broken. Maybe then, I’d have some idea of how to help you.”
I sighed too. “Don’t worry mom, I’ll be fine. It’s not every day that a boy breaks my heart and I can’t turn to my best friend for consolation because he’s the cause of it.”
“Now you’re making me feel depressed.” She pouted her lips.
I shook my head. “Just go mom, tell Sav to come upstairs.”
“Can’t do that. I have orders specifically from her, for you to be ready in twenty minutes. She’s taking you out to see a movie.”
I frowned. “It doesn’t make sense why she can’t come up.”
“Distraction, apparently. Plus, being in your room is depressing these days.” She shrugged as if stating a fact.
I rolled my eyes. “Fine. I’ll get ready now.”
She smiled and clasped her hands together. “Good! You’ll be getting out of the house again!”
I ignored the taunt and headed straight for the shower. It was a quick one and I didn’t bother dressing up smartly as I put on casual jeans and a t-shirt with a hooded jacket on top.
When I got downstairs, my mother and Sav were talking animatedly about something I didn’t catch because by the time I entered into the kitchen, the conversation died down.
“Key!” Sav’s exclamation revived the awkward silence and soon my mother busied herself with packing breakfast in a plate for me. My lack of appetite for the last month concerned her so much that whenever she got the chance, she would put more food on my plate, as if that was going to change anything.
I knew I lost quite a few pounds and though I was slim to my potential now, I wasn’t proud of this weight loss.
The hug Sav gave me took me aback a little. We had mended our differences long ago but still her sudden embraces were still new to me. She’d never resorted to hugs before.
“So, are you ready to go?” She asked me as she pulled away.
This was the fifth time since she found about my break up that she’d pulled me out of the house to do something. I imagined the rest of the times she was busy being girlfriend to Ned. The first time she took me out. Ned had tagged along too and though they limited their hugs and k-sses, I could still feel it prominently that I was a third wheel. She decided to ditch him from then on.
“Finish your eggs first, at least.” Kelly practically shoved a fork of eggs right into my mouth.
“Mother!” I mumbled through the food.
I was about to choke the food out of my mouth when she gave me a stern look that made me chew it instead. I ate three more fork fills just for her sake, before leaving the house with Sav afterwards.
“So where are we going?” I asked her as we got into her car.
“Movies. I thought you knew.” She told me, frowning.
“Yeah I knew. Just thought you’d change your mind like you always do.”
“Nope. I’m sticking to the plan.” She told me. “And this time, please refrain from complaining so much. Seriously, if I hear one mourn out of you today then expect to be bîtch slapped.” She scolded. “So you got your heart broken. Big deal. Been there, done that. The best ointment for a break-up is to always-always go out, get fresh air and take your mind off things. It will work for you, if you’d stop refusing my invitations most of the time. Seriously, it’s like I have to get through your mom in order to get you to finally come out.”
I kind of liked how she was tough and honest with me. I guess she had had enough of my wallowing.
She was waiting for me to agree with her about the complaining when she stared me down.
I put my hands up in defeat. “Alright, alright! Gosh, seriously. I still deserve to grieve a little.”
The slap that came after that took me by surprise. “Ow.” I glared at her as I rubbed my face. It hadn’t been hard but still, I didn’t expect it.
“I said no complaining. Maybe I should’ve added no self-pity too! Your grieving days are over, Misses.”
I rolled my eyes and put the seatbelt on when she began driving. We fought for the radio all the way through the journey. She wanted to play upbeat songs and I kept changing it to bittersweet love songs.
Before we got in the Cinema, I had a full on lecture about what sort of songs I should stop listening to if I wanted to mend again. She linked arms with me as we got inside the building, but just as we were about to go into a movie theatre, I stopped dead in my tracks when I caught a glimpse of a familiar looking person.
It felt as if my heart was squeezing tightly against my chest, while the rest of my body got deprived of any blood circulation.
Seeing him had the effect of a wrecking ball. I felt like breaking all over again, but before I could give way to gravity, Sav had dragged me inside the theatre room quickly before Kyle and Ned could spot us.
“Don’t. Keya, please.” She squeezed one my hand she was holding. “Sometimes I wish he was someone else, so that I could say he’s not worth your tears or that you deserve someone better. But he’s Kyle and I know no matter what I’ll say to convince you. It won’t work. He’s your best friend and you’ll always have a soft spot for him.” She said.
“It’s okay, Sav.” I squeezed her hand back, even though I was saying this to her, my mind was far away.
“It’s not okay. I hate seeing you like this. Just…don’t think about him for now. Think of…of Channing Tatum in this movie right now. Think of his s€×y ass instead.”
I managed a laugh but that was all she could get out of me. Even Channing Tatum’s delectable face and body could not succeed into making me forget about seeing Kyle a moment ago.
I mean, this was the first time seeing him since…since, well graduation day. Although, graduation was meant to be a joyous occasion, it was one of the worst moments of my life.
That was because, chance, had once decided to make our surnames begin with the same first three letters and this meant that I had to sit and stand next to Kyle for the next two hours or so. I have to say that I’ve never twiddled my thumbs or played with the material of my gown as much as I did in those hours during the ceremony.
His absence had been painful since the breakup during that week, but being next to his presence, feeling his familiarity and just plainly seeing him was absolute torture.
We didn’t attempt any form of conversation during those two hours of waiting until our names were called and I had to say it was the most awkward silence I’ve ever been with anyone. The only thing he managed out of it was to give me a small, emotionless smile when he first saw me and after that it was North Pole between us.
Not only did I suffer through the ceremony, but I had to bore taking pictures with him next to our friends and families. My feelings for him were present at the surface, even though he was the reason my heart was breaking every time I glanced at him. When Robert Reyes didn’t show up for the ceremony, I wanted nothing more than to hug him and make him forget the lowlife. He didn’t show it, but I could tell Robert Reyes’ absence affected Kyle more than he wanted it to.
My father, fully unaware of what happened between us, had invited Kyle in our circle. This meant that I had to sit next to him at the back seat of our family car while driving to Sav’s parents home where they’d threw a barbecue for friends and family.
It was there that I last saw him.
Three weeks have passed since then. Four weeks and six days since our break up.
I decided to skip the internship because going there was going to be a constant reminder of why I wasn’t happy. My parents accepted and were sort of relieved for once about this decision. I found out that they actually didn’t want me to go. They wanted me to spend the last summer with them.
Teddy travelled to New York about a week ago, when a top client hired him as a lawyer for what was one of the biggest cases he’s ever been in. So for last week it has been just me and Kelly. Even though I stayed in my room working through the error of my heart, she still encouraged me each day to go out, eat more, spend time with her and take long walks.
Sav helped her out with this encouragement. And though it surprised me at first, she was there for me through thick and thin. These were the times that I truly appreciated her no nonsense attitude.
The movie finished sooner than I expected, but I guess it was because I could not stop thinking about him. Sav was squealing excitedly beside me while going over Channing Tatum’s hot intense scenes.
“You have a boyfriend.” I scolded her as we exited the theatre room.
I couldn’t help but let my eyes roam again in search for that one particular person. Even just to get a glimpse of him, would have been enough for me.
“I’m aware of that, thank you very much Captain Obvious.” She rolled her eyes.
“Uh-huh. So mean you should stop lusting over other men?” I arched an eyebrow as I turned to her after giving up my search. I was not going to see him again. I didn’t count on it.
“It’s Channing Tatum, Keya. He’s basically the source to every women’s fantasies.”
She explained.
“He’s married and has a daughter.” I pointed out.
“Yeah well, I’m not the first to envy Jenna Dewan freaking Tatum.” She grumbled.
My chuckle was muffled. I linked arms with her as we exited the Cinema.
We strolled around town, window shopping as well as actual shopping. When I suggested we go to a book store, she didn’t object thinking a little reading was healthy for me, however, when I took out ‘How to fix a broken heart’ she put her foot down. She dragged me out of the store right before I even had the time to check the book out.
“I don’t know whether to beat you senseless or just plainly dig out that heart of yours and show it you that it’s still alive, beating as normal.” She sputtered as we walked back to the parking lot.
I pouted. “But-”
“No, buts Keya. Not even a book or a tv show or a movie or a sad song can help you through this. It’s the people that love you that can.”
I smiled wryly. “Did the Savannah Biers, just admitted me she loves me in her own way? Oh my, I should probably watch out for a flying pig next.”
She smacked my hand. “I’m serious, Keya. You have to stop relying on objects. They’re not gonna help you get over him.”
“I know, Sav.” I nodded at her with my smile. “I love you, too.”
She pulled me into yet another one of her out-of-the-blue constricting hugs. “I do love you Keya. I hope you always know that.”
“I do.” I hugged her back, smiling against her shoulder.
“Okay. Now get off me, I don’t want catch your heartache. It may be contagious.” She joked.
I shook my head as I laughed, for once since waking up in the morning I felt a lot better about myself.
I knew there were still issues I had figure out about Kyle. I’ve had about a month to think about his reason for breaking up with me and still I couldn’t understand it. I had my doubts that he could ever want me again, but these doubts still didn’t stop me from loving him.
I didn’t know when I was going to be ready to speak to him; to finally sit down and reconcile our friendship. I knew he was waiting for me to, as he’d said before, he will always be there for me as a friend. All I had to do during this course was to figure out exactly how I could stop loving him the way he didn’t love me.
✍️Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
Does Love really end like this? Can Kyle and Keya still be together and who is still curious about the spy?

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