s*xual desire episode 35

( A night with my best friend 🛌)
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✍️ Chapter Thirty—Five✍️
“Excuse me. Hey, can you stop for a second!” A hand grabbed me by my arm stopping me in my tracks.
“Huh? What?” I turned sharply around to face a p-nting small woman with bright blue piercing eyes and striking blonde hair. She wore office wear; a grey pencil skirt with a matching blazer buttoned to shape her elegant figure.
“Hi, you must be Keya Reynolds, right?” She spoke with a warm smile on her face.
My annoyed stare smothered into a wary frown. She looked petite even though she had shining black pumps to lift up her small frame.
“I am.” I replied awkwardly, wondering who she was and how she knew me.
She gave me a broad relieved smile. “Great. I’m Anabelle Higgins, you can call me Ana. I’m sorry to bug you like this but it’s very important that I speak with you.”
My frown deepened. “Okay?”
A frightening silence passed before she uttered. “It’s got to do with Kyle.”
The very mention of his name sent me staggering unconsciously backwards. A tumble of emotions suddenly exploded inside me. I blinked away the sudden overwhelming tears threatening to unleash themselves. This was ridiculous, how can the mention of his name affect me like this?
It was just a few days after seeing him at the movies. Since then I decided to take Sav’s advice and stop pondering over why he really broke up with me. Prior to my mother’s suggestion, I took long walks mainly around the park and area while listening to uplifting music. Not once did a stranger stop me from my listless strolling. So this woman, Anabelle Higgins, was the first.
“I know how you must be feeling, Keya, for a stranger to know your name let alone stop you in the most inconvenient place but I really needed to speak to you.”
“Yes, you’ve said that.” I still hadn’t changed my wary frown.
“It might be weird for you to hear what I have to ask, but did you by any chance meet a man outside of Kyle’s house about a month ago?” She asked me, both of her eyebrows arched with anticipation.
Upon remembering that creepy guy whom I thought was a spy, I gasped. “He wasn’t a spy or anything, was he? I mean that could explain how you know my name and Kyle’s.”
A moment of silence passed before Anabelle titled her head back and laughed. “No, oh no. He wasn’t a spy…or anything.”
I chewed my lip feeling self-conscious when she laughed.
“Okay. I’ll have to explain everything to you, we should find some place to sit down.” She told me as she scanned for a bench around the park and upon spotting one, she led the way as she walked toward it.
My curiosity made me follow her and copying her movements, I sat cautiously next to her.
“Okay, so where to begin.” She breathed. “Firstly, the reason I know your name and Kyle’s is because I work for that man you saw the other day. In fact, I’m his Personal Assistant. I know you might be curious of who he is exactly, so I’m gonna brief you in a moment.” She stopped, waiting to see if I was listening. She had my full attention.
“Well, he’s an entrepreneur, an executive officer of a small time rising company called ReyCorp. His company. It specialises in manufacturing and repairing computer systems. Although he’s just started his career recently, ReyCorp is actually expanding increasingly by each minute and becoming quite popular, a lot of its success has got to do with how hands down he is. I mean he actually fields not only in bossing around but helping out too. He’s a great boss and a good friend to me, too.” She smiled fondly to herself for a moment.
My interest piqued, the way she spoke of ‘him’ sounded like she was in love with him or something.
“Anyway, back to the point.” She reverted back, as if snapping herself from some day dream. “That background may not matter to you. But, this man I’ve told you about is in fact, Kyle’s brother, Jason Reyes.” Her gaze flattened towards me.
A choking gasp escaped my mouth when the last sentence rung warning bells inside my head.
Jason Reyes. Kyle’s brother. Jason Reyes?
“It’s a shock, I know. But, I’m aware of the full story. I’ve been trying persuade my boss to get in touch with Kyle. He’s very reluctant but I know he needs it. I thought I succeeded a month when you last saw him, but when I learned he backfired, I was really disappointed. So I’ve decided to take matters in my own hand.” She stopped for a moment. “That’s why I decided to meet you. I need your help, Keya. Since you’re Kyle’s girlfriend, I’m sure you must feel the same way as I do. Just imagine it, you and me could get the brothers to reunite.”
“I think I need a moment to…” I breathed.
“Of course take your time. I mean, I’d be stunned into silence if I was in your place.”
Her speech was a band of shock after shock. Her boss was Jason Reyes. Kyle’s brother. Jason Reyes. The guy who left Kyle with that lowlife at the most vulnerable point of his life. Jason Reyes. Had his own company and was trying to get in touch with Kyle?
This was surreal. I must be dreaming a really bad dream? No. I was full aware of everything around me; sight, smell and sound of the park.
Exactly what was this woman asking me? I began to shake my head as I recollected her words.
“I can’t help you, Anabelle.” I decided.
A look of what could be described as pure disappointment flooded her features. “Why?”
“Cos, Kyle and I broke up.” I explained.
“Oh.” She gasped.
I gave her a flat smile.
She looked thoughtfully for a moment at the air in front of her.
“Is there a chance that I can convince you about this plan? I mean, I have this envelope right here that, Mr Reyes wanted to deliver to Kyle, personally.”
Mr Reyes. Kyle’s Brother. Mr Reyes. The term sounded weird in my head. How old was he? He was six years older than Kyle, so he couldn’t be more than twenty-four and she was referring to him like he was highly respected.
He’s her boss you idiot, of course she’d refer to him as Mr. Reyes. I chastised myself.
“Anabelle, look, I know you’ve explained everything to me and I do admit that what you’re trying to do is coming from the heart. But, I know Kyle and bombarding him with this news, well… I don’t how it will affect him. I’m not saying that I don’t want him to reunite his brother. I do. But Kyle’s been through a lot for the past eight years and a lot of his issues are to do with how Jason and his mother abandoned him, let alone how his father has treated him during those eight years. As much as I love him, I don’t think I can do it. We haven’t talked for a month since our break up and I just…” I breathed, feeling defeated.
“I understand, Keya.” She reassured me as she took my hand into a squeeze.
“You do?” I asked her warily as I watched my hand being buried into hers. I shifted uncomfortably until she let my hand go.
She gave me her brightest smile. “I do. I mean, the only reason I’m doing this is because I’m in love with my boss. I’ve always had and I’ll always will, even though he’s completely unware of it.”
My eyes bulged and I couldn’t help but smile. “He really doesn’t know?” I asked.
“Nope.” She shook her head.
I laughed suddenly which brought a questioning brow from her face.
“That makes too of us.” I explained.
She giggled and for a while we both smiled at our state of conduct. “Unrequited love, what can you do about it?”
This stranger, I couldn’t explain it, but as we sat there I began opening up to this woman. I told her everything about my relationship with Kyle; how it all started and how it all ended.
The oddest thing about talking to her was how I felt like she knew exactly what I was going through. In the course of twenty minutes, she’d already warmed her way to me.
In return, she began explaining–in full detail–her relationship with her boss, Jason Reyes. I still couldn’t believe that the man I met a month ago outside of Kyle’s house was him. But actually thinking about it, I realised now that he had looked somewhat familiar, because he resembled Kyle one way or another.
Anabelle told me about how she met Jason Reyes through an interview for the position she has now; how nervous she was and how assuring he made her feel. Somehow, along the lines, after she got the job she’d confused business with pleasure. The fact she was his P.A meant they had to spend a lot of time together; after office hours, during trips and even in his apartment. Eventually as she got to know more about him she started harbouring feelings for him. She explained how during one stupid drunken night, Jason exposed his past to her. It was that same night that they slept together. Of course the following morning he had to be professional and excuse his behaviour. Although, Anabelle expected more from him, she agreed with him that nothing like that night could ever happen again. So that’s how she fell in love with him and became quite obsessed with getting him reconcile with his family.
“I know what you must think. But believe me when I say I really care about Kyle. I mean whenever it’s just me and my boss working, he always brings him up in conversation. That was one of the reason I decided he needed this.” She told me.
I nodded in understanding, giving her a small but painful smile.
“Okay,” She breathed. “If you won’t talk him into it, then at least give him this envelope. I don’t know what’s inside, but judging from the fact that he didn’t really discard it, it must be important. You have no idea what I had to do to retrieve it from his safe.” She shook her head, as if remembering the memory.
I knew that she wasn’t going to give up until I relented. In the end, I agreed to give him the envelope. I knew I had to talk to him as some point. I mean, if it was me, I would want to know if my long lost brother or sister has been trying to contact me.
I admired Anabelle’s adamant spirit and somehow as I took the letter from her hand, I wished I could have her charisma when I saw Kyle again.
“By the way, you never told me exactly where you stay.” I said to her.
“I didn’t? Huh?” She laughed. “Well, I live in Chicago. That’s where the company base is located.”
I gaped. “So you’re telling me, you flew all the way from Chicago to get to Portland, just to talk to me?” I asked.
She nodded. “Yeah.”
“Jeez, how much does he pay you?”
“Oh, my travelling expenses are all under the company. Besides, he earning millions right now.” She shrugged.
“M-millions?” I gasped.
She nodded. “Reycorp is expanding each day and is becoming widely known around industries. He’s getting a lot of investors.”
When she’d said successful company, I’d thought maybe he was earning around a few thousand dollars, not millions.
I blinked at her, shocked and awed.
It was unbelievable. I mean, I never really thought of Kyle’s brother before. I never met him and Kyle never talked about him except how he left at sixteen after their mother. Somehow I’d always thought that Jason Reyes had followed his mother and I always imagined they were living together some place far away.
I didn’t want to ask Anabelle about their mother, I was not sure that Jason had even mentioned her when he’d drunkenly spilled out his past.
It was really weird, thinking of Kyle’s brother as some rich millionaire. How can a runaway boy of sixteen find himself in Chicago all the way from Portland? That was like what? More than two thousand miles away in distance. How he had managed it was beyond me. How he’d survived by himself to even establish his own business, was even more mindboggling.
✍️Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
Jason Reyes is Kyle brother!!! what can you say about the revealing past?

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